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Genetically Modified Foods - Why we don't want them!
10 years ago
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Suppressed report shows cancer link to GM potatoes By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor Published: 17 February 2007

Campaigners against genetically modified crops in Britain last are calling for trials of GM potatoes this spring to be halted after releasing more evidence of links with cancers in laboratory rats.

UK Greenpeace activists said the findings, obtained from Russian trials after an eight-year court battle with the biotech industry, vindicated research by Dr Arpad Pusztai, whose work was criticised by the Royal Society and the Netherlands State Institute for Quality Control.

The disclosure last night of the Russian study on the GM Watch website led to calls for David Miliband, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to withdraw permission for new trials on GM potatoes to go ahead at secret sites in the UK this spring. Alan Simpson, a Labour MP and green campaigner, said: "These trials should be stopped. The research backs up the work of Arpad Pusztai and it shows that he was the victim of a smear campaign by the biotech industry. There has been a cover-up over these findings and the Government should not be a party to that."

Mr Simpson said the findings, which showed that lab rats developed tumours, were released by anti-GM campaigners in Wales. Dr Pusztai and a colleague used potatoes that had been genetically modified to produce a protein, lectin. They found cell damage in the rats' stomachs, and in parts of their intestines.

The research is likely to spark a fresh row about GM crops in Britain. Graham Thompson, a Greenpeace campaigner, said: "It is important because it backs up the research by Pusztai, which was smeared at the time by the industry."

Brian John of GM Free Cymru, who released the findings, said the research was conducted in 1998 by the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and has been suppressed for eight years.

It showed that the potatoes did considerable damage to the rats' organs. Those in the "control groups" that were fed non-GM potatoes suffered ill-effects, but those fed GM potatoes suffered more serious organ and tissue damage.

The potatoes contained an antibiotic resistance marker gene. The institute that carried out the studies refused to release all the information. However, Greenpeace and other consumer groups mounted a protracted legal battle campaign to obtain the report. In May 2004 the Nikulinski District Court in Russia ruled that information relating to the safety of GM food should be open to the public.

The institute, however, refused to release the report. Greenpeace and Russian activist groups again took the institute to court, and won a ruling that the report must be released.

Irina Ermakova, a consultant for Greenpeace, said she had conducted her own animal feeding experiments with GM materials. "The GM potatoes were the most dangerous of the feeds used in the trials ... and on the basis of this evidence they cannot be used in the nourishment of people."

Greenpeace said the Russian trials were also badly flawed. Half of the rats in the trial died, and results were taken from those that survived, in breach of normal scientific practice.

10 years ago
Not surprising at all here's another link.
10 years ago

Thank you Donna for the good infomation. 

Hope you don't mind as I am about to change the title of your posting to make this the Genetically Modified Foods and Why we don't want them!  We have another out of date folder and I will transfer the good bits over here.

10 years ago

I avoid GM Foods as best I can, as there is no labeling here in Canada, it can be difficult to know what we are buying.  So I buy organic as much as I can.  Education is needed!

Here is a great article:

What farmers in Canada and the United States know about GM crops and scientists don’t

  • Pigs in United States are not reproducing properly when fed GM soya and GM maize
  • Farmers in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Vermont found that cows are not producing as much milk when fed on GM grain and hay, so they are advertising for non GM feed
  • They are asking: how would it affect mothers eating GM and breast-feeding their babies?
  • Farmers store GM and non-GM grains in separate bins, the non-GM bins are full of mice, whereas the GM bins are clear. (Farmers in Holland found the same, and a young Dutch student did an experiment to prove that mice definitely prefer non-GM (see Science in Society 2002, 13/14 )).
  • Geese will not eat GM canola, and will avoid the GM fields in favour of non-GM fields

The full article can be found on the I-SIS website at

10 years ago
 Ravyne H. Ravyne has received 21 new, 4013 total stars from Care2 membersRavyne has been awarded 808 butterflies for taking action at Care2Ravyne has 15 Golden Notes.  March 06, 2005 7:19 PM

I have my own theories about WHY they are forcing GM foods on us and believe me, it is NOT a pretty picture I create in my head. They refuse to do testing on the effects GM foods have on humans because they know if the truth came out, there would be a major upheaval amongst the masses.

If they can genetically change a seed-bearing fruit to weed out the seeds, genetically change plants to resist pests, mold and mildew, and yes, even from rotting, then you can only imagine what these foods will do to our own genetic make-up. This is NOT a risk I am willing to take with my own health. I ONLY buy organic and just pray that when something says it is organic, it really IS organic.

I can only bet that those in power - the CEOs of these big companies and the leaders of our country - only eat organic foods. They want to still be in power when the masses die of horrible diseases that there are no cures for because our genetics have been altered.  [ send green star]

10 years ago

You know it scares me too and even more now as it is creeping into many things.

I am taking Lecithin to lower my cholesterol rather than taking Lipitor which I believe is 'wrecking my legs' muscles etc and I seem not to  have that strength I used to have in them. So I stopped and am now on Lecithin and hope it works out ok in the next reading. So....

with that I am an avid reader of nut. labels and I advocate everyone to do so as well. I went to the health food section of our supermarket and I saw Lecithin and bought it. After all Lecithin is Lecithin...isnt it? WRONG I noted when I returned for a new packet. I was shocked to read the Nut. panel It said it was GM. for starters then it said it had added wheat in it again it also had molasses in it too OMG not good for diabetics either and the list went on. I was angry and nearly 'died'. So I went on a mission this time. Seems like the Soy beans that Lecithin is made from esp. in that packet WAS tricked up soy beans and GM'd too. I was quite angry actually and I was nt too happy with ME either for NOT reading the Nut panel. But like most people who buy health food you would 'ASSUME'(not) that it would be ok.

So off to a proper health food shop and I asked the Naturapath there my needs. NO GM brand and no added stuff in in it either. Now i have Lecithin Granules like before but they arent adulterated nor GModified as it says so on the packet.

I bet there is more to this than most people know or see. I hate commercialism tricks on consumers. But we all must read Nutritional panels and really get on the page esp. with codes and wow do they change often too.

Im with you Diana and it seems to me there is nothing we can do about it as the 'big guns'  are so hell bent on believing that this 'is the way to go'

Baaaaaaah humbug I say!

10 years ago

Diana, I wasn't aware that labeling isn't required in Canada.  It isn't in the US either - or in "third world" countries - but it is required in the European Union.

Summer Annie - so many people don't realize that "natural" foods aren't necessarily organic, nor non-GM.  I've learned not to go by the "natural" label when looking for non-GM foods.  It's difficult to do without going completely organic since more than 90% of the foods found on grocery store shelves here in the US contain some form of GM foods.  Just FYI - the biggest GM crops are corn, soy and potatoes - and cotton.

As a note that you may find interesting - I've managed my fibromyalgia symptoms for two years now without medication by changing my eating habits.  As much organic as I can afford; more whole grains - and far less or no processed foods, fast or fried foods and red meat.



10 years ago

I have a question.... Can't a food be considered organic even if it was grown from a genetically modified seed? The seed may be modified, but the plant is still grown by organic means (no herbicide, pesticide, organic fertilizer and soil, etc....). If this is true, then even buying organic may not keep us safe from GMO's. I have noticed that some organic food's labels will announce that they are GMO free whiles others do not. I do think that there should be a required label for genetically engineered foods! This subject has always been scary to me.

& ,


10 years ago
No one knows, I guess?
10 years ago

Hi Natalie, sorry for not seeing your question.

10 years ago

KRAFT and Genetically Modified foods 

You may find this interesting.  (It's very short!!)  It's definitely something to be aware of so you can make informed decisions.  Stay healthy!

Click on this link: 

This is one of the many reasons I do not want to support foods by Kraft in this group.

10 years ago
Not that this bit of musing will benefit anyone, but I just had a thought.  Those that cater to the idea of evolution, realize that all food is genetically altered since the dawn of time,  just not "on purpose, with a purpose" but more on a random kind of scale.    I hope my philosophizing does not disrupt the thread...
Replying To: Genetically Modified Foods - Why we don't want them!
10 years ago
Thank you for the information, I will be more careful when I go to the supermarket.
10 years ago
 Aislinn A. Aislinn has received 45 new, 1246 total stars from Care2 membersAislinn has been awarded 38 butterflies for taking action at Care2 OMG I had no idea about the Kraft thing. I have this year tried to make my home a healthier home and  serve healthier meals, so I do not buy a lot of the packaged "foods", but I have before. This is really disturbing to me and makes me even more determined to serve my family healthy food. It can be hard to do when money is short sometimes,  but I am going to keep at it. I am glad I have this group so that I can find easy, delicious real food recipes and important info!! Thank you!  [ send green star]

10 years ago

United States Grows More GM Crops

Than Any Other Country

The United States has planted more GM crops than any other country each year since 1996, when GM crops were first made available commercially. The United States grows two-thirds of all biotechnology crops on over 96 million acres.

From 1996 to 2002 there was a 20-fold increase in the area allotted to GM foods in the United States, which is the fastest growth rate of any country.

GM foods grown in the United States include corn, cotton, soybeans, canola, squash and papaya.

For full aricle go to:

Which is why I try never to buy anything but organic from the United States and even then you can never be sure if the crop has not been contaminated by the wind blowing seeds over to another field.

Genetically Modified Food - Panacea or poison
10 years ago

A very interesting documentary on genetically engineer food or GE, GMO. GE food raise serious concern about its safety because it is not ... all » properly regulated in North America yet. Primary research on rats feed with GE food show modifications to their internal organs.
10 years ago
Informative video; thank you Patt!
10 years ago

I can't view the video but I wanted to answer the question Old Grey Mike proposed... One of the major reasons Monsanto and others have created GM crops is for use in corporate farms where weed control is done by massive amounts of herbicide. The resistance to the herbicides is modified into the seeds.

Other reasons for modification is to allow foods to be unharmed by shipping long you get those hard as a rock produce items that smell of nothing so much as their cardboard packaging.

Varieties that smell and look and taste like real food may not be very shippable and so those varieties die out. What if the newest disease to afflict thousands of people can be cured by simply eating real healthy food, and that food no longer exists?The biodiversity that could provide a seed that could replace dying crops and save our civilization in drought or infestations of pests might have already become extinct!

I know that it is poplular to play the devil's advocate and say the new technologies are making it possible to feed millions...but I highly doubt that's what will really happen...and what price would this come about...cardboard flavored and pill shaped nutritional nuggets?

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10 years ago
i have met a few people in england that deliberately set out to pull these gm test crops out of the ground to destroy them, i hope they still do, does this happen in north america too?
10 years ago

I don't know Pete whether that happens but I think not!

Here is a link to a very informative video:

The REAL Reasons You Want to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods   Video: The REAL Reasons You Want to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods
In these informative videos, the world’s leading expert on GMO foods explains their health dangers and the shocking industry cover-up.

10 years ago
Japanese Consumers Will Not Accept GM Food, October 29, 2007 

The debate about genetically modified food started among consumers in Japan back in the autumn of 1996. As early as April the following year, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare received a petition from NO! GMO Campaign signed by 448,028 people, opposing GM food and demanding proper labelling. And by April 1998, the Health Ministry had received over 2 million signatures opposing GM food, plus 1,050 written requests from municipalities all over Japan calling for GM food labelling.

The Japanese government introduced a GM food labelling law in April 2001. However, the law had many loopholes, so it did not meet the demand of consumers to be able to exercise their right to avoid GM food. In July 2002, the Ministry of Public Management and Home Affairs announced the result of its own public opinion poll: 84% of respondents said that labelling is needed if a product is derived from GM crops even when the amount is very small; 76% said that labelling is needed if a product is derived from GM crops regardless of whether it contains any GM material or not, e.g. edible oil and soy sauce.

....Moreover, the documentary, "The Future of Food" was translated into Japanese and released in Japan in October 2006 by the Japan Organic Agriculture Association, and its screenings are always attended by many people. It was also screened at the Tokyo Peace Film Festival in July 2007.

Genetically Modified Foods Unsafe?
10 years ago

Evidence that Links GM Foods to Allergic Responses Mounts!

URL of this article:

Global Research, November 8, 2007

Genetically modified (GM) foods are inherently unsafe, and current
safety assessments are not competent to protect us from or even
identify most dangers. Overwhelming evidence to support this
conclusion is now compiled in the book Genetic Roulette: The
documented health risks of genetically engineered foods, which
presents an abundance of adverse findings and theoretical risks
associated with GM foods.1
The book documents lab animals with damage to virtually every system
studied; thousands of sick, sterile, or dead livestock; and people
around the world who have traced toxic or allergic reactions to eating
GM products, breathing GM pollen, or touching GM crops at harvest. It
also exposes many incorrect assumptions that were used to support GM
approvals. This article, excerpted from my book, summarizes some of
the findings related to allergic and immune responses.
GM Soy and Allergies
Soy allergies jumped 50% in the U.K. just after GM soy was
introduced.2 If GM soy was the cause, it may be due to several things.
The GM protein that makes Roundup Ready Soy resistant to the herbicide
does not have a history of safe use in humans and may be an allergen.
In fact, sections of its amino acid sequence are identical to known
A portion of the transgene from ingested GM soybeans, along with the
promoter that switches it on, transfers into human gut bacteria during
ingestion.4 The fact that the transformed bacteria survives
applications of Roundup's active ingredient, glyphosate, suggests that
the transgene continues to produce the Roundup Ready protein. If true,
then long after people stop eating GM soy they may be constantly
exposed to its potentially allergenic protein, which is being created
within their gut. (This protein may be made more allergenic due to
misfolding, attached molecular chains, or rearrangement of unstable
transgenes, but there is insufficient data to support or rule out
these possibilities.1)
Studies suggest that the GM transformation process may have increased
natural allergens in soybeans. The level of one known allergen,
trypsin inhibitor, was 27% higher in raw GM soy varieties. More
worrisome, it was as much as sevenfold higher in cooked GM soy
compared to cooked non-GM soy.5 Not only is this higher amount
potentially harmful, the finding also suggests that the trypsin
inhibitor in GM soy might be more heat stable and, therefore, even
more allergenic than the natural variety.6
It is also possible that changes in GM soy DNA may produce new
allergens. Although there has never been an exhaustive analysis of the
proteins or natural products in GM soy, unpredicted changes in the DNA
were discovered. A mutated section of soy DNA was found near the
transgene, which may contribute to some unpredicted effects. Moreover,
between this scrambled DNA and the transgene is an extra transgene
fragment, not discovered until years after soy was on the market.7 The
RNA produced is completely unexpected. It combines material from all
three sections: the full-length transgene, the transgene fragment, and
the mutated DNA sequence. This RNA is then further processed into four
different variations,8 which might lead to the production of some
unknown allergen.
Another study verified that GM soybeans contain an IgE-binding
allergenic protein not found in nonGM soy controls, and that one of
eight subjects who showed a skin-prick allergic reaction to GM soy had
no reaction to nonGM soy.9 Although the sample size is small, the
implication that certain people react only to GM soy is huge.
The increased residue of Roundup herbicide in GM soy might contribute
to increased allergies.10 In fact, the symptoms identified in the U.K.
soy allergy study are among those related to glyphosate exposure. The
allergy study identified irritable bowel syndrome, digestion problems,
chronic fatigue, headaches, lethargy, and skin complaints including
acne and eczema.2
Symptoms of glyphosate exposure include nausea, headaches, lethargy,
skin rashes, and burning or itchy skin.11 It is also possible that
glyphosate's breakdown product, AMPA, which accumulates in GM
soybeans,12,13 might contribute to allergies.
Finally, mice fed GM soy had reduced levels of pancreatic
enzymes.14,15 When protein-digesting enzymes are suppressed, proteins
may last longer in the gut, allowing more time for an allergic
reaction to take place. Any reduction in protein digestion could
therefore promote allergic reactions to a wide range of proteins, not
just to the GM soy.
Bt Toxin Triggers Immune Response
Bt toxin is consistently associated with immune and allergic-type
responses. Although the unpredicted consequences of the GM
transformation process might also contribute to allergic reactions
from Bt crops, evidence suggests that the Bt toxin itself is a major
factor. The Bt proteins found in most currently registered Bt-corn
varieties would not pass the allergy test protocol described in the
2001 FAO/WHO report,16 because they have amino acid sections identical
with known allergens17 and are too stable in simulated digestive
Furthermore, immune responses are triggered by both the natural Bt toxin in spray form and Bt crops.

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10 years ago
Since I began my blog, over a year ago, consumer health issues have been a large portion of my posts. Here is an except from one post (the post has many links and a video)... How is Genetically Modified (GM) Food Affecting your Health - food safety and corruption The hazards of Genetically Modified (GM) are probably more widespread and hazardous to our health than we realize. In this video lecture, Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, summarizes the contents of his book, which explains how genetically modified foods cause health problems, and their potential for creating a vast array of unforeseen and surprising illnesses. He also sheds light on how the corruption within the U.S. government, the FDA, and the GMO industry has allowed, and perpetuated, the cover-up [watch the video below], and the role L-tryptophan has played in the manufacturing of GM bacteria. Read more here...
10 years ago
Here is another post on my blog with an eye opening video... The Future of Food There is a revolution happening in the farm fields and on the dinner tables of America - a revolution that is transforming the very nature of the food we eat. THE FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade. From the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada to the fields of Oaxaca, Mexico, this film gives a voice to farmers whose lives and livelihoods have been negatively impacted by this new technology. The health implications, government policies and push towards globalization are all part of the reason why many people are alarmed by the introduction of genetically altered crops into our food supply. Shot on location in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Read more and watch the video...
10 years ago
Signed the petition.
10 years ago
Rising Food Allergies May Be Linked to Genetically Engineered Foods
Genetically modified (GM) crops, some of which contain their own built-in pesticides that split open the stomachs of the insects that consume them, are having serious health consequences on humans, according to this excellent article by Jeffrey Smith, the . .
please help us in France ban GMO seeds and food
9 years ago

French Activist Bove To Go On Anti-GMO Hunger Strike

TOULOUSE - French radical farmer Jose Bove, who became a worldwide celebrity for his fight against junk food, said on Monday he would go on a hunger strike to win a one-year ban on genetically modified (GMO) crops.1211 06

Speaking at the Millau Court of Justice in southern France, where his four-month jail sentence for trashing a GMO field in 2004 was commuted to a fine, Bove said he would start his unlimited strike on January 3, along with 10 to 15 other activists.

The walrus-mustachioed, pipe-smoking Bove, sometimes dubbed France’s Robin Hood, spent six weeks in jail in 2003 for smashing up a McDonald’s restaurant in protest at tariffs imposed by the United States in retaliation for a European Union ban on imports of North American hormone-treated beef.

While GMO crops are common in the United States, France — Europe’s biggest grain producer — along with other European nations remain highly suspicious of them.

Supporters say it could lead to hardy strains to help feed the world’s poor. Opponents, which polls say include a majority of French people, fear they could harm humans and wildlife by triggering an uncontrolled spread of modified genes.

In an attempt to calm these concerns, France last week formally suspended the commercial use of GMO seeds until February 9 and ordered a biotech safety study.

It also set up a committee charged with assessing the health and environmental implications of using the only GMO seeds used in Europe, which are reliant on the MON 810 technology developed by U.S. biotech giant Monsanto.

“This decree is ridiculous. It is a scarecrow,” Bove said.

“Everyone knows that there are no sowings during winter. We demand a real pause in GMO use in 2008. It must be a year without GMOs and we are stating this hunger strike to show our determination,” he added.

(Reporting by Nicolas Fichot in Toulouse; editing by Michael Roddy)

9 years ago

Thank you Fabienne for reposting that good info here.  And here is the rest.

Gaias Son Aiki (5)

Please, sign the petition... 

  Fabienne P. StarsButterflies
here's the link  [ send green star]

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9 years ago
What Are GMOs Doing to Our Kids?
GMOs are still relatively new, but here's some disturbing findings already surfacing in our youngest generation.
Engineered corn contaminates the food supply
9 years ago
Engineered corn contaminates the food supply


An unapproved variety of corn that is genetically engineered to produce its own insecticide was planted on 53,000 acres in the United States last year and likely entered the food supply. The manufacturer, Dow AgroSciences, discovered the contamination and recalled seed intended for planting this year. While the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) claims that the proteins produced by this corn variety are the same as those produced by an approved variety that is on the market, the incident is another in a string of contamination incidents that indicate the USDA is failing to keep unapproved varieties out of the food supply. Read about it in the Des Moines Register, or read the USDA's press release.

9 years ago

Thank you Donna; I had forgotten that you were the one to start this folder .

9 years ago

Looks like I did too...

9 years ago

"The result of these weaknesses is that the extent of research under way in Canada and any accidental release of (genetically engineered) fish may not be fully known." Statement in a Canadian Government Audit released this week that reveals lax regulations have allowed untold numbers of experimental frankenfish to escape unreported into natural waterways.

9 years ago

Fifty-Three Percent of Americans Say They Won't Buy Genetically Engineered Food

According to a recent CBS News/New York Times poll, 53 percent of Americans say they won't buy food that has been genetically modified. But CBS News investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports that it's not that easy to avoid.
9 years ago

Patt, that is a huge % but as we know it is almost impossible to not consume GMO foods; they are everywhere and there is no labeling here in Canada!

What Monsanto is doing is scary.

9 years ago

Way to go France!

Health & Wellness  (tags: GM, genetically engineered, genetically modified, food, humans, ethics, health, prevention, protection, risks, safety, news, nutrition, environment )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 10 seconds ago -

PARIS (AFP) — French President Nicolas Sarkozy's government suffered a setback on Tuesday as lawmakers unexpectedly threw out a controversial bill on genetically-modified (GM) crops
genetically modified foods
9 years ago

I must say this is a fascinating thread.  My daughter and I had once had a conversation over GMO's and with the limited knowledge she had felt that if they could feed the millions that are starving they would be of benefit.  I couldn't really say anything on the subject because, until now, I wasn't informed.

Thank you for this group, and this thread.  It has provided me with the knowledge I need to make informed decisions.

 2.jpg jpeg -no blinking stars picture by ambersuns

9 years ago


  • 53%: Percentage of polled Americans who say they won't buy food that has ingredients from genetically engineered (GE) plants.
  • 65%: Actual percentage of products on grocery store shelves that contain unlabeled GE ingredients (usually soy or corn derived).
  • 90%: Portion of U.S. grown soybeans that are genetically engineered.
  • 99%: Estimated likelihood that the U.S. sugar supply will start to be sourced from genetically engineered plants this year.

Learn more:
Take action:

GM food: Monster or saviour?
9 years ago


Please don't shoot the messenger! 

8 years ago

Interesting vidoes La L  For anyone going to the linkdo watch

Lord Peter Melchett with the case against GM food

I hear them but am not convinced it is the way to go.

Stop GE rice!
8 years ago
Hands off our rice
Stand up for your rice! Sign the petition

Dear Care2 friends,

The world's most important staple food is under threat and we need your help urgently.

sign the petition.

Rice is daily food for half of the global population. It has been grown around the world for over 10,000 years and is cultivated in 113 countries. For millions of people rice is not just a food - it's a way of life.

Bayer, the German chemical giant, has created a genetically engineered (GE) variety of rice that will put our health, our agriculture and our biodiversity at risk.

The European Union (EU) will soon decide whether or not Bayer's GE rice can end up on European dinner plates. But this will not only affect Europeans. If the EU approves the import of Bayer's GE rice, farmers in the US and elsewhere may soon start planting the manipulated crop.

Stopping GE rice is not just about consumer choice or the environment - it's a lot bigger than that. It's a matter of global food security, human rights and survival.

You can tell the EU to keep Bayer's hands off your rice - sign the petition.

Thanks for your help saving the world's most important food. Please send this onto your friends today - we don't have much time before the decision is made.

With best wishes
Lisa and everyone on the rice team at Greenpeace

P.S Ecological farming is the safest solution to the food crisis and looming climate change disasters. By signing the petition you're adding your voice in support of global sustainability in the face of climate change.

8 years ago
GM Foods: Already in the US Population the Incidence of Infant Mortality & Disease Can Be Traced Back to GMOs. What's Next? 
Since GM foods went onto our plates in 1996, genetic modification has led to increasing numbers of health problems. Now more doctors are warning their patients not to eat food that is not free from genetic modification. Consider corn in all its forms...
7 years ago

Yes, Patt there is eveidence coming out about GM foods and why we really do not want them. Thank you

7 years ago
Is Your Food Genetically Modified?: How to Tell

Health & Wellness  (tags: GMF, food, food safety, grocery, health )

- 47 days ago -
As reported by Maria Gallagher, in the June 26, 2002 issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer, by reading the PLU code, you can tell if the fruit was genetically modified, organically grown or produced with chemical fertilizers, fungicides, or herbicides...

7 years ago

Thank you Talathiel T. I am always interested in more information on this topic. for you.

7 years ago

Here is an action I just posted re GMOs. Hope it is OK to add it to this thread:

The Liberal Party needs to take a stand and support Bill C-474 on April 14. The Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff needs to ask all Liberal MPs to be present in the House of Commons on April 14 and to vote in favour of the Bill.
7 years ago
The True Food Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GMOs:
6 years ago

Hungary destroys all GMO maize fields:

4 years ago


“Safe” Levels of Round-Up Weedkiller and GM Corn Found to Cause Tumours and Multiple Organ Damage

New peer-reviewed research published today shows the results of the first animal feeding trial into the life-time exposure of Roundup tolerant GM corn and Roundup, the world’s best selling weed killer.  The study, published online by the scientific journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology, shows that levels currently considered safe can cause mammary tumours, kidney and liver damage, in laboratory rats.

The study was led by molecular biologist and endocrinologist, Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen in France and was supported by the independent research organization, CRIIGEN. The researchers used 200 rats that were fed a diet containing the Roundup tolerant GM maize, NK603, or given water containing Roundup, at levels permitted in drinking water and GM crops in the US.  It showed that these rats developed tumours faster and died earlier than rats fed on a standard diet.


Patrick Holden believes there is an urgent need for more research into both the wide spread use of pesticides and the consumption of GM food crops.  He says, “The implications of this research suggest potential flaws in the current regulatory process which, due to the short-duration of the required feeding-trials, may fail to identify the serious, long-term health consequences of consuming these crops. To ensure that the public is protected against potential exposure, there is a need to review the regulatory framework, and to undertake further research into potentially similar health impacts of these crops on humans.”.


For details of the full research findings please visit the microsite


For full article:

Finding Non-GMO Food through the "Non-GMO Project"
4 years ago

I began researching and putting together information on non-GMO food for my healthy meal clients. Here is the website link for the non-GMO project, which gives you a listing of food brands who voluntarily participate in this project and now have the label as "non-GMO" in the grocery stores. Among those are cereal food items from Van's Natural Foods, Earth's Best Organic, and Arrowhead Mills. Also Kashi faced a huge backlash not long ago because they were/are using GMO's in their cereals, but now they are putting out a variety of cereals that are non-GMO according to the non-GMO project. Its a challenge to avoid GMO food items, but at least that web link will provide more information to help. Would supporting our local farms and farmer's markets help us more in fighting against GMO food?

4 years ago

I totally support eveything that has been shared here.

I just wanted to alert everyone about Occupy Monsanto site on Facebook:

They are taking a strong stance against what I consider the classic example of an evil corperation.  Plese like it!    

4 years ago

Thanks Randy! Excellent fb page.

4 years ago

Monsanto is doing bad in my opinion. 

4 years ago

A new peer-reviewed scientific paper states that glyphosate-based herbicides, like Monsanto's Roundup, are contributing to a host of health problems: gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

4 years ago

Thanks Diana!

4 years ago

I can avoid processed foods and usually buy organic but It's especially difficult to find numerous supplements that have no GM ingredients. I have called a number of companies and some say that they don't know(??) or they are working on finding a non GM source. Especialy if they are getting their ingredients from the US or Canada.  And, of course, staying competitive in price for those ingredients that are non GM. They too, usually have to buy organic to be able to claim non GM.

4 years ago

as ever all food for thought, Diana, thanks !

Good news from one place in Canada!
4 years ago

Vancouver Island politicians vote to ban GMOs
If the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities gets its way, gen...See More
4 years ago

Mark your calendar! March against Monsanto taking place everywhere May 25

4 years ago

By now, most of us are aware of the GMO problem and the political corruption akin to it.

Monsanto claims that GMOs are safe. This was the same comment made by the tobacco companies back in the 40s and early 50s regarding cigarette smoking

Fortunately, there have been studies done by Michael Antoniou of Earth Open Source and Dr. Giles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caan in France that say otherwise.

What Antoniou and Seralini have found is that GMOs, which are inundated with pesticides like RoundUp Ready containing glyphosate and 2-4-D, the active ingredient in Agent Orange, create numerous health problems, including birth defects, cancer, neurological imbalances, embryonic deaths, DNA damage, and fetal death. It’s not rocket science to understand that when you eat a steady diet of these horrible chemicals, you will suffer disastrous health ramifications despite the fact that the GMO crops are designed to resist the heavy poisoning of the pesticides and herbicides.

3 years ago

I couldn't find the articles because the links were bad.

Dirty Dozen
3 years ago

3 years ago

Penny, nice to see you here I totally agree with everyone about GMOs. I buy organic as much as possible, especially the "Dirty Dozen". I find it amazing that so mnay countries ban GMOs but not the US.

3 years ago

Hi Kristi

3 years ago

I want to avoid gmo food but it is difficult since there is no labeling. Thank you Penny for the good information and that last link.

3 years ago

Thank you Penny for the useful links.

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3 years ago

Thank you Penny.  Very interesting all of these.

3 years ago

CALL TO ACTION: Stop Bill C-18!

The National Farmers Union (NFU), has released "Fundamental Principles for a Farmers' Seed Act" which recognizes the inherent rights of farmers to save, reuse, select, exchange and sell seeds:



Members of Parliament: 

Canadian Ministry Cabinet): 

3 years ago

Thanks Diana for above.

3 years ago

I do not understand why this is happening! We know it is not good for us.

3 years ago


I bought only

Dangers of GMO wine.
3 years ago

Sweet Marie,very healthy.


3 years ago

Thank   you sweet Penny,  I know Sweet Marie chocolate bar, but no Penny,,,,

Now I have my other part of cord so I can write but it is late, as I went to the same Cafe of last night I got this part of cord and didn't know the guy will be here too. 

We are in snow and rain, it is our Winter.

Bear Hug

Golden rice myths
3 years ago

Hi Marie you also have snow in New York too?No Spring yet!Like us.Hugs


3 years ago

Going to tALk to manager of iga tonight.  BAN . . I buy only organic..ciao     LATER :  )

3 years ago

ersea_americana_fruit_2.JPG" rel="nofollow" >Close-up picture of foliage and avocado fruit Hello 

I wan to know abt them...First page at Care2...don' eat them Iknow for lng .... thangs Diana.


3 years ago

I already buy some of these non-GMO products. I can vouch for Go Raw (excellent sunflower and pumpkin seeds), as well as Nature's Path cornflakes.

3 years ago

Thank you Penny for all the information!

This one reason from is enough to not want them in our food chain:

2. Research has shown that laboratory mammals fed GMOs suffer adverse effects that include damage to kidneys, liver, adrenal glands, spleen, and heart. Additionally, their immune systems were compromised and in some cases brain size was reduced.

3 years ago

Hi everyone,

I really found the following interview fascinating.

Probem With Roundup Ready

Dr. Seneff points out that cholesterol deficiency, or cholesterol sulfate deficiency, is the cause of many diseases. In the interview, I think that you focused on something really important; the overuse of glyphosate on GMOs which is causing this deficiency.

Dr. Seneff points out that cholesterol deficiency, or cholesterol sulfate deficiency, is the cause of many diseases. In the interview, I think that you focused on something really important; the overuse of glyphosate on GMOs which is causing this deficiency. Talk about some of the information that you've learned from her. - See more at:

Dr. Seneff points out that cholesterol deficiency, or cholesterol sulfate deficiency, is the cause of many diseases. In the interview, I think that you focused on something really important; the overuse of glyphosate on GMOs which is causing this deficiency. Talk about some of the information that you've learned from her. - See more at:
Dr. Seneff points out that cholesterol deficiency, or cholesterol sulfate deficiency, is the cause of many diseases. In the interview, I think that you focused on something really important; the overuse of glyphosate on GMOs which is causing this deficiency. Talk about some of the information that you've learned from her. - See more at:
2 years ago

Monsanto vs the Monarch: The main cause of the monarch butterfly's decline is the loss of milkweed — its food — in its U.S. breeding grounds, a new study has found. That all but confirms that the spread of genetically modified crops is indirectly killing the monarch. Insect Ecologist Chip Taylor agrees. He also blames GMO crops for the collapse of the Monarch butterfly. If the Monarchs can be said to have a fatal flaw, it’s that they’re are entirely dependent upon milkweed. The long-term loss of the Monarch's milkweed habitat has been due to the adoption of herbicide-tolerant crops. "I don’t think there’s any question about it. The statistics are really quite clear." -Chip Taylor, Insect Ecologist and Founder of Monarch Watch. What price we pay for GMO technology. Plant milkweed! SAVE THE MONARCH!

2 years ago

I just got an article from take part

Scientists are testing a new pesticide made from spider venom and plant proteins, bee safe!

2 years ago

I have read what GMO can do. Some farmers here are for it with the papayas. I for one will not buy any GMO products or fruits of it. This article I read may have been here on care2. Mentioned how these farmers tried GMO corn grain feed to give their cows. The cows would get sick and I think the calves weren't developing right. Anyways, the farmers did not like what they were seeing with their cows so they stopped the GMO feed and returned to their natural regular feed. Their cows were healthy once again and no health problems. Now if it could affect these cows in a bad way, why should we subject ourselves to eating GMO foods.

I dread this gmo produce
2 years ago

Living in the USA I have found some soups & other products at Whole Foods listed GMO Unfortunately there are no labels at my regular grocery store. I read GMO foods are terrible for you. They fill you up with nothing good. Woe to the USA we are doomed. The other countries are so lucky to ban GMO I wish we could. I signed the petition.. Praying. I know the higher powers have gardens and are eating great foods- unfair to the USA & other countries they trick people..... I am sad for this is my going to be my granddaughter's generation longer than mine or my son's. Sad day USA. To think so many fam members fought for the USA to have us treated this way. Ugh.

2 years ago

I find it sad too Patsy. How are we going to stop this?

2 years ago

Thank you Penny for the info. I like what the Lethbridge post article says:


“It’s been great to connect with people and share our knowledge on organic practices. The aquaponics component in particular, was really impressive because we don’t have expertise in that. I’m really pleased to see that system, it’s a sustainable system that I really hope will get organic certification. It’s a really promising innovation.”

Dorais said given the demands facing the organic food industry, tours such as this offer an opportunity for experts to learn from one another. She noted the demand for organic products has been increasing in Canada at a rate of 15 per cent each year.

“It’s a huge market, a huge opportunity, we have to take advantage of the opportunity. There is no reason why we cannot meet demand,” she said.

2 years ago

Here is some of the other link Penny posted above:

Monsanto is Messing With Animals’ Sperm

Animals exposed to the commonly-used pesticide Roundup are more likely to have an impaired sperm structure, suggests new research from the University of Caen, France.


The scientists investigated the effects of Roundup after an eight day exposure in adult animals. They found a significant difference in the expression of a compound called aromatase in the testis of animals.  Aromatase is an enzyme involved in a key step in the synthesis of estrogens in the body.  They also found a reduced expression of genetic material in sperm, and a change in hormonal balance (male hormone to estrogen balance) and the resulting quality of sperm.  The scientists concluded that “The repetition of exposures of this herbicide could alter the mammalian reproduction.

Roundup is a glyphosate-based pesticide developed and sold by Monsanto. Earlier research in the journal Entropy linked the chemical pesticide to other health problems, including gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer, and Alzheimers disease.  TheEntropy study showed that glyphosate impairs the functions of enzymes in the body that are essential to detoxification as well as increases the damaging effects of other environmental toxins and foodborne chemical residues.  The scientists who conducted this study indicated that glyphosate residues are found in common foods eaten regularly, including corn, soy, wheat and sugar.

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I try to see things from a balanced position
2 years ago

I do believe GMO food needs to be labelled and have warnings on it if good research has found that the GMO food can cause certain health problems. I am not against scientific innovation as I am very innovative myself in the spiritual direction. Innovation can bring about positive results provided it is done carefully and with the right intentions. I find that people on this planet tend to be very resistant to spiritual innovation. I believe as we advance further spiritually, we will be better able to guide scientific innovation in a more positive direction. I am very healthy and I am sure I consume a lot of GMO food, since it is not labelled and I can not afford organic food. I am not one to follow any crowd on any side of any issue.

2 years ago

For those who are open minded on this issue here is a good article to read:

2 years ago

I am the opposite, eat only non gmo, organic...or not at all

Feel the difference, and mounting evidence links these "scientific food "has flawed greedy thinking behind it, not consumer conscious health based motives...I hope you stay healthy, I am not taking that 100 lbs, 5 feet 5 inches, don't need man made illnesses. 

2 years ago

Most American eat GMO foods, since most Americans do not eat only organic foods. I do not believe it can be proven that people that eat only organic foods are much healthier than those who eat a similar diet nutritionally but eat GMO foods. I do not think GMO foods make that much of a difference health-wise to most people. I feel emotions often override rational thought on certain issues and limit the sources people will see the value in.

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2 years ago

I am use to pushing my physical/spiritual limits with my meditative and cardio exercises I do. I am really good at reading my body as a result. I have to have a diet that allows me to do this. I seem to do fine on the diet I have designed to help me handle such an intense spiritual/physical training program, even without paying for more expensive organically grown foods. I do take non expensive vitamin-mineral supplements. I do understand that I get more pesticides in non-organically grown foods. I just take extra Vitamin C to deal with this. Actually the more I read good scientific explanations and research on the subject of GMO foods the less I fear them!

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2 years ago

Most Americans are overweight, only 2% are under

So any study is based on them not each their own


2 years ago

The brown rice I eat has more arsenic in it than I would like, even though rice is not a GMO food yet. Oatmeal is not a GMO food and I eat some every day. Whey protein which I consume a lot of is a GMO food due to the growth hormone they give the cows to make them produce more milk. The canola oil I eat is GMO. I am not eating corn or soy products at the moment. I feel no need to change my diet now, since it is working really well for me. I do not know if the apples and spinach I eat are GMO.

2 years ago

The growth hormone and antibiotics they give cows aren't only for milk production, it's to make them fat faster. .

If you ate grass fed whey, butter ,even meat it would all be good for you, the whey protein especially. ..look it up!

2 years ago

The debate will go on between supporters of GMO foods and opponents of them. But, GMO foods are here to stay. New technology takes a while for people to get use to, and for it to be better figured out so that it can have a more positive impact on the world.

2 years ago

Absolutely disagree! !! If I have to move to another country, I will! 

2 years ago

I am not for gmo at all! See what I just saw at

(Reuters) - Pigs fed a diet of only genetically modified grain showed markedly higher stomach inflammation than pigs who dined on conventional feed, according to a new study by a team of Australian scientists and U.S. researchers.

2 years ago

We need to fight against GMO foods for the sake of our children & future generations.To accept what has proven to be harmful to them is not my choice either.GMOs are all about making money not helping the indigent.I am not rich either but I have choice & I choose to help organic farmers by eating less & growing my own in summer & freezing for winter.Even if you only have an apartment balcony you can grow greens in boxes.

2 years ago

mounting research suggests that half of all newborns will be autistic in 20 years,,and the antibiotics in milk is probably the reason why!!!!!!!!!!!!

coupled with too many vaccines.

2 years ago

That is scary Tasunka. Why do we have to have such bad things?

2 years ago

Hi Penny!! So true about Starbuck's/organic food!! I am with everyone here...NO GMOs! I find it amazing that the first post in this thread was 8 yrs ago. I only just became aware of GMOs witin the past 2 years. The more I learn about them and who is behind them (Monstersanto) and why...the more I shudder and make sure I buy non-GMO and organic products. I also cook and bake a lot of my own food to avoid having to buy pre-packaged stuff. It does add to my food bill- I see such great deals on pre-packaged foods and conventionally grown produce...but either you pay now or pay later with your health. Praying that GMO foods are all mandated to be labeled!     

2 years ago

Kristi so great to see you here in this group too.I also read labels & we do need to know when GMOs are added to products.Tas also has hit the nail on the head with her comments on autism being so prevelt in 20 years,even today I know many parents with autistic children,who feel its caused by the food they ate while pregnant.However Im not sure its been proven but GMOs are certainly frankenfood.

2 years ago

Has anyone any links to what happened in India related to GMO's?  I am writing about GMO's this week.


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