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Group photo July 16, 2005 10:57 AM

Hi everyone!!! WOOOLF!!

Im not a member of the Cat Lovers group but its my understanding, they change the group photo every week to a members pet. I dont know how they do it. Do they vote? Or?? Obviously I should not be a hog-it-all and its about time to change the group photo already.

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 July 17, 2005 12:23 PM

How about if you post your pet's pic here, then we can upload in the order they are posted for one week each.  [ send green star]
 July 17, 2005 1:51 PM

Sounds good---are there treats involved?? WOOF!
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we say July 18, 2005 5:11 PM

unfair - unfair.  our mom doesn't have one of those cameras & even if she did she wouldn't know how to get the pictures of our beautiful faces on here.  (shhhh, don't tell her we said that)

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 July 18, 2005 5:29 PM

Kim can you consider the pic you have of Wolf to be my contribution?  Thanx - can't find the pics again!  Just love *&^% though - lol.

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Wooolf! July 18, 2005 5:42 PM

Aww, Lucky!!! You know you can get those webcams for $29 and they take quick pics with a click now!!

How about this Wolf?


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 July 18, 2005 5:56 PM

You are welcome to go to my ablums and use any of the pet pics you want.


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Mya July 18, 2005 5:57 PM

no, didn't know that, thanks.  my husband has a web cam i'll have to ask if his can do that.  [ send green star]
 July 18, 2005 6:00 PM

Wonderful - thanx Kim

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Shasta and Shiloh July 18, 2005 6:17 PM

shiloh&shasta.jpgThese are the big babies on my truck. They are Brother and Sister.  Both of them are soooo spoiled, but mannerly none the less!  They love the outside and they love chasing the ground squirrels.  They like knowing that I was able to put their picture here and said I may get a treat later  (lol)  [ send green star]
Abby - My Toy Poodle July 18, 2005 6:24 PM


Host of Group: Poodle Lovers / Doggie Adorers
A Very Friendly, Active, Up to Date Group. =)
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 July 19, 2005 4:45 AM

My 2 paws worth. Let 's see a cat up there!


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Tummy July 19, 2005 6:57 AM

You're my man! It should be a kitty CAT! Meow.  [ send green star]
 July 19, 2005 6:57 AM

You cannot currently send a star to Tummy because you have done so within the last week.

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 July 19, 2005 7:17 AM

Yes more cat photos. as stated above:

PLEASE POST THE PHOTO HERE And I will upload them in the order they are posted.

Soooo the longer you wait to post your pets pic, the longer it is until it gets up there!!! Hurry Hurry post the pics!!!

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PS July 19, 2005 7:18 AM

(My personal preference: Tummy was here first and I think he should be next.. Tummy, Tummy, here kitty kitty kitty. Where are youuuu????
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anonymous From my portfolio July 19, 2005 7:22 AM

In the sunAt the top of the tableWatching

choose which one you want

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 July 19, 2005 7:23 AM


I'm posting this for Nic!

But I agree, TUMMY should go next! And that's Nic's opinion too, as they're good friends.

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 July 19, 2005 7:24 AM

ohhh nooo. no dont make me choose They are alll sooooo CUTE!!  Everyone will get a week posted, dont worry. Its just a matter of time!  [ send green star]
 July 19, 2005 7:52 AM

stepping in for tummy again:

tummy in the closet


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buddy July 19, 2005 7:53 AM

Buddy Sleeping  [ send green star]
 July 19, 2005 7:53 AM

Ssshhhhh, I nappin'  [ send green star]
pepper July 19, 2005 7:54 AM

Pepper  [ send green star]
larry July 19, 2005 7:54 AM

morepics 155.jpg


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rusty, who has crossed the rainbow bridge July 19, 2005 7:55 AM

Rusty  [ send green star]
princess July 19, 2005 7:56 AM


Need some entertainment?

Princess in her box

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anonymous  July 20, 2005 12:29 PM


This is me, Kipper.  I just look innocent but I really like to stir the pot.  D

This is me, Daisey, sleeping on my bed with my toys.  Ok, they are all shared with Kipper and the bed is supposed to be too, but I am a princess.  He would rather be dirty and a mess!

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anonymous  July 24, 2005 6:36 PM

All my best pix are posted here:


C'mon up an' see me sometime!

C<img src=ocuments and SettingsMeDesktopcrazylydia.gif" src="file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Me/Desktop/crazylydia.gif" align="baseline" border="2" />

Love, Lydia

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anonymous  July 24, 2005 6:38 PM

Ooops! How do I upload a picture to here?  I'm all paws!

- Lydia

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 July 24, 2005 6:48 PM

a care2 album, or

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 July 24, 2005 6:53 PM

I got it for you Katharine
DSC00583  [ send green star]
anonymous  July 25, 2005 7:49 AM

Thaynkya, Mya Papaya!  [report anonymous abuse]
Group Photo Change August 07, 2005 9:09 AM

Well friends, time to change the photo! I just put TUMMY up! And we will miss WolfBaby but we can still see him here! After Tummy, we will try to go in order of pics posted..Ishta, Nic, and so on. but will also try to go dog, cat, dog, cat, dog, cat to be fair. Hope everyone is ok with that!!

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 August 07, 2005 9:20 AM

I hope this will make my sick little baby feel better! He will be pleased when I tell him!

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YAY August 07, 2005 9:27 AM

I didnt know sweet Tummy was sick? Hope he is ok!

So just for the record, after Tummy, it will be Sharlene's Shasta and Shiloh! and so on down the line

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 August 07, 2005 9:29 AM

He had a reaction to his shots, not so bad as his first year, but worse than last year. He's not up to coming to the computer today or yesterday.

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Reactions to shots... August 07, 2005 3:58 PM

Just had to comment of the poor furbaby that had a reaction to his shots.  Please, try to find a vet that will give him only one shot at a time.  In this way you can figure out which shot his little system can't handle.  There's a good chance that he would be just as well off without that particular shot.

I say this because my AbbeyAnne had reactions to her shots.  Going to difference vets and expressing my concern didn't make much difference.  They just gave her a "bumper" shot to counteract the shots they were going to administer.  It got so bad that they would give her the bumper shot and then she would have to remain at the vets to make sure she did have to bad a reaction!  I finally found a vet willing to work with me on this.  One shot at a time.  No problems for my little girl doing it this way.  Until the Lyme Disease shot ....then she was in trouble.  Later I found that is only an elective shot.  Needless to say, my Abbey will not have to suffer the after effects of her shots anymore.

Hope your furbaby is doing better by now. 

Judi W.

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 August 07, 2005 4:06 PM

He told me he could give them all seperate. The problem is he has had them all in the past with no reaction at all. Both individual and combined.

Last year no reaction at all.  He has to have the rabies vaccine. the others he could probably do without, but the risk of him getting Feline L. is just quite at worry for me. as well as the others.

He is highly sensitive to everything, part of his problem I think is the trip itself.


But for the idea and concern!

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 August 07, 2005 4:07 PM

the lime dz shot, is in part of the routine combo? I don't think tummy gets that one.  [ send green star]
anonymous Poor baby (((Tummy))) August 07, 2005 4:20 PM

Here we get the 3 yr rabies that spreads it all out. For dogs, distemper we also do every 3 yrs. (I did post some useful info on vaccinating in another thread - sorry if it was controversial, just trying to be helpful).

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 August 07, 2005 4:22 PM

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Here's Tiny!!! August 07, 2005 4:27 PM

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 August 11, 2005 9:02 AM

Hi hi, I'm calls me Brute tho. here's my pics if you could put me on the waiting list too, please.

She called me pretty

My boy

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anonymous Bingo August 11, 2005 9:22 AM

and me and me...di was born to me famous!

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anonymous Hi! August 18, 2005 1:49 PM

Nick is my Human!

Bo Bo _427_.jpg

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anonymous Bo Bo the Super Model! August 18, 2005 2:02 PM

Bo Bo _398_.jpg  [report anonymous abuse]
Abby's Photo Album August 18, 2005 6:41 PM 

Album: Abby's Photo Album (Toy Poodle)

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 August 19, 2005 7:55 PM

Thank you everyone for your lovely pics!! Thanks Nic and Lillith - was hoping you two would post a pic for the next pet theme. (see thread "NEED Many Pics of Shelter REscue Pets")

And as much as we hate to only see Tummy in his profile or threads here,  its time to change the pic again. It looks like Sharlenes Shiloh and Shasta are next! woowoo woof!


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anonymous Mya August 20, 2005 11:00 AM

My mom says you can use any pics in my photo album that you'd like when it comes my turn.  [report anonymous abuse]
Thank you August 23, 2005 10:35 PM

My babies said wooowoof ra-roooo when I showed them that they were the group photo.  They are sooooo proud!  They said I could have a treat if I wanted one. 

  They are still chasing those ground squirrels!

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Teddy Bear August 25, 2005 7:20 AM

Here's my kitty, Teddy Bear...


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I am Lucky! September 18, 2005 2:04 PM

THIS IS MY DOG LUCKY!!!!  [ send green star]
 September 21, 2005 12:00 PM

Time to change the photo again!!! YaY!!
Thanks Shilo and Shasta!!

It looks like its Lillith's Abby next!!

ps. Sorry I have been neglecting the group lately. Im so busy chasing butterflies, sticks and laser lights. Not to mention patrolling the yard and house and been taking lots of my meds lately .. which isnt my favorite thing in the world

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 September 21, 2005 12:02 PM

and NIC is NEXT!!!!  [ send green star]
WOO HOO! September 21, 2005 6:09 PM


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 September 22, 2005 12:35 AM

A little bite late, but, HERE WE ARE!!!!!

Hi, I am Lesly, the senior of the family. Wouf Wouf Wouf !!! What are you saying?  Please speak loud to me cause I'm completly deaf. I don't even hear what I'm saying any more, so that's why I have to repeat it all the time. Woulf Woulf!

Lesly (16 years)

Hi, I'm Pufy and I'm a very very precious young lady. In fact I'm a Princess!

Pufy (6 years) 

Hi, I' Rita, Pleeseeee, let's play, let's play !!!!

Rita (3 months)

Hei, this is Picolino, my cat, he's so funny, I love him, I love him, let's play, let's play!

Piccolino - aprox. 1 month

Hi, I'm Blacky, Purrrrrrr....

Blacky (8 months)

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 October 13, 2005 10:41 AM

NIC's TURN!!!!  [ send green star]
 October 13, 2005 10:43 AM

oh whoops.. i just put Nic up - was going in order of POSTS.. but I see Ishtar was ahead.. sorry. .. Ishtar next, ok?


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 October 13, 2005 10:47 AM


and here are some pics of IshtaŽs liŽl sis Elliott

Gerring older...Cat in the sun

and one of the cats together

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anonymous  October 13, 2005 11:10 AM

Nice picture Nic!! I love seeing everyone get a turn to be in the spot light.  [report anonymous abuse]
 October 15, 2005 9:57 AM


Tummy sends kitty hugs too but I won't let him have the computer right now

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awwwwwwwwwwww! October 19, 2005 5:08 AM

my darling Nic! I must tell him shortly, he'll be so pleased! so much!  [ send green star]
 October 19, 2005 11:47 AM

Awww, Nic!  You sweet kitty.  [ send green star]
 October 20, 2005 12:26 PM

Nic is so sweet - and looks just like my Paws who passed away 5 years ago.  Her sister and brother, Claws and Jaws, still miss her but she is with her mom, Whiskers, waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

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awww, thanks! :) October 20, 2005 12:39 PM

You're all great! I'm very humble and just a little bit proud! you guys! this really made my day!  [ send green star]
 October 20, 2005 12:40 PM

I have grown since, though... that's my baby pic. I was born on 31 March this year, see, and I'm a BIG CAT now! As an adult, I'll be a Cat Kong!

purrs ang hugs,


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Wolf October 20, 2005 12:43 PM

Paws must have been adorable.  [ send green star]
 October 20, 2005 12:49 PM

lol Nic - she was adorable - a drama queen.  Such a personality.  I miss her, we all do.

I love looking at Nic - so adoreable, and so many memories.

I love know about all the animals that are cared for and loved - it gives me hope.

Give Nic a belly tickle from all of us please.

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 December 03, 2005 9:31 PM

Time to change the group photo! And maybe the theme - but just for the holidays!

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 April 02, 2006 9:35 AM

Sorry all - I have been really slacking off lately. Simone reminded me its time to change the photo~~

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