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Ban These Deadly Poisons TAKE ACTION!!!!
7 years ago

Noted and already signed. Thank you Ruth.

7 years ago

Signed, thanks!

7 years ago

What do people have against wolves? Seriously! They were here long before us and they have a right to stay. No living being should be condemed to death - we don't have the right to do that. Even worse, in the circle of life, whoever eats the wolf also eats the poison - killing/injuring them aswell. Poisoning is cruel to the animal that consumes it and all the others around it. Besides wolves are special - they have a sort of knowledge of the woods and are able to become one with it. If we didn't have wolves, we wouldn't have our beloved dogs - and who knows where we'd be today without them? We owe alot to wolves for their contribution to human kind - so why are we killing them left right and centre with no regard for them at all???

7 years ago

Oh, by the way - signed.

7 years ago

Thanks Ruth. Signed.

I know a lot about 1080 and have a "BAN 1080" sticker on the back of my car for nearly ten years.

It is widely used in Australia, and, of particular distress, is used to kill wildlife after clear felling of old growth forests and before plantation timber is planted. The wildlife is first fed carrots to get them dependent and then they introduce 1080.

The State government concern denies that they kill wild life, what they do is "control browsing species" **@!!*

What some people have against wolves
7 years ago

While it is true that Wolves have been irrationally villified and are shy creatures which only rarely attack people, they do prey on livestock, thus threatening the livelihoods of the owners. For obvious reasons the owners desire to remove any threat to their animals.

Does anybody really find this hard to understand ?

Besides if no living being should be condemned to death then how should carnivores incapable of eating anything else than meat survive ?
And most omnivores too for that matter ?

7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago

Yes Carl N., you are completely right. I do understand why people can have an issue with wolves and there livestock, and true carnivors eat meat and that's fine. I guess I was a little frustrated at the time having just read the petition about their deaths. My post was badly worded to say tghe least - thankyou for pointing that out. I tried to change the post but I don't know how to. But I do still think that wolves are special and need protecting.

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7 years ago

Carl, There are ways to prevent wolves from getting to livestock. Keep the livestock in a more protected area.

In Africa, the natives are putting barriers around their cattle areas, wood criss-crossed and bob wire. They also have dogs around, Lions don't like dogs. It is working to keep the lions and other big cats out, so the natives don't kill the lions now.

Problem solved. There is no excuse to kill wolves or any other wildlife.

Mikaila don't apologize. You keep on fighting for the wolves.


7 years ago

I agree with you Ruth there is always another way other than killing in any case when Creators creatures are concerned, enough killing is done with human kind, aho.

7 years ago

I did sign a few days ago, many blessings to all who help our animal brothers, aho.

7 years ago

Here is another way to help brother wolf if you wish,
many blesings to all, aho.

7 years ago

To begin with I did not advocate any killing of wolves - I simply stated the primary motive for doing so.

As for there being no excuse for killing ANY wildlife - thats 100 % male bovine fecal matter.

I currently kill mice invading my home because they destroy it and pose a health hazard when they pee and %#&!*% all over the place. And very sadly I have had to get rid of Martens because they were wrecking the insulation under my roof. I welcome the crittes in my garden, but I have to defend my home against destruction - do you claim that makes me some sort of monster ?

Here wild animals injured in traffic accidents etc. are tracked down and euthanized - would you prefer the animals being left to suffer until they eventually dies from its injuries perhaps after several days ?

And what is wrong with hunting and killing non-endangered species in order to eat them ? If that is wrong you are condemning ALL the so called "indigeneous" people of the world - from Eskimos over Amazon Indians to Pygmy's. Could you please explain why it should be morally superior to kill and eat an animal kept penned up on a farm over killing and eating an animal that has lived its life in freedom up till the moment it was harvested ? All animals eventually die - is being killed by a hunter and eaten a particularily bad way?

Most seafood is harvested wildlife (and fish farms pollute) - do you find it amoral to eat seafood ?

On Svalbard the caretakers in a kindergarden have to carry high powered rifles and be proficient in their use when outdoors (like everybody else) in order to prevent the polar bears from feeding on the children - do you find that wrong ?

Do you really insist that there is no excuse to kill wildlife ?

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7 years ago

Thanks Edward ~ Signed

7 years ago

I was not attacking you or your statement Carl only speaking my mind, sorry if I upset you , many blessings to you, aho.

7 years ago

Carl, I agree with you, completely!  I'm not a hunter, never have been & never will be, but my idiot ex-husband was (well, at least he went out and tried) and his best friend was Native American, so they could hunt year round.  He did get a deer one year (out of about 10 years trying) and I told him he'd better have it skinned, cut up and packaged in brown paper before he brought it home.  If I EVER found a dead deer in my garage hanging from a hook, he'd be hanging right alongside it!

Yes, you have good points and I agree.  We need to keep the deer and elk populations under control and wolves certainly should have "FIRST rights" in that department.  I'm strictly against the use of poison for any reason.  It's too indiscriminate.   Where I live, farmers euthanized some sick cows (near Enumclaw) and 12 bald eagles were killed from eating on the carcasses!  Another 26 were very sick but were saved.  If wolves DO need to be killed for what had better be a DAMNED good reason, then shoot them or trap them and re-locate, even better!  Livestock can be protected, as was suggested by putting up high enough fences.  Wolves can only jump so high, and they also could run dogs with the cattle which are known to be highly effective as protectors, but guess the feaking cattle ranchers are too cheap and greedy to want to put up fences that work.  Sheep ranchers have run Great Pyrennes successfully for decades.   There are several breeds that would keep wolves at bay............Russian Wolf Dogs (they look like Swiss Mountain Dogs, only bigger and much more aggressive), for one. 

Wolves are opportunistic feeders.  They'd much rather take down the old, the sick or the very young.  They don't want to have to fight a half dozen 175-200-lb. dogs to get a meal, either!

Just my 2-cent's worth, but I'd rather protect something by running it's predators off than kill them.  I have black bear that visit my yard every spring.  It's expensive to replace bird feeders, but it's a risk I take after the middle of May, when hopefully, the berries are ripening and they will concentrate on them instead of my feeders.   I keep a bunch of fire crackers next to the back door "just in case", and last time they came around, clanking two empty beer bottles together, waving my arms and making myself look "bigger" than them on my back porch and yelling, "GO BEAR, GO BEAR" a few times and having my dogs go after them did the trick.  I've never seen anything that big run so fast thru the scotchbroom!  Fish & Wildlife said I did the right thing and the bears probably went up one of the big Douglas Firs on the next-door-neighbor's property until the dogs left.

7 years ago


7 years ago

done, thanks

7 years ago


7 years ago

Thank you for posting. Signed for roomate and self.

7 years ago

From my what I have read, hunters are in competition with the wolves along with the ranching industry.  There have been very few attacks on cattle by wolves, and I am sorry I can not present statistics at this moment. But as Ruth stated there are plenty of ways to protect cattle.    All of our native species, our wolves,  wild horses, burros and buffalos are being harrassed, rounded up and slaughtered because of the cattle industry.  I guess we all know that by now.  Presently, (5/9) there is proposed legislation in Nevada to de-classify wild horses and burros as wildlife and deny them access to water.  However;   cattle easily drink 100 times the amount of water.  I hope everyone is horrifed by this legislation.   A very serious and scary time for our native species.  Never eat beef again, please - even for the sake of the cattle.

7 years ago

Constance, I can't imagine anything as stupid as that!  Can you post a link to whatever information you have to substantiate that?  Of course, wild horses are WILDLIFE, but who in their right mind would try to deny wildlife access to water?  They don't raise much beef in Nevada in the first place, so that makes little sense. 

Please provide a link and if there's a petitition, I'll gladly sign it.

Ban these deadly poisons
7 years ago

This is turning into a really nasty game. Save the all mighty dollar and knock-off every thing that
gets in your way. Aerial shootings, hunting permits and now poisons to annihilate the grey wolf.
Do these ranchers have all the western politicians in thier back pocket? Constance, you've got it
right. Hit 'em where it hurts....Ban Beef!

7 years ago

Thanks for sharing

7 years ago

Wild horses and donkeys are NOT native species on the American continents - they are recently introduced by man. Are you absolutely sure they are not outcompeting native species ? They certainly are in Australia.
After to habitat destruction such introduced species are the second worst threat to wildlife.

Do you want wild nature or some sort of park for the cute and cudly ? Making feral species proteced would a REALLY big disservice to nature. Only rarely do they find a niche without doing horrible dammage to native species.

And isn't water a limited resource in Nevada ?

7 years ago

previously signed

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