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5 years ago

What I thought was very telling, was that obama won Massachussetts

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What you need to know about Mittens
5 years ago
I copied this from Facebook page
All you really need to know about Romney to determine his character, courtesy of our friends at Right Off A Cliff:
-In high school he bullied a gay student, then cut off his hair
-Dodged the Vietnam draft 3 times, then protested in favor of the war
-Ran a Senate campaign in the 90's demanding financial disclosure from Ted Kennedy ...
-Tied his family dog to the roof of his car during a family vacation
-Refused to release more than 2 years of his tax returns despite the fact his father is the one who set the precedent for such a gesture and demanded Kennedy release more than that during their Senate campaign
-Showed 23 years worth of tax returns to McCain, then McCain picked Sarah Palin
-Has flip-flopped on nearly every major issue
-Said publicly he's not concerned about 47% of Americans because they'll never take personal responsibility for themselvelves
-Fabricated a complete lie in Ohio about automotive jobs being outsourced even though every fact checker and news agency said this was 100% untrue
-His tax plan is built to benefit people like himself and would essentially eliminate him from paying any income taxes at all These aren't subjective statements or political rhetoric, these are all 100% verifiable facts.
This isn't a man who's had a bad year, or just a few missteps, this is behavior is chronic and disgusting... displayed throughout his entire lifetime from a high school student to campaign ads that are currently running. And it tells you almost all you need to know about the character of Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney: Failed MA Governor/What you need to know about him
5 years ago

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