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Help Stop the Filibuzzards!
5 years ago
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Help Stop the Filibuzzards!


U.S. Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren said yesterday she will join an effort to change the U.S. Senate filibuster rules, which she said repeatedly paralyze action on vital issues.

In a commentary in The Huffington Post, Ms. Warren said she plans to join seven other newly elected senators to lead the reform attempt on the first day of the new Senate session in January. If adopted, the rule change would require an opposing senator to stand on the floor defending his or her opposition to continue any delay on votes.

Currently, she said, rules do not require the senator opposing a vote to remain in the Senate chamber addressing the bill to continue the delays.

Senate rules currently require three-fifths, or 60 out of 100 votes, to end debate on a measure or an individual filibuster and allow it to go to a formal vote. But a single member can call for a filibuster to hold up votes on bills without remaining on the Senate floor to defend the delay until a closure vote is successful.

Ms. Warren said she wants to revert to a previous practice that would require any member of the Senate who wants to block closure of debate on a bill, to take to the floor to speak in defense of their opposition. That delay would then be limited to the time the opposition speaker continues voicing their opposition on the floor… [emphasis added]


reform the filibuster. please sign

Good for Elizabeth Warren!
5 years ago

The Republicans have abused the system which allows for filibusters by not allowing anything to pass with a simple majority of 51.

I don't know how many people remember this but for some reason it stuck in my mind. I remember when Justice Clarence Thomas was confirmed by the Senate. Then Vice President Dan Quayle cast the tie breaker vote. 51-50 in favor of approving the appointment of Justice Thomas. The Republicans today would NEVER allow this on even a routine bill let alone a vote approving an Obama nominee.

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