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9 years ago
im going to make the perfect man with this thing, maybe to be with my picture jajaja.....  this is so fun...
hi amin
9 years ago
and now? does it work because this is so hard...  jajaja   i need to this thing.... 
the final one
9 years ago
here it is i make it....   yeah  im really great
9 years ago
nope ur link isnt working Alicia
9 years ago
I'm glad you guys like it Good job on yours Amin!
9 years ago
i tried to but it wouldn't let me do that niether but it was fun doing the doll...
9 years ago

I try it so hard to put my animegirl but the internet does not allowed me that things so anyway that was a really great page..

love this one..

9 years ago
Yea the birth year isn't there so we are all younger than we really are that is good..hahahaha..but age is only a number anyhow....good doll Amin he's neat and with the lion....
anime me!
9 years ago
9 years ago

in the process of making an account but just had to share my shock that the year of birth range is only between 1976 and 1993!!! what?! so it's a hint that i'm too old for this?! UFF!!!

will be back with my anime..

9 years ago
Great site it's fun to make dolls...
9 years ago

This one looks REMARKABLY like me. SPOOKY:


My hair's a little bit longer than that but...DANG

9 years ago
You have to save them to a file and then use photobucket or something. It's not an easy website, but I'm used to doing that kinda stuff so I think it's fun
9 years ago
now that didn't work either...and she was such a pretty avatar! lol
Sók I signed up as a guy and got an account lol
9 years ago
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9 years ago
It's a PAIN in the arse to try to activate an account. Here's a hint, when you click submit to log in, don't do it twice, even if it says your not logged in. Just go straight to the spot where it says "Wizard".
9 years ago

For some reason I cannot activate an account. It may be cause I'm on dial up. Any suggestions?

Doll/anime maker
9 years ago
| Blue Label


You can custom make your own anime and cartoon figures to look just like you!

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