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anonymous Introduce yourself! August 07, 2005 11:15 PM

Aloha, all! This is, of course, a thread where you can provide some information about yourself, your hobbies, and your aspirations, if you so desire.    New members are encouraged to post to here!

For those who want to know...I be Rachel S. - a dragon-souled Shamanic Wiccan with a passion for the arts.  (Writing, in particular.)  You can call me StarredDragon, or just Star, if you prefer - on account of that's my online alias.  ;3  I am chronically obsessed with dragons...and have been since the second grade!

I founded Heterosexuals for Gay Rights in the wee hours of the morning, on August 8th, 2005.  As you can tell, I'm a rabid, straight activist who campaigns both on and offline.  I volunteer for Jersey Pride Inc. (New Jersey's pride festival organizers), sign petitions, participate in the National Day of Silence, promote gay tolerance (particularly in my school), and wear rainbow silicone bracelets daily.  (On occasion I'll wear shirts with rainbow flags on 'em, too, or me gay pride pins.)

I look forward to meeting everyone on the boards!  ^__^  Hope be hearin' from ye soon!

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 August 09, 2005 3:24 PM

Hey, I'm Christine.. I just joined. I am straight but I support gay rights 100%. Thanks for making this group, it's great.

Take care,
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anonymous Aloha! August 09, 2005 5:05 PM

Hey there, Christine!  ^_^  I appreciate your joining.

We straight advocates need to stick together!  XD  There's so many heterosexuals who support gay rights...I just had to make a group especially for them! 

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 August 09, 2005 8:52 PM

Well then I say good on you Rachel! And I am proud to be part of it.

See you,
    Christine.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Hi Rachel August 20, 2005 6:33 PM

I'm glad you've created this group, it's a great idea! Thanks for the green star and your continued support of gay rights.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
hello August 20, 2005 10:03 PM

Greetings from Oregon. Im 100% behind equal rights for everyone. Im glad this thread is here. great to meet you all

Be Peace *redhead*
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anonymous Aloha! August 20, 2005 10:12 PM

Hello Katrya!  Joseph!    Very nice to meet your acquaintance...!

I'm glad you're both here.  ^__^  I noticed there weren't any groups for straight activists...and figured, "hey, they need a place to gather, too"!

I'll see you guys on the forums! 

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Nice Work! September 01, 2005 9:42 PM

Nice work and thanks for the group Racheal! Hello everee-buddy! 

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anonymous Aloha! September 02, 2005 8:02 AM

Hey Carol!    Welcome!  Glad to see ya here, fighting the good fight!  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous hey! September 05, 2005 12:28 AM

I'm Taylor and I have a few best friends that are gay. It amazes me that anyone could want to judge awesome people like them. I commend everything this group represents!  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous  September 05, 2005 1:38 AM

Greetings, Taylor!    I have a very close friend who is gay as well - and I support his sexuality 100%!  I totally agree with not understanding how anyone could conciously make the decision to discriminate against gays...    But oh well.  That's what we're here, banning together, to fight, right? 

Very honor ta meet ya!    Keep fighting the good fight!

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Newbie here! September 05, 2005 9:11 PM

Hello my name is Crystal, I'm a 26 yo straight married girl here to fight for GBLT rights.  I've had several GBLT friends over the years and I too can't believe why people have to discriminate.  I am currently trying to become more active in the GBLT communtiy and went to my first Pride Fest this year.

Thank You Rachel for started this group!

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anonymous  September 06, 2005 10:15 AM

No problem, Crystal!  ^__^  It's great to have ya here!  I volunteered at my first pride fest this year, too, and I had a blast.  Man...those things are freaking FUN. 

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Thank you for the invitation! September 13, 2005 6:05 AM

I have several family members who are gay & lesbian.  My husband, Ernie, and I have a best friend who is lesbian.  when I see what she has to go through just to live her life, I become very disturbed with the attitudes of some people.  the law enforcement Personnel in Pasco county Florida are very prejudiced.  the sheriff's deputies are very mean to Stacy.  I hate it that my husband always needs to intervene, because the connotation is that because he is a man, they'll listen to him.  the majority of the deputies that we've dealt with are not just anti-gay/lesbian, they are downright misogynistic!

I firmly believe that when anybody's rights are denied, we all have our rights denied. 

thanks again for inviting me to this terrific group.

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anonymous Hey! September 13, 2005 11:31 AM

Aloha, Lisa!

I have heard about the cruel treatment of the GLBTI community down in Florida.  I think I read one of your posts in another group, concerning your friend and...I think it was an incident where someone tried to run her over because she was lesbian, and the sheriff refused to do anything.

There's only one thing I have to say to that:

And that the sheriff is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

On a brighter note...    It's great to have you here!  Can't wait to talk to you on the threads!

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Hi! September 16, 2005 12:09 AM


  I just wanted say hello as I am new to the group. What a excellent idea for a group. I think it's wonderful! I am married and pretty much a humble recluse so there's not too much to tell. Have a great evening all!


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anonymous Hello, Sandy! :) September 17, 2005 8:09 AM

Thanks for joining!  I think it's important that we straight activists have a group where we can share thoughts, worries, resources, and information. 

I'll look for you on the threads! 

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Newbie... October 17, 2005 9:38 AM

Wow! How great is it that I found this place?! I'm like the only person I know of that's straight and supports gay rights. Every person I know is against gay rights and against the gay lifestyle. Of course I live in Oklahoma in the bible belt, so it's really hard to find someone who is not so set in their religious ways. (I meant that by no offense to anyone, I have full respect for religious people and their views.) Well enough about that, my name is Heather and of course you all know why I'm here! I hope to make some really great friends, and I also hope to learn about how I can make a difference, even if it's a big or small opportunity. I really believe the world has opened up a little more to the gay lifestyle, (Look at T.V. shows for example: Will & Grace, The L Word, Queer as Folk, Etc) but we still have a long way to go! Well enough about me, I'm off to read and post some more!

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anonymous  October 17, 2005 12:08 PM

Heather!  It's wonderful to hear that you're one of the straight activists out there in the Bible Belt, lol!  It takes courage to stand up for the right thing when you're surrounded by religious extremists who are ready to bludgeon you over the heat with a 40-pound Bible, or some other religious text.  x_x  If only people could learn the definition of "Seperation of CHURCH and STATE".

Oh well.    That's what we're here for, right?  To prove that love is love, no matter who it grows between!

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Wow, Heather! October 17, 2005 1:24 PM

You are not just in the Bible Belt, you are in the Buckle of the Bible belt!  The funny thing is, the more some has to tell you that he/she is a "Christian", very often the less he/she practices it! 

I'm a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker), which is considered a "fundamentalist" Christian religion (Man, do I hate titles:  all they do is pigeon-hole people).  We embrace and welcome all to meeting.  Someone's sexual orientation is meaningless to God, and, therefore, to us members, as well.  All that matters is the love in the person's heart.

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anonymous  October 18, 2005 12:03 PM

Wow, Lisa!  That's a great point-of-view to see things from.  It leaves you open to socialize with so many different kinds of people.  Kudos to the Quakers! 

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New here October 25, 2005 3:28 PM

Hi all,

I am kind of old, so I have been a supporter of gay rights since the late 60's. I live in a "stuffed shirt" type of apartment complex, so my rainbow sticker went up the first day I moved in!!!--J

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anonymous  October 25, 2005 7:28 PM

!  Hey Joni!  Welcome to HFGR! 

Man, you've been advocating gay rights for awhile...!  Kudos and green stars to you! 

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Hi Star and All!! October 25, 2005 10:39 PM

Hi, i'm Judith, another 'oldie' here! i have a Lesbian daughter, Laura, and while i always supported gay rights, i especially see the need for it now. All too often, Laura would tell me about an aquaintance who had been kicked out of her family home. i'd ask, was she on drugs, did she behave hatefully, etc etc, and Laura'd say, nope, she came out to her parents! Loving Laura as i do, and seeing what she went through in accepting herself, my heart would break...that these girls (and boys) at a most confusing and vulnerable time, would also have to endure the rejection of home and family (knew i'd talk too much...i get emotional!!) So anyway, that's another reason why i try to help raise awareness and tolerance, whenever i can. Laura and i volunteered at a Pride Day, as well, and it was great being there with her! As for mee, i lovvve jazz, i'm hooked on tea, i have a classic movie forum, and i'm helping to care for my 89 yr old Dad (who's doing pretty well!) Oh, i have Addison's Disease, so i have a group for that, cause no one knows about it! Star, you are one wise and aware young woman!!Thanks for the group!  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous  October 28, 2005 12:00 PM

Ah!  Another seasoned activist!    Awesome!  Keep on fightin' the good fight, Judith...and always remember that one person makes all the difference.

Oh...and thank you for the kind words, lol!  ^-^  I simply love this group...making it was one of the best decisions I've made this year.  It's the only one of its kind on Care2, and I think it gives straight activists a reliable place to connect.  ^^

*Runs off to join your Addison's Disease awareness group*  :o

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anonymous Hello everyone October 29, 2005 11:07 PM

I just joined tonight. I found the group on the profile of one of my Care2 friends.

Maybe later I'll discuss my situation but for now lets just say that I support GLBT rights 1,000 %. We all deserve to love and live.

I never knew I'd be welcome to help out in my local pride celebration (it's tiny and greatly hated in my area ) so I never tried to help organize/run it. I am happy some of you mentioned this so I can contact them next year and offer to help out.

I'm the first to admit that I'm not up to date on many GLBT issues so if I say something ignorant please understand I am learning as I go. I am happy to learn all I can from willing teachers.

See you all on the threads.

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anonymous  October 30, 2005 12:38 PM

  Don't worry, Melody!  You'll be able to get all caught-up here.    And you can never say something "ignorant" at HGR - everybody's got questions and answers to provide.  Together we can all learn something!

I look forward to hearing your story!  ^_^  See you on the boards!

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I'm Leah Matz November 01, 2005 2:35 PM

Hey Rachel.. I'm new but just in the last hour I have responded to one post and written another one! Some people think it odd that I'm here, being I'm only 13 years old, but this is something that is very important to me. One question, it's kind of religious. How can people say, "I can't like gay people, it's against my religion." when they're Christian! Christian as in Christ! Jesus' point was for everybody to love each other and see each other as God's children! That's like saying "Love God and your neighbor as thine self...except for gay people." Last time I checked, that was not a commandment. I am Christian if that were the truth, I wouldn't be. I would never want to be a part of a religion that inspires hate. Why do people have to take things so literally? I need all of your help. If someone wants to make a new thread for this, that's great as it might take up some room. But somebody give me some support here or some sort of explination, though I don't think there is one. -LeAh  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous Hi!! November 01, 2005 2:37 PM

My name is Sarah and I'm very happy to have found this group! I am PASSIONATE about gay rights! I once even sent an equal marriage petition to ALL my conservative Catholic friends!! Some of them didn't like that so much.  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
SARAH! November 01, 2005 2:53 PM

If you would read my post you would know that I currently want to MARRY you! That is so funny! -LeAh  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous Audrey November 01, 2005 3:30 PM

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anonymous  November 02, 2005 12:59 PM

LOL!  XD  Hey Sarah!  Hey Audrey!

Woah!  A thirteen year-old on Care2?  That's awesome!  :3  I'm fourteen, and this is the first time I've ever encountered someone younger than me on this wonderful site! 

I don't understand it either, Audrey, about how "Christians can't like gays".  -_-  I think that whole idea is nonsensical.  Too many people take the Bible's words literally...they don't realize that it was written by a fallible human hand what?  2,000 years ago?

Keep up your support, though!  ^__^  I'm so glad you're here!

And you go, Sarah!  Send out those petitions to conservatives!!  Enlighten them!!

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Hello all November 02, 2005 1:30 PM

Hey I'm Rebecca and I have been an advocate for Gay rights since I was twelve.  It breaks my heart to see someone deprived because of who they are.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
For the Minnesotans Here... November 03, 2005 6:22 AM

Hello all...

If you live in or around the Twin Cities area (Wisconsin could count) or you can get to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/Saint Paul this weekend, as long as we were on the topic of homosexuality and religion, there is a sort of retreat type of thing from 8:30 to 3 in Roseville, MN called Deepening the Welcome, and it's to try to make churches "Open and Welcoming", or homo-riffic as my lesbian friend Deirdre so often says. I will try to post some more information about it tomorrow.

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group November 03, 2005 6:42 AM

PS, join my new group Queers and Allies Questions on Religion in the Gay Issues section. Thanks! -Leah  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 November 06, 2005 2:34 PM

I'm Claudio, a former high-school History teacher and now Court clerk living in Santos, Brazil. I learned from this group 'cause My new friend StarredDragon (hi,Star!) is a member, and I think it a great thing Care2 has this space for people fighting homophobia and discrimination of all kinds against people because of their sexual orientation. Here in Brazil things are no better tnah in America's Bible Belt, homossexuals being harassed and chided even if they take their lifestyles discreetly. It happened to a couple of female friends I have other night in my favorite pub (outsiders jeering at them kissing) and I just had to step in and make the jerks shut up. Love is already a scarce thing and people should keep their prejudices for themselves, since what two consenting adults do without waking up the neigbours is no one else's business. It's a freaking (not to use a harsher word...) shame that people are discriminated like that in 2005, when things were supposed to have changed for better. But the struggle continues until every human being is completely free and life as a whole is respected. Big hug to all of you, keep it going!  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous  November 07, 2005 12:14 PM

Claudio!  You're here!    How's it going, my friend??

You go, man!    Make those jerks shut their mouths.  It is amazing that in this day and age people discriminate against those who are different like they do.  But together we'll change that!  I'm so glad you're here with us now! 

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HEY CLAUDIO! November 07, 2005 1:41 PM

Not to steal you thunder, Rachel, but HEY CLAUDIO, come join my groups. After we get some more people, they will be very amusing an informative. They are Queers and Allies Questions on Religion and Helping to Cope, both found in the GLBT Issues section. This goes for EVERYONE! The more the merrier! -Leah  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous  November 12, 2005 12:26 PM

LOL!!  XD  No problem, Leah!  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
 November 17, 2005 10:35 AM

Hello All,

My name is Amanda Leigh Taylor and i live in Kansas, USA. I am a big supported of gay and lesbian acts and I believe firmly that they should be recoginze and treated with the same respect and rights as the other humans in this world.

Being a mixed woman (half white, half black) i have encounter my own racist remarks and struggles throught my lifetime and I am only 22 years old but i have seen my share and it makes me sick.

I find it easier to be friends with the gay men and lesbian women then i do with hetrosexual because they tend to accept me for who i am and never make me feel like i can not do something.

I think people are better people when they open their hearts up to a gay man or lesbian woman and i am proud of the friends i do have and will always be there opening my heart and my arms to the rest that happen to cross my path.


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anonymous  November 17, 2005 11:40 AM

I agree, Amanda.    I've found that usually, heterosexuals tend to find that their GLBTIQ freinds are easier to "talk to" because they tend to be more accepting of nontraditional ideas/forms of expression.  Personally, I think this is completely understandable, seeing as GLBTIQ people who are "out of the closet" are nontraditional themselves. 

The fact that you have to suffer bigoted remarks simply because of your mixed heritage is absolutely horrible.    But the upside is, you're proud of who you are and encourage others to do the same!  That is a truly beautiful quality in a person!

Can't wait to discuss with ya more on the threads! 

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Hi! January 14, 2006 10:51 AM

Thought I'd introduce myself properly as well .
My name is Tessa, I'm from the Netherlands and currently studying at university. I haven't got any gay friends (yet) but I support gay rights and think that only natural! I find it quite hard to find action sites on the subject, so I hope to find several here.
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anonymous  February 11, 2006 1:22 PM

Hey Tessa!  Great to have you!  ^_^  If you surf the boards, I'm sure you'll find a plethora of links to gay rights sites...the Petition Bulletin Board would be a particularly good place to look!  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous glad to meet you all. March 01, 2006 7:16 PM

hello to all... can't tell you how it gladens my heart to read all your post on this important topic.almost everyone has a friend or relative that is gay/lesbian. (even if they don't know it)'m the mother of a gay man, and very proud of him .one phrase that sticks out in my mind is that..."God never makes mistake's". we each were put on this earth for a reason.if more people thought as you all do, we'd have a more loving world.  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous  March 11, 2006 11:53 AM

Hi Judy!    It's great to hear that you embrace your son's homosexuality.  The world definitely needs more parents like you!

Here at HGR, a lot of us identify as "gender indiscriminate".  It's a term I picked up at a Gay-Straight Alliance summit for central New Jersey last year.  Basically, it means we're attracted to people for who they are, not whether they're male or female.  Basically, we believe that gender is not, or should not be, a factor in love.

I hope you have fun here!  ^_^

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Hello from Australi March 29, 2006 5:51 PM

Hi Guys. I'm a friend from the GLBT community in Australia. I want to register with you as a group because I genuinely admire your selflessness and integrity in making this cause a priority. Most of my friends are straight and I love them dearly - what  bloody difference does it make who we love, ay? I also want to let you know what's happening down here in the 'liberal democracy' of Australia to gay and lesbian people.

The government of the Australian Capital Territory - the ACT (ie the territory which holds the capital Canberra)  is about to introduce laws which recognises same-sex civil unions and which confers on them the same rights as marriage. However, the Federal Government has recently amended the Australian Marriage Act to prevent same-sex marriage and the Attorney General, Philip Ruddock, is now threatening to make another amendment to the Act which denies states and territories, like the ACT, the right to confer same sex civil unions with marriage status. He has written to John Stanhope the Chief Minister of the ACT insisting that he amend the legislation, threatening him with more draconian measures from Canberra if he doesn't. I would be so good if you could sens an e-mail to the Attorney General and express your  disgust at this outragous behaviour against human rights. This is  a man who wears an Amnesty International badge in his lapel! Remind him that many of the liberal democracies have taken positive steps on this issue and let him know in just what regard you will hold Australia if he continues.

Please also offer messages of support to John Stanhope in the ACT:


Martin D

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Hello from Australi March 29, 2006 5:51 PM

Hi Guys. I'm a friend from the GLBT community in Australia. I want to register with you as a group because I genuinely admire your selflessness and integrity in making this cause a priority. Most of my friends are straight and I love them dearly - what  bloody difference does it make who we love, ay? I also want to let you know what's happening down here in the 'liberal democracy' of Australia to gay and lesbian people.

The government of the Australian Capital Territory - the ACT (ie the territory which holds the capital Canberra)  is about to introduce laws which recognises same-sex civil unions and which confers on them the same rights as marriage. However, the Federal Government has recently amended the Australian Marriage Act to prevent same-sex marriage and the Attorney General, Philip Ruddock, is now threatening to make another amendment to the Act which denies states and territories, like the ACT, the right to confer same sex civil unions with marriage status. He has written to John Stanhope the Chief Minister of the ACT insisting that he amend the legislation, threatening him with more draconian measures from Canberra if he doesn't. I would be so good if you could sens an e-mail to the Attorney General and express your  disgust at this outragous behaviour against human rights. This is  a man who wears an Amnesty International badge in his lapel! Remind him that many of the liberal democracies have taken positive steps on this issue and let him know in just what regard you will hold Australia if he continues.

Please also offer messages of support to John Stanhope in the ACT:


Martin D

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Hello from Australi March 29, 2006 5:55 PM

Hi Guys.

I'm a friend from the GLBT community in Australia. I want to register with you as a group because I genuinely admire your selflessness and integrity in making this cause a priority. Most of my friends are straight and I love them dearly - what  bloody difference does it make who we love, ay? I also want to let you know what's happening down here in the 'liberal democracy' of Australia to gay and lesbian people.

The government of the Australian Capital Territory - the ACT (ie the territory which holds the capital Canberra)  is about to introduce laws which recognises same-sex civil unions and which confers on them the same rights as marriage. Yeah! However, the Federal Government has recently amended the Australian Marriage Act to prevent same-sex marriage and the Attorney General, Philip Ruddock, is now threatening to make another amendment to the Act which denies states and territories, like the ACT, the right to confer same sex civil unions with marriage status. He has written to John Stanhope the Chief Minister of the ACT insisting that he amend the legislation, threatening him with more draconian measures from Canberra if he doesn't. It would be so good if you could send a brief e-mail to the Attorney General and express your  disgust at this outragous behaviour and disregard of  human rights. This is a man who wears an Amnesty International badge in his lapel! Talk about hypocrisy. Remind him that many of the liberal democracies in the world have taken positive steps on this issue and let him know in just what regard you will hold Australia if he continues.

Please also offer messages of support to John Stanhope in the ACT:


Martin D

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What to Do... March 30, 2006 8:01 AM

I have a question. If a person in this group, this group called "Heterosexuals for Gay Rights", recently discovered that they were not straight but actually bisexual, would it be immoral for them to stay in the group because it is a group for allies only? Please respond to this quickly as I need to know what to do.


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 April 08, 2006 7:46 PM

Hey everyone! My name is Tiffany and I am an advocate of human rights period. I am a Christian, avid animal and human lover !! I love the arts, nature, and being with my family and friends.

I have MANY homosexual friends. I have actually been mistaken for being gay myself because I have so many gay friends. When I told the guy I wasn't then he said that I was gay by association. I was like ok.. whatever you say. Never heard that one before.

I stubbled upon this group when my friend and I were looking up groups for him to join and thought it would be worth checking out when I got home.. so I did and guess what? I joined !! Thanks Rachel or should I say Star for creating this group!

OH and Leah I know I'm not the group owner but to answer your question this is in the groups description: "(But our GLBTI friends are always welcome to join too, of course!)." Hope that helps your decision making. Plus, I don't think it would be right for you to be kicked out of a group that supports your sexuality.  

Anyways, nice to be here and I hope to get to know everyone a little more and be more a part of this group!

Peace, Love, and many Blessings, Tiffany

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anonymous  April 11, 2006 10:04 AM

Hi Martin!    I don't think we have an allies from Australia in the group yet, besides it's doubly-awesome that you've joined!

I'll sign the petition and keep rooting for same-sex unions down there.  Keep fighting the good fight! 

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anonymous  April 11, 2006 10:11 AM

Tiffany and Leah!!

Oh, and Leah, don't worry.  ^_^  I actually identify as bisexual (or "gender indiscriminate", whichever) myself now, too.  When I started the group I just identified as straight.  So of course you're welcome to stay in HGR! 

Tiffany, I'm so glad you've joined up, too!  Stories of gays being supported by their straight friends are so gives me that fuzzy feeling inside!    And I LOVE the poem on your profile!

Lovely to meet you two!  Hope to see you on the threads!

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anonymous! April 15, 2006 3:00 AM

hey there, happy easter!

okay, first off i'm pretty shy but standing up for gay rights is really important to me.  i'm new to this whole group thing though so i'm still a little unsure of the whole thing but it's nice to hear from others that care. 

a little about me....i'm tara....a canadian girl and i've been with my husband for 16 years, married for 8 1/2.  i'm really proud of him because he's come so far since i first became passionate about this.    i'm very sad, angry and completely disgusted with the way other people think.  i can't believe the hate in people, it's such a sickness.  i hope that together we can all help teach others to be more tolerant and to see that other's sexuality is not a threat to them and no reason for violence. 

looking forward to makin' changes!

by the way, i have the cutest 5 1/2 year old baby...heee hee


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 April 15, 2006 5:07 AM

Tara!!! Hope to get to know you better!  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
hello April 29, 2006 2:13 PM

Hello All!!! 

I am a straight wife and mother of two and i support equality for ALL!  I have seen hate at its worst in this world.... and i want to do something to stop it!  Everyone has a civil right to live, love and be married!

I also started a petition giving children a right to their voice..... please visit, read and sign and send to your states elected officials.

Thanks guys and girls and everyone in between!     Crissy

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Michael D. Here April 29, 2006 7:51 PM

Im Michael D: Gay White Male, Age 47 Im Partnered w/Jessie A 36 Yr old Gy Hispanic Male. We will be celebrating 12 yrs together on July 13, 2006. We have Three Children: Michael's Two biological daughters Brandi (Age 18), and Laura (Age 16), & Jessie's biological Son Sean (Age 12). Michael is a retired US Air Force Medic (LPN Nurse), College Professor &Christian Unitarian Minister. Jessie is an Hair Sylist & Interior Decorator. We live in Mid-Missouri, We both are Human Rights Actvists. Michael's Hiobbies: sports, computers, music, and community service volunterism. Michael's Email:  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous  May 09, 2006 2:34 PM

Hey Crissy and Tara!  Welcome!  ^___^

Oh...and for anyone who doesn't know him, Michael is one of our oldest members!    Say hello to Jessie for me, Mike! 

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anonymous Hi June 03, 2006 6:35 AM

Hi there. I'm glad there's a group like this-I guess you can call me a "beginner" w/doing other things on Care2 other than just clicking on the "click to donate". I'm 31 yrs, straight & have a three year old daughter but I have three very good friends who just happen to be gay. As far as I see it, they're not gay-they're just my friends. I love them dearly & it's fun to "guy bash/husband bash" w/them. Sometimes they're more sympathetic than my straight guy friends. Go figure. My philopshy & I'm trying to instill on my daughter is it doesn't matter who you love, as long as they treat you well. Now if any of my friends (gay or straight) were in a bad relationship, that's when I have problems but other than that I don't care. Who am I to judge, tell who one should be married to, love, want a relationship with?   [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
Proud June 03, 2006 9:22 AM

I am so proud to be a part of this group! If you want to know more about me, than you can read my profile,Later!  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
New Here from Florida June 09, 2006 3:16 PM

Hi I am Blair and I am a straight female in favor of gay rights. I am a New York girl living in South Florida. Hi all of you guys and gals.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 June 14, 2006 12:27 AM

Hi my name is shana, I am 19 and i am bisexual so no iam not straight, iam marriedto a man but still very bi. LOL never going to change that part of me

 [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous  June 19, 2006 8:35 PM

Hey everyone!    Haha, I haven't logged onto Care2 to respond to messages in some time...oh, school, how you plague my life.  Anyways, lovely to meet you all!  Keep fighting the good fight, merry meet, and welcome to HGR!  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous  June 28, 2006 7:04 AM

hey yall'! i'm C.C. str8 & married, but, a supporter of all human rights. glad to finally have gotten here ...i can barely keep my eyes open right now, so i'll be back, but, plz check out my page for more about me

peace & prayers 2 all, C.C. 

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New from Arkansas July 10, 2006 10:05 PM

My name is Carolyn and live in rural Arkansas and very glad to find this site. I have been married for 33 yrs and have 2 children, the youngest is gay and came out when he was 13 in 1993. He was severely assaulted in a hate crime in 1996 and the pursuit of justice became a nightmare. His experience in school was horrendous as well. My husband and I became avid activists almost immediately upon his coming out and continue this path. Our latest was suing our state regarding their ban on foster parenting by glbt and heterosexual parents of glbt. We just won our battle in our supreme court. This stuggle MUST continue with the next generation and your site reassures me we will not be dissappointed. I co-founded some years back a group called Families United Against Hate, website at and our mission is to support/advocate for families and or survivors newly impacted by bias motivated violence as we are families/survivors who have walked such a path. As parents, we now know what it is like to get that dreaded knock on our door or phone call to tell us of a hate crime. We feel isolated due to where we live as to the work we do and finding this site will be a welcome place to read and visit with others from all over, especially activists who also live in rural, heavily biased locales. Our services in FUAH are available to anyone so please feel free to share this to anyone who has been so affected. Suicide is especially high in those who are suvivors of this type of violence.I am at a loss to find the words that would adequately express my gratitude for you starting this site. I know of many others straight folks who are glbt activists who do not have any family members they know of who are glbt but are engaged in this civil rights battle because it is the only correct way to go.

Many thanks, Carolyn

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anonymous  July 14, 2006 6:52 AM

Hi CC and Carolyn!  I hope you guys find HGR to be a very resourceful group.

And Carolyn, I'm so sorry to hear about your son...we'll keep him in our thoughts.    Hate crimes are the absolute worst.  But at least you're fighting against the bias that he faces!  I hear a lot of rural communities in the "Bible Belt" are extremely hard for gays to live in because of all the discrimination.  It's so admirable, what you're doing!  Keep on fighting the good fight!

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anonymous Hi July 29, 2006 12:32 PM

Just saying hi! I just joined care 2 yesterday. I used to live as a gay man and am now a straight woman (or other), so I guess I'm a heterosexual for gay rights! LOL. Much love to you all! Kiss kiss, Lisa  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
Big hugs for all new members August 01, 2006 5:25 PM

I'm straight myself, but as a Brazilian high school teacher for 20 years I've seen enough gay-lesbian bashing to make my blood boil. I've fought against this discrimination (renewed in our macho culture by the growingly spread "born-again" Pentecostalism among the poor) and I'll continue as long as I live. My gays friends live a hard time here whenever they venture out of the cultural "ghettos" established for them, and many just can't come out without paying a hard price. However, I feel we must first of all educate progressive people to live their speeches, for at least here most are for gay rights but won't stand an homossexual son, daughter, brother, sister or friends (parents are out of question for them). I long for the day people are evaluated by their goodness and intelligence only. But I feel patriarchal values are such a part of the system only a general struggle against it will liberate gays and lesbians too.    [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous  August 04, 2006 1:31 PM

You go, Claudio!    Our friendship has showed me how rough it is for gays down in Brazil.  But thank God you're there to be a beacon for them!  ^_^  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
 August 23, 2006 9:13 PM

My name is Mir (Candela is my new avi) and I'm straight 100% but I loooooooooove my gay friends. Hope to get to know you all better!

I was looking for a gay-friendly group and I think I just found what I was looking for inhere! Thanks Star for making thise group. I thinks its important to let people know that we straight guys support and fight for gay people as well.

Hope to you see you around!
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Hi, there August 27, 2006 4:36 PM

I am straight, married, and I think that as long as the person obeys the laws, resides here legally, pays taxes and does to the best of their ability contribute a positive input to the community, then why should it matter of their orientation?  I think gay marriages should be legal everywhere.  We are free to worship as we please, so why should those who love another of the same gender be denied because of some old stick in the mud holier than thou twits in government tell a person they cannot marry the love of their life because a man wants to marry a man or a woman wants to marry a woman?  As long as these couples know they will adhere to the laws that are set in their state for straight couples.  Gays pay taxes, they VOTE.  It is discrimination.  I have had friends who were gay, both male and female.  They have good hearts, sharp minds, they are funny, sweet, compassionate, and sometimes even stubborn.  They just happen to be gay, as some other people I know happen to be left handed, deaf, etc. 

So, that's me.  Hi, folks.

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Aloha No Kaoi Kokua August 30, 2006 3:07 PM

    I am in a poly-relationship with my soul mate, we both moderate a site here on Care 2 supporting the Poly Life style. I am of Irish and Native American heritage and my hobbys include guitar, native studies, the arts, and wildlife preservation. My political affluence is in the Green Party. I am not used to speaking about myself, but as a writer (mostly fiction, and some editorial non-fiction) I hope to change the viewpoint of others through my work.
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anonymous Hello from the UK September 04, 2006 5:32 PM

My name is Saz, i'm 36, a lesbian and christian too. I am very proud of what I am and stand by what is right in this world and help to fight against wrong.

Rachel I think this is a wonderful group and it's people like yourself that puts faith back in our hearts in the gay community to know that there are genuine people out there. I thank you and all the members in this group for what you do and I would like to keep you up to date on what happeneds over here in the UK and ask for your help from time to time to continue the work you all do so well.


Saz x

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Welcome Krista, Mir, Michael and Saz! September 05, 2006 5:36 PM

This group is indeed enriched by people like you! And our host is indeed an enlightened soul, Saz. Pity is that we still have to fight the good fight in a world where people should be already accepted as they are. Opression and ignorance are still huge, and living in Brazil I tell many American activists I know: the bad news is tha USA is quite ahead of most of the planet on gay and lesbian rights. I don't mean Saudi Arabia, but that most urban, TV-viewing Brazilians won't recognize a rainbow flag for what it is if a host one. So, we've got a long way to go.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 November 05, 2006 2:40 PM

Hi, I'm Sara.  I live in Los Angeles, so gay rights are probably recognized more here then elsewhere, but it's still a problem.  It really hit me when my cousin's partner had to adopt and (prove herself a good mother) to their baby!  She's at home with the baby while my cousin, the biological mom, works. Yet she has to prove herself fit.  No Dad has to "prove himself fit!"

Anyways, thanks for starting this group!

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anonymous  November 16, 2006 8:09 PM

Mir, Kris, Saz, Michael, and Sara:

All of you guys have amazing stories to tell about your support of the gay rights movement.  I hope you will share many of them with us at HGR!  ^_^  Much love and hope to you!

And of course, Claudio is also on our welcoming committee.  ;D

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hey December 24, 2006 12:52 PM

I joined a little while ago but I just wanted to say that I love this group. I have always been a supporter of gay rights. I was so happy when my best friend came out and told me that he was gay. Well thank you so much for creating this group

Much love, Shelby

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anonymous  December 24, 2006 12:58 PM

It's wonderful that your friend can confide in you like that, Shelby.    I wish you two the happiest of holidays!  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
I have to admit it... January 08, 2007 12:03 PM

... that I happen to be gay. But I have a lot of gay friends though. Some of them are hetero. Or at least they want to appear as being straight. That's sad. I'm just here to fight for EQUALITY. Regardless of the gender.

I feel that if gender comes into play in a debate of sexual orientation - well, that's a kind of apartheid too.

The movie "Get Real" has put it simple and great: Be homo. Be hetero. Just be...

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anonymous  January 08, 2007 1:15 PM

I totally agree with you, Guenter.    Personally, I try to be "gender indiscriminate", so I can keep my mind open to any kind of romantic partner that comes my way.  That's why I identify as bisexual, even though I tend to lean more towards heterosexual tendancies.

You go, man! 

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anonymous  January 24, 2007 10:44 AM

Hi everyone!  My name is Dawn and I'm new to the group...just joined today!  I live in Minnesota and have supported gay rights since I can remember. My parents are both very open minded and accepting, and there was never even a quesion about homosexuals deserving the same rights as everyone else in my family.  I never have understood hatred and intolerance.

I am glad to have found this group and I look forward to getting to know others here!

Peace ~


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anonymous  January 28, 2007 7:16 AM

Hi Dawn!    Welcome to HGR!

It's great to come from a family that accepts your support of the GLBTIQ movement.  My parents were the same way, lol!

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 March 28, 2007 9:15 PM

Hey everyone my name is Steven and I'm 16. I live in north Idaho which is....interesting. Anyways I'm glad to be part of this group and hopefully get to meet some new people who share my opinions.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous  March 30, 2007 8:11 PM

Woah!  Another teenager...I find that's a rare thing on Care2!

Welcome Steven!    I hope you enjoy your time here!

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anonymous  June 28, 2007 4:01 PM

Hi all thanks for accepting me as a member!!!!!!

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Long time Libertarian and Friend of the Family August 29, 2007 10:52 AM

Trying to put myself in the mindset of the homophobe I am reminded as a vegitarian I should consider carnivors to be evil unnatural and worthy of hate and scorn...ummm no cant see it. My name is Lowell and I can think of a no more irrational intolerence than being hateful (i.e. fearful) of some one because of their sexuality; be it genetic, socialized, decided upon with the flip of a coin or whatever.  As a card carrying Libertarian I realize all individuals have the right to do as they please with the bodies they own and with the bodies of consenting adults. Also on a lighter note I am grateful to my gay friends as they have given me and my lover advice, which has enhanced our straight lifestyle.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 September 03, 2007 5:21 PM

I'm Polly.
I'm 13.

Remember, Elton John is gay and he's awesome!

This post was modified from its original form on 03 Sep, 17:22  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Hello everyone! November 12, 2007 7:23 PM

Hi, everyone- my name is Melissa. I'm from Central Texas, I'm 40 years old, and I've watched in disgust as my wonderful gay friends were mocked and discriminated against for being the people they are. Love is a rare and precious thing, and if you're lucky enough to find it, the gender of the person should not matter. I'm happy to be here alongside all of you to help make a better place for everybody!  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Straight but not Narrow in Hawai'i December 10, 2007 11:19 PM


I am a 57 yr old straight woman from Hilo Hawai'i who loves God and knows in her heart that God loves ALL His creation. My BFF Jade Akiko  told me about this site and knew that I would want to be a part of this particular group since I have been a long time LGBTIQ Ally. I am a college student  at UHH majoring in Psychology and minoring in Women's Studies.

In the words of Dr. Suess: Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter dlon't mind.

God Bless and may the Force be with you,

a hui hou malama pono


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Gay Love Stories December 13, 2007 6:27 AM


I'm Mike from over the pond. I'm now a published author and I'd like to talk about my writing Gay Love Fiction. I'm now retired and for many years just knew that I had a book in me...but what? I could have written about travel, photography, but I felt there was more in me than that. Having been a pro fashion photrographer, and having assistants that were by chance gay, I learned and listened about their lifestyle. Now retired and having time and a lot of knowledge about life, I just had to write Gay Love Stories or about Gay Life as it is.

I have 2 ebooks out 'The Loch Keeper' Publisher Whiskey Creek Press. 'Poor Rich Guy' Matthew' Publisher Silks Vault Publishers.

But Now... the big news please see my new release.

'Through The Mist' This is the first of a Trilogy and is available as an ebook now, but will be paper back in March 2008 from

You can read 3 chapters free right now.

MIchael Keene Author.

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Hi! January 01, 2008 6:11 PM

I realize I never introduced myself. I'm a bisexual female, married to a man. One of my favorite causes is supporting the right to gay marriage. I have a lot of trouble understanding why gay marriage is a threat to some straight people. I chose to marry a man I fell in love with. But if I had fallen in love with a woman instead, it would have hurt deeply not to be permitted the same right to marriage.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
H March 05, 2008 6:12 AM

Good Morning

My name is Liz, Another okie, not from Muskogee. I live in Tulsa. During the '90's I worked with PFLAG Parents, Family, Friends, of Lesbians And Gays; now bisexual and intersexed persons. I wrote to Senator Inhofe in '97 about overriding the DOMA.  A letter was sent to me from his office, basically stating he didn't agree with me about homosexuals getting married ( Ultra Arch-Conservative senator). Never the less I tried. I continue to sign marriage for gays petitions. As a straight person, it behooves me why there is so much still so much hatred. Too many believe in a book written thousands of years ago.

I know what heather feels living in Oklahoma.  Sapulpa is just outside of Tulsa. At work I deal with homophobic persons whom make very snide remarks on gays in the past. However with the Code Of Conduct compliance, they are not suppose to harrass anyone regarding sexual orientation, creed, color, religion etc.

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another oldie January 26, 2009 1:44 PM

I'm another "oldie but goodie" supporter of gay rights new to the group! It is so hard for my mind to wrap around the idea that the government is able to say who a person may or may not about basic human rights!

You are to be commended for this site! Hopefully your generation will be more tolerant than mine as mine has been more tolerant than the generation prior.

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anonymous Howdy January 27, 2009 10:35 PM

Hi my name is Sher and I'm very active in the alternative lifestyle community here in Vancouver BC.  I have been actively advocating gay/lesbian marriages for years. I'm straight but a great many of my friends are gay/bi/transgender etc and I fully believe that if you love someone you should be able to marry them period. It's time the government remembered that church(judeochristian ethics) and state are not synonmous with one another. Those of us who are pagan (in my case Dianic Wiccan) and support the government and pay our taxes should have an equal voice in decisions being made when it concerns marriages, healthcare, funeral/wills etc. It's high time that everyone was treated equally, fairly and without prejudice, intolerance or ignorance.

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joining the fight November 30, 2009 10:09 PM

I am going to ask a very obvious question: what can I do?

I had no father as a child.  the closest thing i had was my Uncle Bill, my mother's youngest brother.  He and I were very close, and I eventually learned at age 13 or so that my beloved Uncle was gay.  My mother taught me at a very young age that gay people were just ordinary people like everyone else who deserved to be accepted and treated with respect.  I agreed with her, but unfortunately, the rest of the world did not.  Uncle Bill eventually committed suicide, and I have never recovered.  His tragic life is a lesson to me.  I today have several gay friends, relatives and coworkers and I am infuriated at the hate and prejudice directed at many of my fellow human beings for no reason.  I am a heterosexual, but I am willing to stand up and participate in any cause necessary to eradicate the hate and discrimination targeted at homosexuals in America these days.  I am a Pennsylvania native, and I have heard a remarkable amount of nonsense from former Senator Rick Santorum.  What scares me the most is that Santorum, and many like him, believe that the act of sodomy--that is, any sexual act not intended to conceive a pregnancy is wrong, and should be punishable by law.  I don't think I have ever met any person, heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual, who has never engaged in sodomy by his definition.  To be frank, I enjoy sodomy quite a bit in my heterosexual relationships.  The regulation of consensual sex is absolutely the most horrifying proposition in america today.  so tell me--what can I do to help my gay brothers and sisters achieve their cause?

 [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 December 12, 2009 3:58 PM

Thanks for creating this group.
I'm an Australian mother of 2, and defender of lesbian/gay rights.

 [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 January 11, 2010 3:20 PM

Dear Jesse

I just read your message about your uncle's suicide after the prejudiced treatment he'd been subject to all of his life. Sorry I didn't read it last time...I was making a flying visit. I'm glad I had decided to follow up on LGBT groups and petitions this morning while I had more time.

Thank you for your courage and openness in sharing your story with us.

My heart goes out to you and your lovely mother. 


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Happy to have found this group! January 28, 2010 9:35 PM

I've supported gay rights pretty much since the day I learned about homosexuality and I'm always thrilled to find others of a like mind.

Ironically almost 4 years ago I learned my husband is gay, some nasty so and so suggested it was God's way showing me the error of my ways. Charming, eh? Anyway, he has a wonderful partner now and I'm more committed to gay rights than ever.

Thanks for letting me join!

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 February 24, 2010 12:35 PM

Hello everyone and Welcome Pam!
It's good to get your post here.
Sorry I haven't been able to get into my groups very easily - my own fault for using up my internet allocation!
Regards, Jenny
aristotle quote

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 April 12, 2010 4:23 PM

Proud parent of a activist lesbian daughter! thanks for starting a group for people like me...hope to make new friends soon.

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Hello!! June 13, 2010 8:26 AM

Hi, my name is Mary Anne and I may be straight, but believe in equal rights for ALL people regardless of sexual orientation. I am proud to say that my daughter was a founding member of the Gay Straight Alliance for her high school 4 years back. She too is straight but as I, loves all people for whom they are. I am happy to see a group such as this one. All people are supposed to be treated equal, but unfortunately that just isn't the case. Kudos to this group.

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hello from france! September 03, 2010 1:43 AM

excellent group! hello everyone, too many posts to read all at once but i'm looking forward to meeting all of you.  i'm married with 2 kids and have seen how my many GBLT friends are sometimes treated by society - we need to change a few attitudes! there's room for EVERYONE and everyone has the right to be treated equally.....

This post was modified from its original form on 03 Sep, 1:43  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
question to the host September 04, 2010 12:02 PM

How about flipping this post so the most recent are first? 


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im new! :-D April 01, 2013 11:19 AM

Hi all!! My name is Allana, and I am a straight supporter! Although I have always supported equal rights, it hit closer to home when I became a mother. I want my children to be able to marry whomever they deem worthy, not based solely on what's located in their underpants! Sexual orientation shouldn't determine your rights! I won't call it gay rights, they are human rights, and the only criteria required should be being human. As for me, I'm a divorced mother, pagan, and I'm crazy for dogs!

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Hi, everyone! May 09, 2013 4:44 PM

I'm Claudio from Santos, Brazil, a 50-years-old straight supporter of gay liberation. An "old bachelor" living all my life in a quite Latin American macho culture, I've always been astonished as people entitle themselves in taking care of other's personal lives but refrain from taking part in politics and collective affairs. I'm not the administrator in this group. My young friend Rachel S., an amazing yougster, started it and ran it, but she left Care2 when she went into college and I lost tuch with her, so I come here when I can to collaborate as I can. I guess most of the trouble with gay rights is not only cultural but specifically religious. The more religious the land (Saudi Arabia, Poland, Ireland, Iran, Russia,, the more restrained are not not gay rights, but women's rights and youth's rights. I mean traditional Abrahamic religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and then in its more fundamentalist variants. Of course, North Korea and Cuba are no paradise for gays; but there Fidelism and Juche are like civil religions.I'm religious myself, but in very special variety of Christian Spiritualism called Spiritism, whcih preaches reincarnation and that spirits have no sex and all humans are so potentially bisexual. "Animist" and Pagan religions from tribal Africa, Shamanist Asia and Native America preach the same. But wherever Shi'ite/Salafist islam, Orthodox Judaismor Evangelist/Catholic Christianity grow enough to influence the balance of politics (unlike in Sweden or France or Canada, where people believe but don't want churches making the law), you have problems. Keeping a lay country like the ACLU defends is hard but worth fighting for. The "Talibans" are not only in Afghanistan. In other guises, they're trying to rule
our 'hoods. In Brazil too.

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