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Girl Child
8 years ago

People always pray for a BOY  
Not for a GIRL  
Blessings of elders are for MALE  
Not for FEMALE  
But in need of wealth  
People pray to Ma LAXMI  
For success in education  
People pray to Ma SARASWATI  
For removal of tension  
People pray to Ma AMBAJI  
And to escape from the devil  
People pray to Ma KALI

according to hindu mytheology.  
Now think, why do people hesitate to have a FEMALE in the family,  
While those whom they pray to during trouble, are FEMALES..... .....
If you dont forward this messege, nothing will happen to you,  
Your life will be as normal as it is now,  
You won't get any curse if you delet this.  
Lets give unconditional love to the GIRL CHILD!!!

smile,Enjoy! Dr.Dinesh kapur

8 years ago

I ended up with two daughters and one brought two grandsons into my life. She once tells me, "Dad girls are so much better than boys." Of course I chuckled but inside me I sure felt more blessed with those daughters. They brought more of an awareness of the opposite gender and what my own male gender required of me in my role to not only them but all females in my life. Personally I feel most males lack that awareness in their lives and unfortunately never make it to manhood.


Of course I have to add that my daughter has no problem harassing me and I her for which we both look forward to the paybacks. One I have with her is that if I brought her into this world, how come I don't have the right to take her out. She just says, "No, no, no," as I wait for whatever she'll come up with next.


Maybe better than 'save the girl child' would be 'appreciate the girl child.'

8 years ago

Because we have the absolute perfect couple in the form of Radha-Krishna, we also have the ideal example for all relationships between men and women. At the same time though, we can understand that on the spiritual level all the souls are fully equal. There's no difference due to various bodily designations. The identity of the actual self, the eternal soul, is understood in terms of our sanatana dharma or eternal duty to the Supreme Being.

8 years ago

I understood creation started with the male and then the female was taken from the male's body. I include that I understood this to mean we humans are created in the image of the
Supreme Being so the male being created in the image of the Supreme Being was created as a complete spiritual being but divided when the female was taken form him. He becomes complete again with the union to the female and that union is done with 'love.' The female compliments him.
The attraction to the female is sex which is generally a choice matter done in the human mind that makes the difference between heaven or hell in the union between the two genders. The subject of girl children in my own life brought about choice also but without the attraction of sex deterring reasoning and decision making. The initial attraction of sex found the enabling of a behavior of controlling and manipulation where as girl children brought out responsibility and accountability of earning trust and respect in me. This can be related to a relationship with the Supreme Being who humans attempt to control and manipulate while the Supreme Being attempts to earn human beings trust and respect. The girl children brought an awareness of bringing the division of male and female together back to the being created in the image of the Supreme Being. That's what life's about. It's learning to 'love' our differences because they complete us. 

8 years ago

The Supreme Being never needs to attempt to do anything. All is fully present in the Lord by His unlimited mercy. Radha-Krishna provide us with the topmost example of love and devotion. Bhakti yoga as given by Them in the Vedas reconciles any apparent conflicts and leaves us free to experience the greatest bliss and ecstasy in all our relationships. We only need to learn to repose our loving propensities in the Supreme Personality and then we will never be disappointed.

2 years ago

I personally LOVE being a girl. *Winks* ... Smiles!

Hare Krishna.

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