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Why is Obama such a wimpy cry-baby?
9 years ago

He is always crying that he inherited this and that from the previous President as an excuse for HIS failures. And the loons who support him carry that banner too.

I wonder if those who subscribe to the loonie way of thinking have some real physical impairment to their brains... I know that most of them are parasites who use the hard work and labor of others to profit from... but like the biggest loon ever, better known as Obama; why does he and his stooges always play the blame game? Why don't they take responsibility for being the failures that they are?

I do know one thing... When the time finally comes where we can be rid of Obama and his corrupt little thugs in his administration from being in any sort of government; we will have learned our lesson well.

The Obamination of America from 2009 thru 2012 should put the fear of never letting someone like him ever be allowed to run for election in the United States.

We will do well to remember in the future what happens when we allow complacence to take over and trust someone like him, Pelsoi, Reid, Franken, Franks etc. because they are so anti American that it is scary.

We should push for an ammendment to our Constitution to eliminate the possibility that a socialist, marxist or commie of any sort be allowed to run for public office in a free democracy. If they lie like Obama did to get elected, and then after winning change his colors like Obama did, then that should be all it takes to remove him from office. He is a liar and he is not fit to lead this country.

9 years ago

'We should push for an ammendment{sic} to our Constitution to eliminate the possibility that a socialist, marxist or commie of any sort be allowed to run for public office in a free democracy.'

That is great!

Nothing says free democracy like banning people from running!

9 years ago

I know, I spelled amendment wrong...

9 years ago

Nothing says free democracy like banning people from running!

Since The United States is a free country and based on Democracy, the amendment would provide that it stays that way but dis-allowing slave based, parasitic instutions like socialism or marxism to qualify...

I have no problem with socialists or any other such groups to exist, they just cannot be a part of the US Government due to the conflict of interest.

I would even reference the atrocities that Barak Obama has committed since being in office as the examples of why the amendment should be added to our Constitution.

In other words, it would be called a failsafe amendment to guarantee that we will never, ever be subjected to the threat of another Obamaism to challenge and possibly destroy our Nation by denying us our freedoms and our right to choose...  We could call it the anti Obamism amendment...

If an American socialist wants public office or goverment jobs and titles, let them go to Cuba or Venezula...

Otherwise, they will be able to co-exist with the rest of us Americans, they just cannot hold a public or government office.  I think it's fair.  After all, green card holders cannot be a President, so why should sociaists, marixists or commies? America's foundation was established with Christianity and Capitalism...

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9 years ago

"We should push for an ammendment to our Constitution to eliminate the possibility that a socialist, marxist or commie of any sort be allowed to run for public office in a free democracy."

Lena, are you for real! Not even mentioning that a constitutional amendment would never get anywhere, but what you're asking for is impossible to even define! I think our system is just fine for now; let the voters decide.

9 years ago

Hi Dan M - I guess my attempt at sarcasm failed...

So let me explain, that I am being sarcastic...

In an effort to be serious, let me just say that after we can finally be rid of this President, let us never forget what happened to our country with the historical placement of him, who is known to be a socialist/marxist President, to lead our country, which has always been free and the best example of Democracy in the world...

Let's remember in the future that Obama has no good intentions for a free America or for Democracy. Let's remember as our elections come and go in the years to come, to never forget Barak Obama, whose lies were so blatant, that we still have yet to see him fullfill any of his campaign promises. He is a do nothing President. He hoodwinked everyone, even the Democrats and Independents who bought into his lies...

Let's not forget that this President is putting our Country, our troops and our soverignty at risk...

Let's hope Dan M., that we still have a United States of America at the end of the next three years...

There! No more sarcasm... I hope I made myself clear...

BTW Dan - Your thoughts on the following Vids -

 Do you think that we as Americans have anything to worry about?

Let's not forget this President and his administration the next time the politicians hit the campagin trail...

Let's also remember that our founding fathers created the Bill of Rights and the Constitution to "PRESERVE OUR FREEDOMS" from tyrants and dictators and to keep America free...

9 years ago


Sorry, I didn't catch the tongue-in-cheek tone of your comments. Our best hope is to pressure our senators and representatives to not go with some of his worst ideas.

I listened to the videos:

1. Lord Monchton. People don't realize that the US Constitution puts treaties above US law. This is not true in most countries and allows them to sign treaties for whatever reason, maybe even to look good, and then have the treaty preempted by their own laws. In the US it's the opposite. A ratified treaty is above any US law. The intent of having it this way was good: the founders didn't want our laws interfering with the ability to negotiate treaties. The downside is that we could loose our sovereignty. Fortunately it takes more than Obama to sign a treaty to make it effective; the senate has to ratify it too. As I understand it takes a two thirds vote for that.

2. Dick Morris. I think Dick Morris has a very good instinct on politics. He made some very good points I hadn't thought about. Like why are countries like Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, etc. in the G20? Why are they deciding monetary policy for us? I guess the only good thing is they might tell us to reduce our deficit but like Morris said, Obama has no intention of doing that.

3. Anita Dunn. I'd heard this story but until I watched the clip I figured maybe it was taken out of context. Not so. This story is disturbing. She is crazy to put Mao Tse Tung and Mother Teresa in the same sentance and say they're her favorite philosophers. Why didn't she throw Stalin and Hitler in there too?!

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