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Please join my protest against censorship ....
6 years ago

Someone has gone through some of the news threads and removed all the conservative comments. Compared to the mud that we walked through in 08 we did very well this time around AND most liberal posters responded in kind. We thank you for that and now ask for your help.

We disagreed with each other and each side fought hard but we were respectful. America is about free speech is it not? Or maybe not. I am protesting this to Care 2 Support because this is not right.

I hope you will join me in this protest.

If America is about free speech then it has to be about free speech for ALL of us here.

I congratulated privately many Liberals for the win and did it that way because some people who changed sides were villified here for doing that by a few but I now do so publically.

Both sides fought a hard fight and though I still think you are all wrong - you won we lost - the day.

Please join me in protesting to Care 2 the censorship that is taking place of our minority here. We are outnumbered and your support would be appreciated very much.

Thank you,

Cam Vallee
Your Northern Neighbour

Hi Cam
6 years ago

I'm 100%  behind  you in  this  principle.....if my  politcal beliefs allowed  me  to  join your  group I  would  support you  there  also......

The irony of  your post  is amazing, but I do mean  what I  said  about  supporting  your and  everyones right to freedom of expression


6 years ago

Sorry said all but I should have said SOME ..... please correct that.

6 years ago

Cam,  if it is really true, then I support you.  I have a feeling that with latency and everything, it may not be true.  Do you have solid evidence for this? 

6 years ago

And let me add that I have seen some "liberal" comments removed from some of the "conservative" threads started by conservatives here at care2.  And I could prove it if I had to.  They were there in my mailbox and then gone (including the poster's profile) from the thread.

6 years ago

Sorry said all but I should have said SOME ..... please correct that.

Nancy .... check your mail box and pass it on okay .... READ THE THREAD AT FSM.

6 years ago

Cam, I think if true or not the best thing for all of us is to calm down.  I think we all need to rethink, everyone, both sides.  We need to find common ground or we will have no ground to stand on as a country.  To prolong the they did this attitude is not a positive direction at all.

Who gives a crap if they removed anything?  It's the freakin internet, in the big scheme of things...who cares?

We need to figure out what we can agree on and get moving.

I want my country to be successful.  We need to move on...

6 years ago

Sue, I am being censored as we speak.  My posts ARE being removed from that thread.

6 years ago

This is not about that side or this side.  It's not.  It is about being censored and I AM being censored here.

6 years ago

Cam, I see two comments from you in that thread that were from Saturday.  I see many from Diane O and we all know that she is also conservative.

My point about latency. on days that we have latency, sometimes we submit and they neve quite get there.  That is what I am wondering about.  Are you absolutely sure that they made it?  And do you have proof of that?

Now you are saying that is NOT about this side or that side but you mentioned above that it was about the censorship of the conservatives.  And yet the conservatives are apparently censoring the non-consertvatives.  Do you understand that THAT is also censorship?  Shouldn't you be concerned about that as well?

6 years ago

The thread you started at FSM points to di different thread out there compared to the thread you are mentioning above.  In both threads I am seeing comments by you.  In the thread with Robert S, the comments are from yesterday.

6 years ago

I just have to laugh and laugh and laugh. A complaint of censorship from the dipstick who deleted and banned me from three of his Teabagger groups?

Nice one.

6 years ago

I think Nancy's probably right.  I can't count how many times my posts don't show 'til the next day, or at least hours later.  Sometimes, the site "eats" them on the spot, and they never show.  That certainly boils my blood.  I don't think it's a conspiracy fo any kind, just bad servers, or soemthing like that.  It's very random. 

6 years ago

I was holding my tongue more or less on this.  I haven't been to view that group in quite some time.  Since you brought this to light I went and took a look.  The opening page is pretty limited and exclusive to only certain type of poster.  I liked the old look better personally but to each his own.

However, I did read a comment by you about apparently America not having free speech anymore.  Something to that effect. 

I can say Care2 is not America.  Maybe a representation of certain Americans, but not the majority.  We have free speech.  I say whatever I damn well please all the time.

That blanket statement just irked me. 

This is clearly not an American issue.  It is a you versus Care2 issue.

6 years ago

Shane, it was real.  I have seen the deletd comment.  It sounds like there were two.  One has been verified by a very good friend of mine.  In another group, Care2 support has addressed the issue to Cam.

Cam- I left you a comment at Coffee and Tea Politics.

I suggest that you deal with these kinds of issues privately.  Ask Care2 Support (eric) privately rather than dragging it into every group you belong to.

Suzanne  correct.  Care2 is not America.  Every organization has an editorial policy.  Every newpapers, every network, etc.  ANd care2 does too.  It is their perogative what can remain on their site. 

6 years ago

Were the comments offensive? If they were offensivre, then someone cold have complained about them and maybe care2 acted on their behalf.

I have posted what I thought were very pointed comments in the past.  I have seen a few of them get onto the thread and then a few minutes later disappear.  It's hard not to take that personally. But care2, in my objective opinion, needs to be repaired and corrected in wways that it has not been in terms of tech issues.

However, if those comments were posted last week, then it probably is a glitch.  It is my understanding that a lot of latency issues and a hijack attempt of the site happened last week. 

6 years ago

How come you haven't posted this in your own group, FSM, Cam?  I find that a little suspicious, frankly.

What Michael said ...
6 years ago

I wonder what, specifically, was removed. And what makes you think "someone" is targeting conservative views? 

I fully support freedom speech and expression ... I like to have proof that it's happening before I join anyone in any protests, though. 

You're always welcome ...
6 years ago

to posts your deletes in DMA. 

That's the point of the group. 

We like it when people posts their deletes there. 

Oh ...
6 years ago

saw the link ... it's someone's news story that they posted. 

I find it hypocritical when people post something in a public forum and delete comments they don't agree with ... this is true.  Shame on that person, whoever she is. 

Do you ever censor people in/from your groups, Cam? 

6 years ago

They do it all the time.

Then ...
6 years ago

isn't a call to arms RE censorship by this individual sort of ... you know ... hypocritical? 

I'll do it ...
6 years ago

for people who really believe in it. 

6 years ago

Actually I do have to say that this has been posted abaout at FSM.  The thread has a different title and was started by someone else.  Eric (care2 support) has answered several times.  It seems that Cam resposted on of the comments after it was deleted.   make of that what you like.

There were two statements and I am not sure of the second.  The first was abouting Rachel Maddow. he had a negative thing to say about her.  In all hoesnty, I have not seen a negative comment about a member of care2, however. 

5 years ago

Just got deleted yet again from one of Cam's Teabagger groups, simply for posting this article:

Date:Monday, November 12, 2012, 7:43 AMSubject:Group Moderation: Post Deleted

 Nan L. has removed your post to the ____ group on Care2 for the following reason(s):


____ group home page


Nan L.

Subject: Teabaggers Take a Pounding

Tea Party Election Results: Conservative Movement Of 2010 Takes Pounding In 2012
The Huffington Post | By Ian Gray 
Posted: 11/07/2012 6:27 pm EST Updated: 11/07/2012 6:27 pm EST

Only four of the 16 Senate candidates endorsed by the Tea Party Express won on Tuesday, prompting some in the Republican Party to expect a battle over the party's future.

"You are going to see a continuation of the fight between the old guard and all of the new blood that has come in since 2010." Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, a Tea Party-linked group, told The New York Times.

Some of the most visible House Republicans elected in 2010 with Tea Party backing were defeated in their first bids for reelection. Allen West (R-Fla.) and Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) were defeated by opponents who cast them as too extreme.

Tea Party Caucus founder Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who last summer won the presidential Iowa straw poll and briefly led in national GOP presidential primary polls, barely squeaked out a reelection win against Democrat Jim Graves.

Many Tea Party candidates in 2012 ran on themes similar to ones that worked two years ago, testing the electorate's appetite for the firebrand conservatism that ushered the House GOP into the majority in 2010.

Steve Schmidt, one of Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) senior advisors during the 2008 election, said he was wary of the dramatic rightward shift within the party and of the incendiary rhetoric.

"Now, people calling for revolution and these extreme statements -- when I talk about a civil war in the Republican Party, what I mean is, it's time for Republican elected leaders to stand up and to repudiate this nonsense, and to repudiate it directly," Schmidt said on MSNBC after the network called the race for President Barack Obama.



5 years ago

So much for free speech, huh, Cam?

5 years ago

Christian, I may have been the use of that "Teabagger" word rather than the article. 

Nan has been deleting comments from threads as well.  And Yes, I have the evidence.  Well, I can't say it was Nan that flagged them but I am guessing it was.

Feeling a bit feisty on this topic.....
5 years ago

Well it is great to have a group where one does not have to have a particular “Political View” or “Religious” view to be able to speak out and share ones opinions. Seems some folks on the right who I thought were friends prohibit that……….Feel free to post all you want here it’s still America

5 years ago

The Teabaggers hate free speech.

5 years ago

Where are they requiring that on care2?  The people who did that are forgetting that without dissent you can't have a good group. You'll just have people agreeing with each other until they get bored. 

5 years ago

Christian, you belong to a Sarah Palin fan club group?   

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5 years ago

" Seems some folks on the right who I thought were friends prohibit that……….Feel free to post all you want here it’s still America"

Totally understand that Michael.  Seem theya re more concerned about their OWN rights and not thie rights of the rest of America. 

5 years ago

This one's for you, Christian!!!

That's a spicy meatball!

I know it's just the shoes, but doesn't she look like she has around 8,000 toes in those things?

Well, Michael, if they kicked you out, we will just all have to go over there and join. 

This post was modified from its original form on 05 Dec, 14:27

This post was modified from its original form on 05 Dec, 14:28
5 years ago

Lets all give it a shot.......those who for the last four years SHOUTING Obama is Trampling the Constitution!!!

Those who come here and complain about lack of"FREE SPEECH" but practice it or stay with a group that does......

Those who condemn the "WAR on Christianity" but in theor site select the beliefs they allow to be heard......
Sure lets try to join

5 years ago

Good points, Michael, that will fall on deaf ears pretending to be invisible.  

5 years ago

My question is why do you care so much what a group like that does or believes and why would you want to be a part of it?  Clearly, it is not taking place in this group.  So, why come here to bash another group that based on the premise of free speech and freedom in general has the right to determine their own set of rules. 

5 years ago

A fair question Suzanne, for me I was feeling a bit feisty about a plea to honor ones right to free speech while denying it to those who one does not agree with, that argument is a bit like the proverbial “Fish in a Barrel” (To most anyway ).

In a larger sense we see this same reaction in various forms in America, there are folks on the right now who claim they want to secede from the Union, there are those who claim who believe the election was stolen,(One argument being that those states with cumbersome voting requirements voted for Romney is some how indicative of voter fraud in the rest of the country), another that “ACORN” which no longer exists “Stole “ the election. Its time to move on.

There are Republicans still zealously clinging to not having the richest in America not paying their fair share in taxes, that was one of the central issues which Americans voted on, and some that deny fundamental facts, from unemployment numbers, to climate change data, to polling numbers.

As to why I posted this Suzanne; in addition to feeling a bit feisty, I feel we are seeing a microcosm of the far right here on Care2, people hunkered down in a Bunker mentality ,denying reality , practicing intolerance, yet demanding their “rights”, limiting their discussion to like minded extremists. In my opinion it is an example of what is happening in the far right of this country and as such is fair game for discussion.

Best Wishes,


This post was modified from its original form on 06 Dec, 9:53
5 years ago

Hey Michael,

Everything is fair game for discussion.  I just thought based on your first post that this was more a peronal thing between you and some here that you considered to be friends.

I am pretty sure you know how I feel about all that.  That's why I didn't get the whole wanting to be in a group like that in the first place.

So don't let me interrupt your discussion.  I would add though the stolen election crap and much of the other stuff has been around longer than President Obama.

I don't say you shouldn't pay attention to any of it.  It is all serious.  I just find it funny in a way that much of this is so upsetting now when it really has been around for a while under the cover of all types of extremes.

Just my thoughts on it all.

Personally ...
5 years ago

I find it hypocrytical that someone comes into a group like this that allows free speech begging people to support his cry against censorship when he apparently practices censorship himself in his own group/s. 

WTF with that?  Seriously? 

5 years ago

True enough.  That was three weeks ago and it seems he got set straight.    Why keep it going unless it is still ongoing elsewhere?

I dunno ...
5 years ago

I guess it's like the Trayvon thingy ... or Michelle's underwear ...

It keeps popping up and there's not a whole lot of other topics catching my interest here lately. 

I can't speak for anyone else, though. 

I also don't know that he was set straight ...
5 years ago

Since he didn't come back and apologize for his misstep. 

5 years ago

People told him how they felt about it.  He's not going to apologize, he feels he has a point.  I doubt he will be back with what was said to him though.

It just feels like it is more a personal thing going on in this instance than anything else.  I know who Michael is talking about and I wouldn't have anything to do with the group  They are the same as before.  They never were about letting you have your own thoughts without ripping you a new one if it differed from their own.

Again, why would you want to be around people like that?  Wasted energy to me.

5 years ago

Not really personal at all.....but I'll just submit again its a microcosim of what some on the far right are going through.....more of an observation comment sort of thing........

Off to San Diego Sunday

5 years ago

Enjoy your trip!  Michael, I get your frustration.  I am frustrated by many different groups of people who are just my way or the highway types.  It is not exclusive to one side though. 

5 years ago


5 years ago

I will admit that I am still in the group though I no longer post.  For all the reason Michael says.  Rather than rehash all that- why do I stay?  Partly it is that there is the microcosm that is SO incomprehensible to me that I try to make sense of it.  I do read just about every day.  Also, they do close the group[ form time to time- this way I am still in and can read. 

Suzanee, you are right that it is not exclsuive to one side.  I remember in college seeing far more on the left like that.  I guess that is part of college though.  It si probably there today as well.

5 years ago

Cam is an asshole. He's always been an asshole and more than likely always will be. He's a hypocrite and a whiner and he's always been the first to cry foul when someone does something to him that he continually does to others.

This is an internet site. There are no guarantees of free speech to anyone. Why should there be? If someone is a guest in your home are they allowed to say whatever they want to you without you being allowed to throw their ass out? No. Same thing here. We're guests at the site. Guests in the groups. Cry, whine, whatever. Just makes it funny when those that cry the loudest are usually the guiltiest.

5 years ago


To further illustrate what Michael is saying:

Hi Angela!!!

This post was modified from its original form on 06 Dec, 14:53
5 years ago

Hi Angelica.

5 years ago
Sending a Green Star is a simple way to say "Thank you"

You cannot currently send a star to Angela because you have done so within the last week.

5 years ago

Cam is mysteriously absent.

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