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5 years ago

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5 years ago

Great share. 

5 years ago

I care, but that causes me to think about the wheres and the whyfores. How can I care just about the suffering alone? The whole planet is in The Pain of History. We in the USA with our huge population have a mass killing a few times a year. Some places in the world, it happens every week, or in a war zone every day. Nobody has time to cry for everything horrible that is going on.

5 years ago

Yet another NRA apologist.

5 years ago

Why? I don't belong to the NRA. If I had any interest at all in joining them, their willingness to throw the First Amendment under a bus by blaming video games will never allow me to support them. I don't even own a gun, although I may in the next 2 years. Then again, I may just start with archery or tomahawk throwing. Yep, I'd like to concealed carry a tomahawk if that was practical. Do you have a stereotype or a label for me yet? I am a student of history and I believe in self-defense.

People in the USA get bent out of shape when their own people die. That's understandable because it hits closer to home. But people have been dying in Sudan for years now, and I haven't seen people breaking down and weeping in the streets about it. At the rates people die over there, people should be breaking down and crying every month, but they don't. Simple matter of distance. Out of sight, out of mind. Life goes on for the "horrible, violent" country we live in.

5 years ago


5 years ago


5 years ago

What part of the thread title "discuss" don't you understand? Empathy for the victims is something you do when you live in the same town, or are on their memorial websites. That's not here in this forum. People are getting shot in Chicago every day, there is not some national outrage over it. There are parts of the world that really don't care about American problems, as they have their own. The correct response from those of us who aren't personally involved in these tragedies, is to think hard about what should or shouldn't be done, then do / don't do it.

5 years ago

Brandon, I don't want to speak for anyone else here.   However, I think you are wrong that trying to figure out the who, what, why, whatever is not being considered.

If you look at the time frame of the original post.  This issue was raw and happening real time.  The news media with showing every funeral, 24 hour coverage, passing out less than accurate information to get the story out first.  The magnitude and timing of the event.  The blame being passed while emotions raw.

Yes, we tend to feel it more personally when close to home.  It doesn't mean we don't feel it elsewhere. 

The above post and idea is absolutely dead on.

She is not saying never have a conversation.  It's more along the lines of showing respect for those that perished and those that remain.

It was ridiculous, the news coverage and speculation of everything in those days.

That is what I get from it any way.

ps - Welcome to the funny farm....

5 years ago

Re: Chicago.

Did anyone here see the care2 article about the outrageous number of child deaths due to gun violence last year?  260 kids died.  I'll look for the link.

5 years ago

Child homicides  by guns from 2009-2011.

A sampling of child gun deaths in Chicago for 2012

Petition to ensure child safety from firearms

You know what?  Forget that number 260 in Chicago.  I have searched for over 5 minutes here on care2 and I can no longer find that article.  I think 260 may be incorrect when one looks at the other stats in previous years.  But even one senseless child death by guns is way too many.  79-89 deaths a year in Chicago is an outrage.

5 years ago

There were 5,740 child and teen gun deaths nationwide in 2009.  34,387 children and teens were injured by guns during that same period.

5 years ago

Hate to bring this all back up again but I was actually impressed with something that Greta Van Sustren said this morning on This week with George Stephanopolous.


"Gwen, I don't think Washington can necessarily answer the question for the nation," Van Susteren said. "What I'm trying to point out is that we all have to look at ourselves, as well, and look at how well we do—even like that PSA that Hollywood artists put out for gun control the other day, and then side by side, some group put all the violent movies they're in. I mean, this is a big discussion, a big national narrative that we all have to look at ourselves in terms of how our culture has now become to accept violence as an answer to problems, as a solution to problems. We see that on TV and movies all over."


I put that phrase in bold as an answer to this idea that teachers should be carrying or that there should be armed guards in schools.


I don't want to live in that world where we all have to carry guns just to feel safe and "defend" ourselves.


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5 years ago

Get people to spend money on alleviating poverty and getting people educated then.  I mean, hey, if you refuse to use Tool X and don't believe in Tool X, it's not like Tool Y isn't available to you.  Have fun draining the swamp of poverty.  Meanwhile those of us who believe in Tool X  will keep them, since we have the Constitutional right to do so.

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