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gun control does not correlate with less homicide
5 years ago

Please see stats from United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Note Brazil and South Africa, both with heavy gun control and homicide rates 6x higher than the USA. Countries with substantially less homicide than the USA generally have more Socialist government. People get more government services, therefore they are less violent and inclined to solve their stress with crime.

5 years ago

Your stats blow chunks. Countries with strict gun control have less gun violence. That's a fact.

Apparently, you've never traveled outside the US.

5 years ago


5 years ago

"My" stats? These are United Nations stats. Go read them.

He says something about "chunks".
5 years ago

That is the language of a blowhard. False bravado is sometimes enlisted by those who make a flimsy attempt to maintain a weak position.

5 years ago

Once somebody uses the word "socialist" with me, I tend to tune them out because I believe they are going to give me the same crappy excuses that the extreme right uses all the time to blame liberals for all the problems that they themselves caused.  

Any sort of humanitarian assistance and compassion is viewed as "socialism" in extremist circles.

5 years ago

Except that one has to read carefully for context and intent. I am saying that the USA is not Socialist enough. Universal mental health care is a Socialist concept. I'd be a Socialist if there were any viable Socialist party in the USA. There isn't, so I have to find other ways to insert that agenda into the national debate.

Gun control has nothing to do with it. Russia has strict gun control, exactly what anti-gun people want here, and 2x more homicide than us. Brazil and South Africa 6x..8x. Anti-gun people like to focus on who we're worse than. They don't look at who we're substantially better than. Just at a glance, I'd say there's a very simple argument to be made for (1) democratic freedom of the citizens and (2) how wealth is distributed in the society.

China has less homicide than us. However I know few Americans who would give up their freedoms to live under Chinese government, just to have fewer homicides. And, they have mass killings for exactly the same reason we do: shoddy mental health care. Over there they use knives in schools, so the body counts are somewhat lower. They also use bulldozers at work, destroying cars in traffic. Did you know you can murder 11 people with a bulldozer?

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