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Meteorite in Russian Federation
3 years ago

Meteorite in Russian Federation


Amazing story and video.

On a related topic


Any bets on how long till there is a “Conspiracy theory” on this?  Anyone want to make one up and post it?  Be the first to start your own internet craze!  From  what I have  seen  there is  not  much involved mostly just a willing  audiance

3 years ago

Michael, I saw this on the news this morning.  Crazy!!!!

Let's wait and see what comes from this.  Should be interesting...

3 years ago

Oh  yeah. 

Make one up?  Now that's a fun idea.

I'll ponder this for a bit. 

3 years ago

The second coming of Christ?

Thanks Angelica
3 years ago

We;re working on our  own at Christians group

3 years ago

Whatever floats your boat...

3 years ago

LOL!  What's your conspiracy theory, Michael? Share!

3 years ago

Its still a  workin progess  so  far  Christian and  Nancy  have  contributed  feel  free  to  join....I posted  this  here a bit tongue in cheek  but  it  amazing how  quickly  theories pop  up and  even  more  so  that  people  buy  into  them.....

Well a  hint on ours so far.... as  with all  bad things in the  world it is OBAMA's Fault

3 years ago


3 years ago

Oh, yes, I know. Everything is Obama's fault.

Thanks for the invite, Michael.

Will this help with your theory? It certainly cracks me up.

Then there's this ("...half black, half white, and half space alien."):

Adding those should enhance any conspiracy theories about Obama (since everything is his fault).

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oh yes
3 years ago

It  certainly ties  in  and  provides  even more doumentation ofr the Obamarite issue........

Thank god for Orly   she  has  saved  us....

3 years ago

Speak of the devil...

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3 years ago

We're working on our  own at Christians group

Huh? Wha?

christian has a secret group..?

3 years ago

You have toi know the secret handshake I guess.

3 years ago

It actually wasn't a meteorite.  It was the light from Obama's mother ship cruising into our orbit.

3 years ago

It was the Klingons!

3 years ago

They say about 1,000 people were injured due to breaking glass over a fairly large milage area.  The pictures and video that have come out since are incredible.

Let's hope that not to many more of this size make it to landfall.

Scary stuff actually.

Okay back to your theories...  I know that is so much more fun for everyone.

3 years ago

The  theories  are  being  developed  but  they  take  time   hmm  like  30  or  40  minutes.....

But  they  will be  good  and  have  followers.......

BTW  where  are  local  theorists?

Ah  we  well  do  our  bets  to  fill  those  shoes.....

3 years ago

Michael you seem to be doing a fine job of trying to put thoughts onto others with this.  In all honesty, I find it a little unnerving the joy you take making up a theory you think those to the right will come up with when I haven't seen any of that accept from you.

I suppose it could be funny...maybe

3 years ago

I have to wait for christian to approve my membership in that group. Should be some good reading. I actually think I was a host in that group at one point in time...

3 years ago

I am sure you will have no problem with getting in.     If I can get in I am sure you will be as welcome.   You definitely were there at one time.   I have seen your posts from past threads.

3 years ago

Suzanne, I have seen conspriacies about this.  Really.  Several have been posted in this htread.

I almost responded to your post above and then decided not to.

Yes, people died and it was unfortunate.  It is scary stuff. perhpas more so when it actually is a disater that could not be prdicted or prevented.

And yet we have had htreads about Newtown/sandy Hook.  There have been conpsiracies about Hurricane Sandy and even comments about "martial law" duirng the last Nor-easter.

There truly be crazies out there.  Yes, some of us chose to get a bit of a chuckle, not out of the diaster itself but out of what we knew would happen- Conpsiracies. 

3 years ago

Were they brought on by right wingers in the sense of people on the right.  Or do they come from the typical conspiracy people.  There is a difference.

3 years ago

I honestly didn't know people died in this meteor event.  I know many were hurt.  I have been following the thread in the other group and it just seems like looking for trouble from a certain group that I haven't seen materialize yet.  I could be wrong.

Funny is funny and then there is just insulting

Only my opinion on this.

3 years ago

I swear I just posted a bit ago.

If Christian doesn't let you in- you should boot him from any groups you are a host of.  Of course, he will then go to every other group complaining.  Then we can have a big fight and finish off with a round of Kum Ba Yah.

3 years ago

There it is.

I do understand your point Suzanne.  I think for me since it was just so far away, it didn't matter.  New town and other- closer to home.

Conspiracies?  There are people on both sides- you know- the right and the middle- who play into them. 

Russia itself claimed it was sent by Obama.  Go Figure.

3 years ago

Not in the group yet. Maybe he is out saving the environment.

Because there is no way he would not let me in after I went to bat for him numerous times when people wanted to kick him out of other groups or had kicked him out and I got him back in...

3 years ago

Well yes.  There are crazies and then there are democrats and republicans.

I don't remember at this point where they were coming from. 

Well, then there are the crazy Russians versus the crazy USians.   In the case of this meterorite. 

3 years ago

Driving around in his wind powered car, or is it equipped with a solar panel? 

3 years ago

There  are  more  than a  few wacko theories  out  there  already, and  that  is  really  the point aside  from  some  sadonic  does  not  take  much  it  seems  for  some  folks  to  buy  into  birther questions......secrert Muslim  questions  and a  plethera  of  many  more ...... its  funny on  one  level  scary  on  another  that some  folks are  gullible  to  such a  degree......or wish to validate their views in a dark way

This  is  having  some  fun akin to wriitng a  story  for  "The  Onion" keep  it  light,


3 years ago

I didn't even know the group was set so that new members had to be approved. I wonder why that is?

Anyway, I let Buck in because I thought the group needed more females:



3 years ago

So now, not only is Christian insulting Buck, I am not so sure as a female I like to tome of his comment.

At least I don't have to start the Let Buck In thread in that other group.

3 years ago

That's funny...

3 years ago

If the humor was pointedly directed at the left, then would it be funnier?  Hmmmm.  I wonder.

3 years ago

Did anyone suggest that? 

Granted there are some really crazy theories out there.  One's that I do not subscribe to.  One's that I have left groups because of and definitely stated how I felt about those theories on many occassions. 

So no, when it is just looking to cause a negative reaction against people that haven't actually done or said anything.  It's not so funny sometimes.

Maybe I am just tired of the whole battle that has to persist amongst Americans because we think or feel a bit different about things.  To belittle or diminish constantly another side.

Just my opinion.

3 years ago

Hey - it was just a question.

I agree with you about the conspiracy theories getting on one's nerves.  I have left some groups because I couldn't take some of those theories anymore.  And frankly, they're not all republican.  The Libertarian one about needing guns to defend oneself against the supposedly eventual  tyrrany of our government is kind of frightening.

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3 years ago

Well, I freqeuntly find these conpsriacies to be just funny.  But I do agree, I have seen some groups that truly take them to an extreme.  For example, even that thing about martial law in that one group.  Obviously it bothered me. 

3 years ago

Or the superbowl thing...although, I am not sure if that was a conspiracy.

By the way, he has declared another a computer program.  Just thought I'd share...

Trust me many of these people only represent their own lunacy.  I wouldn't attach them to any political party.

3 years ago

True about the political party.

Somehow I missed the Superbowl thing.  No ait, I do remember.  That was pretty out there.

(At first I thought you mean that Beyonce zapping the electricity thing   )

3 years ago

No the other thing

3 years ago

Yeah, that was so bizarre.

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