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Diplomacy lacking with neighbors and their puppy - Help
6 years ago

I am so upset.  I have new neighbors, very young with two young boys and two dogs, one is a puppy I have fallen in love with. Now I adore these guys all of them  But.......


We live in a desert, and out in the low desert.  Lots of creatures.  Coyotes walk through any time of the day.  Big cats are here and often hang around for days or weeks.  And I mean mountain lion and bobcat, and there have been jaguar sightings. I have learned some tracking skills and a week does not go by that I do not find their tracks all around and in my yard.


Today the little pup, a blue heeler female and oh what a loving girl, was pacing the perimeter of my yard, which is double fenced.  I NEVER ever leave my dog or my boy  cat Mr. Boots, out alone.  Owls can take a cat, eagles can take a dog or cat, and a coyote would take either without hesitation.  So would a big cat. And there was no water out for her.


I knew the neighbors were not out with her so I climbed the fence (that was a laugh lol) and walked with this sweet girl to the neighbor's door and knocked.  I asked them if they knew Penny was out.....I thought, most sincerely, that the kids had accidentally let her out or forgot she out. The guy came to the door and said,  "No she is going to be an outside dog, that is why we got her.  We are training her to be an outside dog."


My expression was pure shock.  A four month old beautiful loving pup?  Left outside?  I didn't even mention the desert temperatures.


I told my husband, who shook his head and said, "She's a goner."  It's just wrong.  And when they first moved in they let their cat out.  I told her directly not to ever let her out alone.  And she disappeared in a few days.  She showed little or no remorse.


She is too lenient with her kids too.  We saw a bobcat and cub cross through the wash moving toward her backyard while her boys (very young) were outside running madly around unsupervised.  It was just before sunset, when cats come out.  We waited anxiously and prepared to move in if necessary, and that night they were lucky.  I told her about it and she just laughed.


I am not the most diplomatic person in the place folks.  My hubby says I don't call a spade a spade, I call it an f'in shovel. I need some advice on how to gently intervene to protect this little girl.  She is the sweetest darned puppy ever.  And I'm at a loss.


Any advice?

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6 years ago

Hooo boy Rachel,

That's a hard situation to find yourselves in. I can totally understand why diplomacy in these situations is difficult, if not impossible. I'm not very good at the 'gentle intervention' in these sorts of situations either but I'll try to help.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of people out there who see pets as just another thing to own. They don't see them as part of the family and, often times, I'm pretty sure they even forget they're living creatures that need food and water (at the very least). Then there are people who have old school ideals and see a dog or cat as a pet only. They care about them but in their minds, animals belong outside. These groups of people are very different though both can difficult to deal with.

I have a hard time identifying with both groups. I mean why get a pet if you're just going to chuck it outside, throw it some food and forget they're there. Pets are companionship, not an accessory. But just because they're kept outdoors doesn't mean their owners don't care about them. I have a lot of clients who keep they're dogs outside and go to the ends of the world for them though, I will say those kinds of owners are rare. Mostly they fall into the other category that your neighbor does.

You're battling a difficult and frustrating battle, I'll tell you that right now.

I guess there's two ways you can go about doing it. The gentler way might be to contact the ASPCA in the area and make a formal abuse complaint. It'll be harder to prove the risk of her being kept out in the open but being left out in the dessert with no water. No, no, no. That's a huuuuge offense and neglect. They have to follow up every claim that is made with them and you can make it annonymously and they never have to know it came from you. You can make as many complaints to them as you like. They have to follow them up.

The other way, I guess you can keep confronting them. But if they're that cavelier with their kids, you're not going to be changing her mind and you'll have an all out fight on your hands soon enough. These kinds of people don't listen to reason, they barely listen to threats, and they rarely change or care enough to care for anyone else but themselves.

Sorry you're going through this.

6 years ago

I would try to get some video or photographic evidence of lack of shelter, lack of food and water, and maybe keep a log of the temperature when you do so. This way, you can hand over hard evidence to animal control, which may or may not help. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what else you can do here. My neighbors also keep their dog outside all day. Behind shock fencing (Invisable Fence) so he's completely vulnerable.

6 years ago

Thanks Gina and Michelle.  Will contemplate some strategy. 


These folks already do not like me so I guess I won't be losing any friends here but I will not let this little girl begone if I have any way to protect her.  I cannot babysit though for I have an active life.  I'm home most of the time though and can keep a log, give her water, and keep a close eye on her.  So far they only let her out in the early afternoon and evening.  I'm watching.


My husband thinks she might be having a problem with housebreaking.  I guess I'll gently bring it up and see if I can offer some solutions there.  Frankly, I think they are lazy and extremely careless people. Did I just say that?  I wish I had better detachment skills, but I seriously fell in love with this pup?

6 years ago

I was wondering why, if they had two dogs, this puupy is the "outdoors dog".


Maybe it is the housebreaking.  OMG!


I think it sounds horrendous and wish I had more advice.

6 years ago

Ah Nancy.  I know!  Heartbreaking.


Lots of people out here have outside dogs but they keep them fenced.  Many have outside dogs but they are usually pits and rotts and larger dogs or they are only out at safer times in fenced yards.  Even a pit cannot take on a puma or a pack of coyotes. These people do not have a fence.  In fact their yard is a "road" through which all predators around here walk right through.  I've seen them.  I told her this.  I showed here where they come through.


As Gina pointed out, some people view dogs as property.  I don't know much about this breed, blue heelers, but I suspect they want protection and warning from predators, a deterrent as such. But not a four month old pup. They just got her.  She was free. Darnitall.


Anyway I've decided that if it continues I'm going to tell her that I'm reporting her to the ASPCA.  That should make them think.  This pup deserves a better home and a better life.

6 years ago

If you tell them that you're going to report them, they might just improve their behavior temporarily.

6 years ago

I personally would not warn them of a report.  I would just do it.  Are there other neighbors around or are you two isolated residences.  All complaints have to be investigated as Gina says.  If you tell them you are going to report them, they may just become very hostile toward you and yours.  You never know with jerks like this. Hidden guns are always in the back of my mind.  You could also include the children in a compalint as being in a dangerous outside environment.  I lived in Phoenix and I know the heat first hand.  Is there ANY kind of shelter from the heat and sun?  Just do it and keep doing it and if they ask if it was you  either play dumb, although now that you have showed your hand that may not work, or you can hold your head high and admit, Yeah, it was me.


I say, don't dither around with diplomacy.  Cruelty comes in all forms and this is just one form.  Good luck.


This post may show up twice as it does not seem to have shown up at all so far.

6 years ago

You're good Mary, I see only one.

And you do make a good point. Warning them might also cause them to fix the situation only so much as they can't get in trouble but still not providing a good home. Or they become wary of people watching them and keep up appearances while not actually improving anything. The pictures that Michelle suggested are a good idea too. Any hard evidence you can provide the better though any complaint will be hard as it's your word against theirs. Try to document everything you can. Videos might even be better than pictures because it shows length of time. But pictures are good too.

Siiiiigh, sometimes I hate people. But luckily this little girl has you in her corner battling for her. Good luck!

6 years ago

Thanks Gina.  I do think my concern has raised their concern a notch and I thought for a few days things were better.  She was accompanied every time I saw her out.  This morning however, gives me doubts that this situation will have a good ending. 


My husband took my dog at at first light this morning and Cookie (my dog) stirred a bobcat out of this neighbor's backyard.  This was a good sized cat, big enough to take a small dog.  And they do.  I took Cookie out again about half an hour later (she won't do her business in these situations)  and lo the little girl Penny had been let out by herself.  She came to the fence where she washed my face lol, as she does, and I tried to keep her on the safe side of the yard.  My dog suddenly stood at attention sniffing the air and looking toward the place where the bobcat had been.  She barked at Penny, a very distinct warning bark, and Penny obeyed and went onto the neighbor's porch.  (I find this animal communication interesting.)  Cookie stood at the corner of the fence sniffing and barking.  Seems all the dogs caught wind of it and barked, as they do.  I can tell a predator is around from the tone of the barking.


Another incident a few days ago.  I looked out the window and caught sight of a bunny running for his life across the yard.  A second later a coyote came through right after him lol.  He came through the neighbor's yard.  Beuatiful coyote, btw.  About ten minutes later the neighbor let Penny out.  I saw him and mentioned how he just missed the coyote.  I tried diplomacy this time just letting him know.  Apparently he didn't get the message.


So I guess if we hadn't been there Penny could have been breakfast.  Breaks my heart.  I'm not sure yet how to proceed. If they left her out all day I'd have a sure case with the ASPCA, but they don't. I am going to call them today for advice.



6 years ago

Aw Rachel, I am just seeing your thread and problem now.  I wish I had something positive to add that maybe someone missed but do got some good advise here from everyone.  I think calling the ASPCA is a good move and asking what can be done if anything.  Maybe they will call or stop by to give these people a lesson on what can happen to the pup if they continue to neglect what is happening in their back yard.  I would be a wreck as you are.

Good luck and hope somehow these people smarten up before it's too late.  And by the way, they don't know what a good neighbor they have!

6 years ago

Thanks Ex T.  I just wrote her an email.  I was extremely nice and offered to help in any way I can, but told her everything.  I expressed a sincere desire to help and told her I wanted to be a good neighbor.  I also expressed concern for her kids.  I told her I won't bug her now that it's off my conscience.  I let her know that it is safe here but we just have to know things.  I even offered to take the pup if it's too much for her.  We will see. And thanks to all who have offered advice.  I'm mulling it over.

6 years ago

Boy, I hope that works, I do.

6 years ago

Thanks Mary, don't think so.  I tried diplomacy.  I got my arse chewed.


I was told by the husband that he has done this all his life and he fully intended to make this little girl an outside dog. I asked him if he has lived out here in the desert all his life?  Smirk, yes,  I know what I'm doing.


I have to let her go.  Just raised my hands and said okee dokey!~ I've seen what happened to neighbor's dog.  And this dog was in the company of a pitbull.  He's gone.  Cruel vicious unnecessary death. 


My husband pointed out to me, it's just their property.  A dog is just property.


I'm very sad but do not second guess my decision to inform them in conscience.  People suck.  Hopefully nothing will happen to the kids.

6 years ago

OMG OMG Rachel.  When I saw this thread was first on the list my heart sank lower than the floor.  I thought you were going to tell me the puppy was dead already.  Of course, my heart is still on the floor.  I feel so sorry for you.  Have you reported them yet?  How hot is it right now?  Does the puppy have shelter and lots of water--a panic place to go if danger presents itself?  (maybe you could loosten a board in your fence or scrape a hole as if a dog dug under it. But then anything could come on in.)


What exactly are they training her to be an outside dog for?  Heeler's generally are not used for just watching over a house.  They need livestock to herd.  Do they think she will grown to the size of Pennsylvania and able to take on anything?  I suppose this guy will just shoot her if she is injured.  Sounds the type.  Sometimes I really do hate human beings.  We are such an arrogant lot.


Do you know any big biker dudes who love dogs by any chance?

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6 years ago

Aw thanks Mary.  I am a mess.


The problem isn't being left to the elements at this point.  That changed when I confronted the issue.  Only a few times a day and strangely, when I or my husband and me were outside, (to babysit) was she let outside.  This in the last week. I thought progress. (Although I was accused of spying LOL)


The email I sent was extremely kind and suggestive and supportive.


The problem is the dog will be dinner.  Soon.  She doesn't have a chance.  Fact.


You ask the same question I do.  Why?  Why make her an outside dog?  There will be no time to discover this answer as much as I want to hope for her chances. I just do NOT get it.  I am not good at these situations either. I just don't let go well. 


I want a blue heeler.  I really think if I could find one I'd feel better about having to let this little girl go from my love for I cannot protect her.


As for the boys.  I think I'd intervene if something happened ..........although the something out here is predicated on timing, the situation, and other things.  Sometimes you just cannot help stooooopid people. 



6 years ago


Enough said.....




6 years ago

How are things going?  I am worrying with you, Rachel. 


Today at work at PetSmart some woman was pushing a cart with mega tons of litter and a huge bag of dog food and trying to handle what looked like a part pitty part boxer.  The dog was probably still youngster.  It was a busy day and a training day so there were all varieties of dogs all over the place.  This dog started to bark and this person would yank on his leash and yell "no bark" at the dog.  After a couple times and he still barked, she hauled off an hit him in the face with the flat of her hand.  I am surprised the dog did not bite her.  I had to leave the scene by taking another customer who inquired about a restroom TO the restroom  She said the exact same thing I did at the same time.  "Someone needs to hit her in the face next time she opened HER mouth."  SOME people do not have any business having a  pet.

It is hard to contain ourselves
6 years ago

I once had a neighbor who left a 3 mos old puppy in a small cage outside without shelter from sun and rain and no foods and water. I called local animal control and filed a complaint about it. I watched the neighbor leaves the house then I go in their backyard and give it water and small amount of foods. One day we had pouring rain all day and my husband was fuming, finally in the evening, I went to the neighbor and I said my husband feels bad for your puppy being in the cage with no protection and the next thing I knew, we could have it. Wow. I didn't hestitate, I ran to backyard and took her. I had to bathe her twice and called vet office for emergency checkup the next evening. We ended up keeping her for 10 years. Such a beautiful sweet 90+ lbs rottie-mix.

I don't know if the visit from animal control triggered them to give the puppy to us or what. I would continue to complaint to animal control until something is done. Also, check for regulations in your county and see if you can find any violations they have for their animals.

Maybe some people don't have regards for animals because animals cannot speak for themselves so they think there is nothing wrong with what they do. Others are just plain evil, ugh.

Let me know how it goes, I pray you would be successful for this furbaby. It ain't easy, I know. It just kills me to see anything evil behavior towards animals.

6 years ago

Just wanted to give an update.  Good news in terms of the kids.  They are being carefully supervised now.  I feel better about that. They are allowed to play only in one area where mom and dad watch them closely.


On the sweet pup, she's being left outside now all the time.  Even at night she is left in what was once a henhouse so she has shelter and I am assuming food and water. I've decided to detach from them altogether for my own mental health lol.  It makes me nuts it really does.  Dogs are pack animals.  They want to be with.  That is their nature.  I can understand leaving a dog in a safe backyard in some cases.  but it's  not my dog and not my decision. So far there is no sign of abuse so I cannot really report it.


I have been feeding a desert feral now for about a year.  He is one survivor.  I found out the story from another neighbor who was also feeding him.  She is moving so now it's up to me.  This cat was abandoned.  His owner just left him and gave this neighbor friend $10 and asked her to feed him..... He was on my deck eating last week when a bobcat walked right into my yard.  Another cat, a handsome black and white cat who is allowed to roam, competes with my feral for food and he was in the yard probably waiting his turn at the same time. The bobcat went after the black and white cat.  My husband stepped outside and yelled "NO" to the bobcat which gave this housecat a little time.  He quickly climbed a tree.  My feral boy ran for his life.  He made it.  He comes every day.


I'm telling you this because this is daily grief I feel for these animals.  I know I am a helicopter mom.  I totally spoil and protect my fur babies.  I do the best I can for the others. I only hope the dog can make it but I fear for him.


This is the photo, blurry, of the bobcat that came into the yard. I think he plans to stay for awhile.


6 years ago

One question.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to win the trust of this feral cat?  He had an owner once, he had safety and love and comfort, but now he is alone and lives in daily fear.  He was laying on the driveway in front of my last night at sunset as we sat on the deck.  He obviously knows I'm a good egg.  I just don't know what to do?  I always leave food for him but there really is no safe place outside. Has anyone ever won over a feral?

6 years ago

I had a neighbor in Oklahoma City that fed the ferals and she would put food out and leave her door open a crack (while she was at home, of course.)  In winter, some of them came in and she would then close the door for the night.  Probably not an option living in the environment you do but it is possible.


Maybe put out some wet food at the end of the porch while you are out sitting on the porch.  And over time move it closer and closer to your side of the porch.  Also, there is an organization with a web site called Alley Cat Allies (I get their news letter.)  They are keepers of the ferals across the country most especially trapping, spaying and neutering, vaccinating and then letting them go if they are truly wanting the wild life.  Maybe they could give you some guidance. Their address follows:

6 years ago

Ah great ideas, thanks so much Mary!  Wet food! that might work although I can't leave the door open, for my babies would get out and who knows who might come in lol!  And thank you for the link, Mary!  I am going to check it out! I am committed to helping this cat.  Somehow someway.


Mary the incident at Petsmart - I'd have be hauled out with a sock in my mouth if I saw that woman.  I am not allowed at Petsmart without a chaperone anyway lol! Especially on adoption day.


And TL.J thanks for your post. It is such a sad world for so many animals. I'm so happy to hear the ending on your story.  You sound like a kind soul.  Everyone in this group is so kind and caring!

My grandfather
6 years ago

I remember when I was young, my grandfather always has rescued wild or stray animals and I don't remember exactly how he ended up with them. At one time, I remember, he invited me to ride with him and he drove somewhere in the woods, parked and turned off the engine. Got out and put something down on the ground a little away from the truck, but close enough to see, then he came back in truck and sat down. He told me to stay in truck, not to make too much noise, talk quietly and wait. We waited for about (I am guessing) 15 to 30 mins and I see this wild cat come out, went to the plate or bowl of foods and eating. The cat looked at us, meowed then sat down and cleaned him/herself. I do not know how long we sat there, then my grandfather started engine and left. Eventually the cat let my grandfather petted him/her. Other times, we would see other dogs in yard and he said it followed him home so him and his wife would give dog water and foods and find either owner or new home. He also would find baby birds, take care of them until they are well and strong, then let them go back to the wild. One time, my dad while young teen, found owl with broken wing, had my grandfather (my dad's father) helped him to mend the owl's wing, made a cage to keep owl inside until it got better and let it loose back in the wild. There are so many stories I heard, and one thing I do remember, my grandfather and my father always say "be patient and do not force them, but win them with trust and love". My grandfather always win the animals quicker than anyone I know.
I love this group too!!

6 years ago



I know it's been awhile since I've had a chance to answer this but, patience and time will win over feral cats.  You've got to build trust and that could take years.  I don't know if this is possible, but what about screening in a part of the porch for his use?  Might give him the shelter you want without letting him all the way in.  Maybe.


TL J, those are such wonderful stories.  Thank you for sharing!  

6 years ago

Thank you Gina.  I heard a cat yowl last night after dark.  Probably the feral and the neighbor's cat fighting over food but I covered my head with my pillow.  I hope my boy trusts me sooner than later.


The neighbor's dog:  haven't seen her in days.  I don't know if they found another home for her, are keeping her inside, or if something happened to her.  But sumptin's up.  that it is not the latter.

6 years ago

I will keep my fingers crossed along with yours.

6 years ago

Penny, the dog, resurfaced about two days ago.  I think she was being kept inside or in another part of the yard.  Last night she was out all night.  I heard her frantically barking, snarling, howling all night.  It was an active night for critters.  It's very troubling.


The feral is a trooper.  We have new neighbors and I met them yesterday.  They told me about Gray Boy and said he was peeing and tearing out his plumbing under his house.  I told him, after listening to the damage report, I didn't think it was our little boy.  Then I walked him around and showed him the big cat tracks in his yard and on the road.  Lots of bobcat tracks in his driveway.  I think he is convinced now that he has visitors.  I guess I'm Gray Boy's only hope now as far as rescue.  If he chooses. I don't think they will feed him.


The general attitude out here is that if you feed them they won't eat the rodents.  My thinking is that there are plenty of rodent eaters here, from snakes to puma.  This was once a cat with a loving home.  You cannot change people's minds it seems.  You can only be an example.  Ad do what you can.

6 years ago

OMG, Rachel, everytime I see this thread at the top of the group list, my heart jumps into my throat and I am afraid to read the post.


Is Penny tied up out side or left to roam around and can she get into the old chicken coup without too much trouble?  Like that would offer protection from a 4 footed predator.  You think she was barking and growling at the big cat tearing up the neighbor's plumbing.  I gotta say, you have some real neanderthals as neighbors.  Exactly how big is Gray Boy that the guy thinks he could do that kind of damage?Smiley from

6 years ago

Penny is allowed to roam around.  I don't know about the chicken coup, but you are right, it doesn't offer protection enough.  The snarling and howling last night inidcates some encounter with something bigger than her. It went on a long time.  She was okay this morning. Bob cats can carry rabies here.  It's not common but it happens.  These people are beyond stooopid.


I am at a point where I don't want to open my windows at night lest I hear a dreadful fight next door.  I think I will call the ASPCA.


The feral has lost so much weight.  I feed him twice daily now.  He is so confused.  The girl who lived in the new neighbor's house fed him too.  She took food to the abandoned place where he used to live.  He doesn't know anymore where it is safe.  I am consistent.  Consistency is my only hope to win him now.  I can assure you my Gray Boy did not do that damage.  The new guy seemed to consider being a little more kind to him after I told him the story.  He is an animal lover.


Thanks Mary for your concern.

6 years ago

I am keeping my fingers crossed for your feral too.  I hope he decides to stay with you.


My avatar was a stray.  Maybe I have mentioned him in this group before.  He showed up on my front porch out in the country one morning.  The skinniest littel cat I had ever seen.  His hind end looked like a starved greyhound.  But he had the prettiest little face and sweetest disposition.  I took some food out to him and sat down while he ate but he crawled into my lap instead of eating and PURRED.


I had two kitties and couldn't see how to bring him in.  He lived on my porch for four days while I tried to find him a home.  Finally I dragged him in and kept him closed up in my study.  Called the aniaml shelter to see if anyone was looking for him, talked to the neighbors who had said he had been dumped and there cats chased him away, advertised in the paper for a found cat, and finally took him to the vet for check up, vaccines, and neutering.  By the time it was all done, I realized that he had found his home. 


Took awhile and alot of Feliway but he is a regular member of the household since sumemr 2009. 


Truly do hope the cat comes in to you.

6 years ago

"a lot of Feliway"  LOL


Now your avatar--that would be --Roy?

6 years ago

Yes, my current avatar is Roy Boy, the Love Bug. He and Darkstar had issues at first. Then I found Feliway diffuser. I could always tell whem it needed a refill because they would start acting up.

6 years ago

I have seen collars now with the generic feliway in it. Still not very cheap.

6 years ago

Ah Roy Boy what a sweet and cute cat! Definitely will need Feliway if I ever manage to bring Gray Boy in. He's a wild one. He is terrified of my dog who always barks when he comes to my deck to eat. He has wild deep green eyes, but beautiful boy. He's probably encountered coyotes and bobcats. That fear will be hard to overcome. I'm so glad to hear the story of Roy Boy. Just gives me hope. Penny wasn't left out last night. That's a relief. The neighbors completely ignore me now. Their kids won't talk to me. One of their boys went to the fence and was hitting my dog on the head saying bad girl bad girl. Yesterday he began yelling at my dog who is totally loving and sweet and I said "please do not talk that way to my dog." Now I'm really a crazy lady guys! I really regret this situation. I do hope they build a tall fence so we can ignore each other peacefully. Thanks for your concern, Nancy.

6 years ago

You know Rachel, there are similar calming items for dogs too. Maybe you could start your sweetie with some now in anticipation of the cat coming on board or at least hanging out on the deck more.

6 years ago

Mary what a great idea!  I am quite sure this cat would have come to me by now if it were not for the dog. Thank you!

6 years ago

This is a quote from the Drs Foster and Smith website about calming a dog.

"... promote calm behavior in your dog during periods of stress or separation anxiety, during storms, or while traveling. Select from herbal products, pheromone products like Comfort Zone D.A.P., and even dog treats that help promote calm behavior."

I couldn't remember the name before--senior moment you know.

6 years ago

Roy Boy is his nickname.  His real name is Roy.  But I have a hard time saying just Roy.  Sometimes he is Roy Boy.  And sometimes (ala Mary G) he is Mr. Roy.

Gray Boy's issue may be your dog more so than you Rachel.

6 years ago

Mary, thanks. I hear on the "senior moment".  I'd better write that down myself lol!

Nancy I agree.  And now we have a little stray dog.  Probably dumped out here.  He's been coming for days now.  Ai yai yai! Oy veh!  Trying to win him too.  Poor pup has thorns in his foot and is limping.

6 years ago

Are they being sent to you on purpose?

One place my sister lived, people intentially dumped cats in her yard late at night because they knew that she woudl take them in.

I do hope you win them over.

6 years ago

Stray dogs are relatively easy to win over.  Just a package of hotdogs goes a long way, according to Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue of St Louis.  Take a hotdog and hold at arms length talking kindly the whole time.  Chances are, it will only take a 'dog or two and you will have a friend.  Cats?  Well you know nothing done by a cat is for your benefit or on your agenda.  It must be their idea or it is a bad one.

Is this new little stray dog likely to be a big guy?  Perhaps he was sent to be a somewhat guardian for the little Penny next door.  Nothing like a big bad dog to discourage even the most persistent American wild cat I would surmise.  Cats in general do not DO a loud ruckus.  They prefer the quiet approach.

6 years ago

Mary, this is a medium size dog.  It is spotted, whitish with light brown spots, and so cute.  But very shy.  I'm usually good with dogs.  Again, my dog barks and the pup runs but never very far.  I'll try the hot dog idea!  Thanks for the suggestion.

6 years ago

At least they are cheap.

I just cannot wait to see what shows up on your doorstep next.  Let us all hope it is not a human infant in a basket! 

I had a neighbor upstairs in one place I lived who was just standing out on his deck when a beautiful cockatiel landed on his shoulder and stayed.  He asked me what to do with it since he wasn't a bird familiar person.  As luck would have it, the little elderly lady up the drive had two cockatiels and one had recently died.  So we hot footed it up to her place, he with the bird attached to his shoulder and asked if she would like to care for it.  She was ecstatic to get it, he was equally ecstatic to get it off his shoulder.  It all turned out fine. 

Perhaps you are the St Francis of the area.

6 years ago

Aw what a cool story! I just love stories like this.  Do we have a thread on rescue stories?  Maybe this is it lol!


Yeah I've been this way all my life!


Just came in after a walkabout.  I had left dog food out.  I leave it in the same place daily.  I caught a glimpse of the dog.  He was watching me.  I called and he ran a short way then stopped and looked at me again, thinking it over.  He does that.  Every time.  Stops and thinks it over.  Then he ran off.


As for the baby in the basket!  My husband was out watering a few years back and a child walked to the gate.  A little tow headed kid.  He was so lost.  My husband is a tracker.  He walked with the child following his tracks till he found his home, quite a long way away.  His grateful parents thanked him profusely and then he gave them a lecture on the large cat and coyote tracks he had seen along the way.


Wondering if this is another pet of someone who lets their dogs roam.  Delimmas!

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6 years ago

Rachel, that is a wonderful idea about the rescue thread.  I think I will start one in my other group, If I Were TO Visit...(a llittle unintended plug there) and see what turns up.  I know several of you are members there.  What fun to swap all those stories.  Of course if Gina doesn't mind we can always continue on here.

By the way, Rachel, what browser do you use?  I ask because I cannot get any spaces anymore between my paragraphs and you can.

6 years ago

Mary I hit the space bar and on the blank line I  enter a few spaces.  The editor thinks there are words ..... tricky!


I'll scurry over to your group!

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I found out that until the glitch with the spaces is over, that you have to hit shift and enter at the same time to get between line spaces.

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