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Bile acids for male parrot
6 years ago

Got one more question for you, wondering if you know.


Can male lovebirds have high bile acid flucuations due to hormones, or is this just a female problem?



6 years ago

You know, I'm going to be honest here. I have no idea, Michelle. I've done a quick search too and can't find anything about this either. I know high bile acids can be a sign of poor liver function, like in other animals. But it's relationship with hormones and which hormones, I don't know. I'm sorry, I couldn't help more with this. Birds aren't my forte but it appears that research into the relationships are ongoing and not a huge amount is know currently.

If I find anything out, I'll let you know.

6 years ago

Thanks. I was rewondering if Clover is female and I wanted to spare her the DNA test. Looks like she's going to freely provide blood via picking at her wing so it won't be a problem. I've got to come up with an acrylic collar for her. I haven't had luck with any commercial collars out there. The depression is well managed but the feathers growing back in are the problem.

6 years ago

Ohh poor Clover.

Feather plucking can be such a difficult thing to manage. I'm happy to hear the depression is better managed but I'm sorry to hear the plucking is still an issue. When trying to form the collar, try thinking outside the box. You'd be surprised how ingenious you can be when you have to. Something flexible, comfortable and non toxic is ideal.

How much blood do you need for the DNA testing? Shouldn't expect it's that much. Can you do this all at home? That'd be nice. I know dogs and cats, lots of DNA testing can be done off the cells from inside the cheeks and they can take the samples at home and send it in themselves if they wish. Wondering if it's the same for DNA blood tests for birds. Would be easier for you anyway.

Have you changed vets or did you decide to stick with the original ones you were working with a while back?

Good luck with it all. Like I said, these can be very frustrating problems. Here's to hoping you're able to beat it!

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