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IN MEMORY OF: _______
11 years ago
| Spiritual / Heartwise

I was thinking that with all the recent talk of euthanasia and "letting go", that I would start a more "happier" thread, if that's possible in times such as these.

I found a beautiful web site: Four Paws in Heaven where you are more than welcome to post an online memorial for your pet free of charge. It not only has the memorium, but also has other important subjects that surround euthanizing our beloveds. Unfortunately, they are not taking any NEW memorials at this time, but they will again in the future. However, the other information is still very active, real, and helpful in times such as these.

I have posted other pet memorial sites below...

I think the thread, itself, can also act like a memorium. Please post your memories & stories, the joy & laughter they brought to you, your family, and friends. I hope you each will find this as a comfort when it is your time to go through such a hardship (heartship).

Chance's Spot Another very good pet tribute and information web site.

Late Pets A very user friendly site to post your pet memorial AND you can leave words of condolences to others that have lost a pet.

Gates of Remembrance An animal and people tribute site.


11 years ago

I just came across another site, which I also quite like:

My Pet Memorial & Remembrance Website 

:: If you would like to then please post the link(s) or appropriate information to your pet's tribute page. I'm sure I'm not the only one here that would like to visit and honor them.


Angel...RIP 3/14/2007...
11 years ago


Photo by Kris H

On 3/2/2007 I was driving home from having dropped off my son at his job. As usual, Angel was riding shotgun. Last thing I remember is driving up to a stopsign. I woke up in an ambulance headed for the hospital. I kept asking about Angel. She'd been left at the scene by emergency personnel. I was CAT scanned and found to be bleeding into my brain and transfered via ambulance to Big St John's in Creve Couer, where a Neurosurgeon was on call should they need to open up my head. As soon as I got out I had flyers printed offering a reward. I pounded the pavement each day looking for my dog. On 3/14/2007 a lady called me saying she knew where Angel's body was, she's seen her hit by a car and killed. I met the lady at the designated spot and picked up my baby girl's body and took it to Dr. Webster's office for cremation.

Shortly after I woke up, sort of, and felt Angel laying next to me. I was so happy for the few moments between sleep and being fully awake. It was as though my Angel wanted me to know she was ok. I know she is. It still does not stop me from missing her every day of my life.

I love you Angel. Some day a long time from now, I'll see you again. We'll all be together. Until then, run free with all the other good dogs and cats that have gone on before us. I love you, mom.


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11 years ago

My heart goes out to you - I couldn't even imagine what any of that time period must have felt like. Well, I can imagine it in a way - every time I take my babies anywhere I always think, "what would happen if I got in a major accident right now?"...I can only hope that I will not experience the pain, confusion, bewilderment, and worry you must have gone through.

I am SO happy you are ok - are you ok? And you are SO right, your lil' Angel is with you always and I'm sure she was just as pained to not been able to have been with you to comfort you through your trying time. What a wonderful woman to have contacted you knowing that she had to reveal bad news to you - bless her.

Thank you for sharing your story with us and may you get stronger in time. Maybe Angel is with my dad...he passed away the week before her (3/8/07), also suddenly and unexpected. I hope your Angel is with him.

Angel: May your Spirit soar and your Soul be free...

That's a lovely web site you posted.

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The i-village site...
11 years ago

is one of the first ones I found when I started going online in 2003. If you look at the Rainbow Bridge Resident's page you'll see Spook3's ^Samantha^ & ^Angel^. One of the moderators, Lyn, Whisper's mom was one of my first online friends. And remains one today. We are both from the San Francisco Bay Area. The difference being she's still there, I now live in the midwest.

Am I ok... I'm getting there. Not too long ago I had to have surgery on my left wrist. It seems there was glass left in it from when it went through the window (along w/my head). My tendon was also torn (cut by the glass) it had to be partly removed. I do ok with what is left. I am not able to remember the shortest sequence of numbers. Good thing for windows I was promoted shortly after my accident. I am able to do my job well because I can use 2 or even 3 screens at work. Also because I've done the job, I was promoted to Caseworker from Assistant Caseworker. Asst's generally do everything the full CW does so I had about 5 years experience to rely on.

Financially, my life is a wreck. I would give this one piece of advice, get full coverage insurance. If you think you can't afford it (as I did) please think again. Not to go into too much personal detail here, but I could tell you many stories of why this is a good thing to have. The latest being my medical insurance company is trying to "recover" the considerable expenses they paid for my treatment.

I'll be ok. I always seem to find a way to land on my feet. for asking.

11 years ago

You will be ok - those of us that have the hurdles to climb or jump seem to land on our, maybe with a bump on the butt from time to time, but on our feet none-the-less.

11 years ago

The day Bandit passed away so did Sir Edmund Hillary I thought it was a blessing for someone like Sir Ed to accompany Bandit on his final journey.

11 years ago
Spooky Bless your heart, darling ... Angel and Bandit, and our Andre and Nico and Kitty Lu are all in furbaby heaven having a grand ol' time
11 years ago
Bless your hearts all for sharing. My 2 cats are in heaven together playing and chasing each other..Snowball and T.C.(Top Cat) They grew up together and died 1 day away from each other 14 years later 3 years ago. One day before Easter and Easter morning. They were both my best friends. I miss them still.
11 years ago

Sending love and hugs to all of's good to know we aren't alone in missing our fur/scaley/feathery/skinned -kids.

Yes, Chris, what a grand human to accompany Bandit and Jaylena that's amazing about your two. I've heard of those that pine for days/weeks/months without their "friend/sibling", but to pass on so close together is also so weird. I am more sorry for you to have lost two so quickly horrible that must have least when one passes on the other is there so we can nestle our face in them and cry...

Anyway...I thank you ALL for sharing. It says it good at the site Spooky posted. When we talk about these things it helps us to move on - it's not forgetting as we will always remember them - but it's moving forward and out of our grief so that we can continue to live, not just for ourselves, but for them also.

11 years ago made me cry.  I know just what it feels like.
This poem accompanied Bandits ashes I think its beautiful
11 years ago
11 years ago

I know that well Chris - it's a good one for sure.

Has anyone read Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers / Dog Lovers / Cat Lovers Soul? They are SO good and filled with wonderful heartfelt stories - some that make you giggle and others that make you but all VERY good.

How are you doing Chris? Please remember to post in the BLUE pinned Pet Update thread when you get your new friend.

11 years ago
My friend got me Chicken Soup for a Cat Lover's Soul for Christmas!
11 years ago

That's a good one - some heartfelt stories in it that's for sure!

CS Pet Lover's requires tissues close by!!!

11 years ago
Here is a link to a memorial of my furbaby girl, Maggie.  If you click on the bright winking star on the upper right, it will show you her picture.

If I think about it, I can still remember what her wiry hair felt like under my lips when I gave her a kiss on the head.
Of course, I still have her little top knot in a plastic bag, so I can open it up and feel and smell it, but it's just not the same.  I also kept the lid of a peanut butter jar she pried open several years ago.  It was a 2 pound jar, and she was only about 15 pounds.  It was full, and she managed to eat almost the whole thing except for what her tongue couldn't reach at the bottom!  All that in probably 10 minutes time, and not even a speck of diarrhea!  That dog had a cast iron stomach.  Another time, she ate an entire loaf worth of unbaked yeast bread dough.  She was so bloated, and her breath smelled like a brewery.  I called the emergency clinic, and since I didn't have the money to bring her in at the time, they advised me to watch her closely.  I stayed up all night with her to make sure she was ok, and by dawn, she started acting better.  Then of course, there was thanksgiving before last, when she got into the trash and consumed almost an entire turkey carcass.  I was certain it would do her in, since she was a very poor surgical risk due to her heart murmur.  But, no, everything came out fine, she just had hard white poop for a couple days.  Boy, looking back, I sure don't feel like a very good dog mommy right now. I guess I'm lucky she was so resilient,  and was able to withstand my failures to protect her from herself.

My heart goes out to all of you who have lost a pet

I believe we will all see them again someday.


11 years ago

Awww Raeann - too sweet! I would have loved to have seen her eating ALL that Peanut Butter!!! I think you were a great doggy mommy remember we don't get instruction books with animal babies either. Not every owner would stay awake all hours of the night watching a stomach bloating or not.

I believe they are all together - one big happy family - in peace. No species divide. The cutest thing about my Teddy Bear (orange tabby) was that whenever she went to drink her water she would "test" it first. She'd dab her paw in 1-3 times EVERY time and lick the water off each time and then start drinking. I'm really not sure why she did that, but it was one of her cutest / sweetest antics.  

Teddy: 1 Feb 1985 - 29 December 2001

I now have three hoolians that fill her void in my heart - and I'm sure she's looking in on me and shaking her head and rolling her little Miss Prissy eyes! Although, I also think a bit of her was passed onto my lil' Cinder.

At the i-village site....
11 years ago

my friend Lyn sells some beautiful things to remember your pet...

When Samantha passed, I didn't know about this. Personally, I wouldn't be able to wear cremains.

When Angel was killed, I cut off some of her hair and one day I will be able to buy one of those WITH pendants.

Thought I'd share.

11 years ago

I will have a look at the site tomorrow - it's MY bedtime down in this nitch of the globe...have a good evening everyone.

G'night Erin...
11 years ago

i thought this was so touching, i snagged it.
11 years ago
this is (or was? by now) the avatar of a care2 member i noted simply as "TW."

11 years ago

I'm still here... *as she rolls her eyes laughing* ...that is so sweet Lorraine...and I don't care what others say, I think Pits are lovely I am ALWAYS saying: it's not the dog that makes the dog, but the human behind that dog.

***Obviously, there are dogs that have a mental instability (any dog can) and this can owe to poor behavior and judgement, but these are few and far between.

To be honest, in all the years I've worked for a vet I have come across more snippy Dachshunds and Jack Russels that want to take my eyes out and tear my head off than I have Rotties and Pits...those guys seem to just want to climb in my lap and lick me to death!  

11 years ago
as soon as i was up to it after lucky's passing, i made a slideshow at for all the friends who supported me. i view it from time to time, and i think i'm about ready to add one more pic to it, one of lucky with his wings.

i don't know how other slide shows work, because this is the only one i've ever made. hosts the slide show, and you can edit it indefinitely. they let you make your own frame (as i did here). you can add some music, which they supply. i'm sure there are other features i'm not aware of as well.

i wanted to share this with everyone because the process of compiling the photos, selecting the order, et cetera, was therapeutic for me, and it still keeps me close to my boy.

if you care to check it out, here's lucky's slide show, Moments from a Dog's Life.

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11 years ago
Wow, Erin, a 1985 model?  I think I was a freshman in high school that year!  I love the 80's.

Thanks for your kind words.  You're always so sweet.

 Good night, get some rest,
hi, erin! nice of you to wait up for me!
11 years ago
  now go to bed!


11 years ago
Thanks Erin I am doing fine It took me a little while and a lot of soul-searching to realise I had done the right thing and can only think about what you go through every time an animal has to be put to sleep. It even made me think about human euthanasia whether I was for it or against it....The jury is still out and probably will be on a case by case basis for the rest of my life. Wow Bandit's death has really made me think in ways I didn't have to think before. Something good has come of it.
11 years ago

Chris and I am glad Bandit has helped you onto another chapter in your life. They always say everything happens for a reason and the people (and animals) in our lives come into it for one reason or another.

Euthanasia (esp. in the human field) is a highly controversial topic. There are people and cultures who think we are trying to play God, whereas the way I see it we are allowing one to make a choice about the quality of life (or not) and then allowing that person / animal to die without suffering or further pain.

I could go on forever with this topic, but this is not the place for it. However, there is a euthanasia thread where questions concerning this topic can be discussed if others would like to do that.


Grief Support
11 years ago

OK, I hope I didn't post this twice. I hit a button by mistake while typing. My deepest sympathies to anyone who has lost an animal or a person. Loss is painful, and I know that pet loss is no less painful than any other loss. We just lost our white shepherd in October.

There is a wonderful group with online chat support available if anyone is interested. These people do a great job and they are monitored by a professional counselor.

They also have a group of anticipatory bereavement, which is for people who know they will soon lose their pet due to age or illness. It's a great help in such times.

The organization is called the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement. They also have a training program, if anyone is interested in helping others in this venue. The website is

Being a Pet Parent...
11 years ago
I think Miss Maggie had a great Mommy! Trust me we have ALL made mistakes!

One time before a holiday party I had placed a tray of very ultra rich chocolate brownies in the back corner of our dining room table, which was against the wall. There were other foods between the brownies and the outer edge of the table...all of them were covered since it was not yet party time, and in addition to my huge, tall dog, Bossco, we also had several cats.
Shortly before the party we realized we needed to make a last minute run to the store and without a thought we did!
Imagine our surprise upon really was a quick trip... Bossco (who stood about 37 inches at the shoulder) had stood up on his hind legs evidently, and oh so gently pushed all of the other foods off to the side creating a path by which to reach the brownie tray. This he had pulled forward, removed the plastic wrapping from (there was a good bit of it to remove too!)
The brownies were gone...all gone...not a crumb remained, no crumbs on the table cloth, no crumbs on the floor...nothing really disturbed looking in any'd have thought he had hands and THUMBS, so gently had he handled his theft.
Needless to say I was freaking dog not only ate chocolate, but a fairly large amount of intense, over the top chocolate. Although my partner, then, was a Sr. Hospital Keeper for the San Diego Zoo, I called the Emergency Clinic that was about 10 minutes from the house. They asked a lot a questions about the amount consumed and his weight...(110lbs) and said to watch him, adding what signs would point to get him in NOW.
I felt like the biggest moron dog owner in the history of dog ownership. I had seen the results at clinics I volunteered at and they were not good for chocolate hounds of assorted ages, breeds and sizes. I was not feeling too festive.
In this case, nothing happened. Boss was aware that despite his elegant touch in eating the brownies, I was clearly upset. (doubtless he did NOT know the REAL reason, I was crying not yelling...(yelling at an animal never really does any good, especially after the fact. It frightens and confuses is unpleasant to them, but it doesn't really stimulate guilt...more a desire that WE knock it off!) Bossco survived to attempt to charm the our friends as they arrived. No bloating, no hyperactivity, no obvious acceleration of his heart or breathing (we checked him every 20 to 30 minutes throughout the night), no gas (unlike my current doggie girl Hannah and the great pizza robbery...another story of smelly proportions!) normal stools the next day...if a few more in number than usual.
Our canine Guardian Angel must have been working overtime that night because I have seen dogs die or nearly die from eating chocolate in far smaller amounts....Clearly thinking it was placed out of reach was a gross mistake on my part...I had not reckoned on my boy being as brilliant as he was...or as motivated...(the silly nit bypassed CHEESE TO REACH THAT BROWNIE TRAY! And the table was about three and a half feet wide, with the brownies in the very back corner surrounded by other UNTOUCHED foods, still covered with their wrappings I had placed upon them.

11 years ago

Penny - that's a great web site!

And Laura! I loved your story - funny now to think of it as Bossco made it out a-ok. But yes, you are so right, it could have been a disaster and yet, it wouldn't have made you any less a good mommy. We do what we can with what we have - accidents happen - they always will and always do. None of us know everything or even what to ask to know SOME of everything. So we love our furkids the best we can and do what we can with them while we have them - when it's their time to go as with anyone, then it is their time to go. So, we let them move on and the best way to honor them is by physical means (photos, ashes, plaques, trees, etc) and/or to remember the good times they brought us with a smile and song in our heart... 

11 years ago
Thanks Penny for that website.  I'll bring it to the attention of our doctors at work, they sometimes refer people to a grief counsellor after losing a pet, but I believe they are at U of Illinois, so it may not be a feasible option for all people.  Also, I don't know if they charge for their services at the university.

Thanks too, Laura for your story.  I'm just imaginging a 110# dog, "neatly" eating brownies.  It's pretty hard to imagine a dog that size doing much of anything neatly,especially when he could probably take out an entire coffee table's worth of stuff with one swipe of the tail.  And to bypass cheese for chocolate, he must have a real sweet tooth!  Tell me, might he be a lab or lab mix?

Erin, you nailed it on the head!
11 years ago
It IS funny in retrospect...Bossco was a thinking dog and the best (certified) Therapy Dog I ever had. He could read people in the most uncanny ways and always managed to BE exactly what each person needed him to be when working; from "silly and playful" to stoic, quiet comfort.
I always figure that when we have to help an animal we have loved move out of this life, or if they leave this beautiful body they have on their own...the love never stops.
I think that they still keep watch over us and wait, hoping that when we heal enough we will seek another animal companion to love. See I figure that when they see is get another dog, cat, horse, bird (what ever creature we have bonded with) they KNOW that they loved us so well, we became addicted to that QUALITY of love and companionship and so much have more of it. They did THEIR devine "job." They helped to teach us or remind us how to love.
I assuredly believe we see them again, and since all of mine have been forever kept...I imagine there better be treats in heaven...cause I'm going to have a hairy horde to placate (of dogs and cats especially) when I catch up to them someday!
oops almost a double...have tried to remove it!
11 years ago

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EXCELLENT guess Raeann!
11 years ago
Bossco was a mix of Lab, Golden Retriever and GSD!
His Mother, Babe, was a too tall to be pure Lab, who belonged to the sister of a friend of mine. They lived in a trailer park in Palm Springs. Babe was in her (evidently NOT high enough) fenced in yard when she had TWO gentleman callers, who got in, but didn't manage or care to jump back out.
She had about nine puppies total (and thank God her owners DID spay her after this accident), 2 looked like perfect GSD's, 2 looked like yellow labs, and the rest were black dogs of assorted hair length. Some who loved him have suggested that his Mama was "trailer trash!"
Bossco looked like a too big Flat Coat Retriever (or a black Golden Retriever if you you'd rather). He was so large (not fat, just huge) that those not fully in the "know" would ask if he was a (he was too narrow in the head and body to really pass for one of those.)
But he did manage to pull one child from the bay who cramped up and was going under...towed by he would me when we were out swiming and also grabbed a small dog from the current at Dog Beach in OB (San Diego area).
His big fluffy tail, was like a tractor trailer coming along behind him...till we had it removed due to cancer...bought him an extra year and a half with us...and 14yrs for such a big dog, I figure was a total gift of time together!
11 years ago
Wow, Laura, 14 years is fabulous for a dog of that size! I bet you were sorry to see that tail go. He sure sounds like he was quite an amazing dog, probably wonderful to take a nap with, in addition to all his other good qualities. I thought he was too big to be a pure lab, but people bring in "pure blooded labs" to the clinic I work at weighing in at close to or even over 100#. I never tell them pure labs should really not come up to your hip or higher.
11 years ago

My sister's dog, Homero, just passed today. She was dog-sitting a friend's dog and while playing, they got tangled and the other dog strangled Homero with his training collar.

My sister Melissa lives in Mexico all by herself (she's studying medicine over there) and Homero was all she had. She's soooo sad! And i am as well since Homero was Dalí's brother

I created a memoriam for him at

Oh Mir....
11 years ago

11 years ago

I am so sorry to hear about your sister's sweet dog, my thoughts are with you.

11 years ago

Ooh Mir.... ....I'm really sorry to hear about this. Sending out my love and condolences to you and your sister. Big hugs also.

Homero, may your Spirit soar and your Soul be free...

11 years ago

Oh Mir...that is a tragedy.  So sorry.

11 years ago

I am so sorry...

11 years ago


**Please post your individual stories of their passing / tragedy in a separate NEW thread. The hosts will place a link here to that thread. Other stories, such as your memories or their favorite thing to do that made you laugh, etc PLUS any links to other web site memoriums, like those listed above you can post here. Thank you.

just a note
11 years ago

Ive studied ancient Egypt for about 30 yrs now and the Egyptians were excited about the next life they prepared for it from birth.theirs a wonderful place out there and where ever  we may go death is not scary.

A little bird
10 years ago

This is probably going to be the cornyiest story you have ever read but it just broke my heart.

2 days ago I was driving on a regular busy street here in town the car in front of me had missed this fleging but I didn't have enough time to swerve. I had hit it....I thought.
Yesterday, I drove down that same street thinking "oh no I don't want to see the dead body" but, he was there in the middle of the road just barely missing cars. His momma trying to get him to move. I had decided I needed to move him this time. up on the grass on to someones property close to a tree. So, I drove up to the next light and had to back track because it was on a one way street. It was taking longer than I had wanted and I started to worry he'd be dead already. But  I said to myself "if he dies from a car you can't be concerned about it, you cannot get upset." So I had pulled onto the one way street again and I was so happy that it was just me and one other car. So I pulled over to the side of the road I looked at him to get a eye on the distance and as I opened my door the car passed and when I looked back down.... He was dead. smashed. The car had hit him. I looked back up at the car, back down at him, several times. I even stared at him for a moment to see if he was breathing even though I knew nothing could have been done. His momma was standing on the curb watching the whole thing!  I drove up next to the car and almost cussed them out. But I held strong thinking "I told you if he got hit you had to stay calm" but really... I didn't think he would get hit RIGHT IN FRONG OF ME. As I drove on to my friends house I just kept saying 'i'm sorry i'm sorry' I felt worse for his mommy. I started to cry but I kept it in. I stopped by my parents house afterwards and they could see something was wrong when they asked I just balled. I felt sooo horrible.
I know that this is what happens when nature meets machine.   I also know that its just a little bird.
But I also know that I've spend hours or lots of 1/2 hours rehabilitating little fledgings like this after a storm or such just so they can fly and be a bird. and I didn't expect to watch him die in front of me. I need to write this somewhere and this was the only place I could think of that most wouldn't judge how silly this is.
My poor little bird. I'm sorry I couldn't get to you in time.

10 years ago
I am so sorry . No one here will think this is a silly story. All life matters and you tried harder than most anyone would have.  Don't feel bad for long because you tried as hard as you could. many hugs to you!
10 years ago

Awww Lily - it's only natural to feel this way esp. when you were wanting to help him. I would have felt horrible as well, may have cried also esp. knowing the mama was right there. You tried what you could, just know that he went fast and that is a little of a blessing I guess. Unfortunately, the majority of the people out there could care less whether or what they hit / run over - some even look for it and others don't even notice. You have to keep that in perspective and know you won't be able to save everything - ESP. when you start practicing. Don't be hard on yourself.

Little bird spread your wings and fly...

10 years ago

oh Lily, ur story brought tears to my eyes, i can't even imagine how u felt watching it happen. i'm so sorry, not only for u but for the mama bird and her poor little baby too. u r not silly for being upset by what happened, not at all.

when i was a senior in high school i was forced to take a semester of a co-ed PE class because i needed half a credit to graduate and that was the easiest class i could take that wasn't already full. well i hated being in that class. it was a co-ed class but i was 1 of very few girls that took it, in fact i was the only girl in my class. the coach for that class was the boys coach and since i was a girl i got away with doing a lot less (in fact i never even dressed out for class or even participated, i just walked around the gym all hour). anyway the end of the year came and we all had to run the mile as our final grade for the class. since this was a required grade the coach made me dress out and do the mile. i have a calcium deficiency and i can't run for very long without my ankles giving out on me so i walked the entire mile (much to the dismay of the coach and the rest of the class). i made it a point to take my time and while i was mozying along i seen a whole nest full of baby birds in the football field (our school's track goes around the field). i'm guessing the birds were just learning to fly because their nest was up by the fence and they weren't flying away when the boys would run by. well there was a kid out there mowing the football field and he was getting close to the baby birds so when i got back around to them i stopped the kid who was mowing and told him about the birds and asked him to go around them until they either made it out of the field or over onto part that he had already mowed. he agreed to go around them and then he stopped and together we helped shoo them back up by the fence so he wouldn't get in trouble for leaving a patch of the field unmowed. everyone else was done with their mile and i still had about 2 laps to go! by the time i finished my mile the whole class was rather miffed at me because they all had to wait on the field for me to finish before they could go back to the locker room. while everyone else finished the mile in the usual 6 minutes or so, i finished in 13 minutes... 5 years later i still have the record for the slowest mile ever in the history of my school (i'm quite proud of that record lol). the coach and the rest of the class hated me for it but at least that family of baby birds were saved. i'm sure mama bird was thanking me for that.

9 years ago

 I just got back from the vet, where they had to put Sweetums to sleep. She was acting funny over the last several days, and from all my research she seems to have an egg stuck inside. Of course this happened on the weekend, so I wasn't able to get her to a vet until this morning. They did the x-ray, and didn't see any egg, but sometimes that is because it is an egg with not much shell, so they sedated her and stuck a needle in to see what was in there. The took out 3 ml of fluid that was NOT egg matter, so the vet was pretty sure it was a tumor, and I had her put down. I have to go to the vet in a few minutes to pick up her body, and I'll bring it to the birds so they can say goodbye before I bury her. Zulie, her father/mate was really in love with her, so I know he's going to be upset. I'm not very happy myself, right now, but at least she isn't suffering any more. 

9 years ago

Awww Michelle... ...I'm sorry to hear this and can only hope that you will be ok, but also Zulie will manage alright without her.


Sweetums...may your Spirit soar and your Soul be free...


9 years ago

 I still have 4 'keets, so Zulie isn't alone, and this will give Tukii, his original mate, a chance to get back together with him, which I know will make her happier.


I know I did the right thing for Sweetums, but I still feel like I failed.

9 years ago

Oh Michelle   I'm so sorry to hear this.  You didn't fail, you got her the best help we could.  Unfortunately none of us know how to beat cancer yet.  You did the best for her, never ever doubt that.  We're here for anything you need. 

9 years ago

Gina.  I just buried her in my flower bed in the front yard.  Part of it was that I'm just shocked.  Every description of an egg bound bird I read described her symptoms and behavior exactly.  I was so sure that the vet would find an egg, remove it, and she'd be fine.  I never once considered that it could be something else.


She was stiff by the time I brought her home, and when I set her on the table Zulie was really perplexed.  He went from perch to perch, getting lower until he was right above her and kept talking to her.  I didn't see him touch her, so I'm not sure he did, but I left them all to say goodbye more comfortably.  They're making more noise than usual right now, and I'm wondering if I should change their cage and toys arrangement now, or if I should wait a few days.


What does everyone think?

a place in my heart
9 years ago

you never forget people laugh and say its only an animal sure their my family,my soul and never forgotten.when i see an animal on the side of the road i move them why should they get run over time and time again ya know.when I'm sad they are there when I'm mad they are there when I'm happy they are there always with a look of pure in peace little ones all that were mine all i tried to save i will surely see you one day .my family always says when i go to heaven ill be hangin with Noah and you know their right.lolololol

9 years ago



I am so sorry to hear you lost your darling little girl, Sweetums. I know the pain and heartache you're feeling because I just went thru the same thing 2 weeks ago when I had to put my beloved baby, Aiko, to sleep. It was sudden and unexpected. Aiko was only 4 years old.


I started a candle room at so that anyone can light a candle for any reason. Here's the link:

Currently I have several candles burning for my Aiko.


Like you, I had to make an on-the-spot decision with the best information I had at hand to end Aiko's suffering. We do that out of love and unselfishness. Our babies know and trust that we will do our very best for them. Sweetums knew that and I'm sure is thanking you for being such a good Mommy.

9 years ago

  Kate.  I'm so sorry for your loss, too.

9 years ago

My cat Chloe,who passed away in her sleep last August28/29th.May she welcome me when I cross the Bridge.

9 years ago

Michelle, Thank you. I really appreciate it.  For Sweetums


Elizabeth - She'll be there waiting for you. I'm sure you still feel the pain of her loss. Even after 14 years I still miss my soulmate, Pip. Here's a sweet kitty kiss for Chloe.   How old was she?


Dori - for Noah

9 years ago

Thank you,Kate P.Yes she is surely and sorely missed by me and her 4 mates,Sophie,Micho,Caramelo and Bombòn...Chloe must have been 10 years old,I picked her from the street where she had been dumped and the vet told me at that time,2000,2001 she was around 2 years old.All my love to you and Pip and to all those people who remember their animal companions with love and also to those animals who brightened their lives on Earth as my Chloe did.

Our beloved Tommy passed away
9 years ago


Our beloved Tommy (alias Jack Sparrow) passed away this morning.


He was more than 12 yrs old. He had found my mom 7 yrs ago, when his owner probably dumped him on the streets.

He was almost deaf since last summer, had cattaract and heart murmur. This morning would hardly breath, the vet was in the gym with no cell phone ( found out later).

I stayed with his agony, there was not much I could except calling around, holding my hand on his heart and giving him some of his medicine, which caused him to gave some fluids out of his mouth and lessen his agony a bit.

 I managed to find another vet who came immediately, But the moment he rang the bell Tommy was taking his last breath. He tried to revive him but in vain...  He died of pulmonary edema, he had chances to be still with us if he could haven taken immediate medical help. But one hour with no help was terminal for him.

Thank God I could find a dogs's cemetery .... I had him burried in deep tears.

My poor baby... he suffered a lot...

9 years ago

Tina I'm so sorry!


Crying with you!  So sorry!

9 years ago

I'm sorry, Tina

9 years ago

Thank you so much, Rachel and Vic

9 years ago

That's always so hard. I'm so sorry for your loss.

9 years ago

Smiley from I can only empathize and sympathize with you but I wish like heck I could take the pain away.

9 years ago

 RevLorelei & Mary

I thank you so much for your emotional support.

9 years ago

In mourning with you Tina. I too, have just suffered the loss of my best friend Nestle. I would like to think she is making friends now with Tommy.  

9 years ago

Ι love the idea of Nestle playing with Tommy. It is so comforting somehow.

I am so sorry for your loss

9 years ago

Thank you Tina. I know what you mean. I just know all our fur-kids are playing, loving and taking care of each other until we meet up with them again

9 years ago

Tina, I'm so sorry to hear about Tommy.  I can't imagine what it was like.  I'm glad that you did finally find someone who agreed to come out.  Even though it was too late this time, keep that number handy and keep in the back of your mind in case you need it again. 


As Stephanie has said, he is in the best company imaginable over that rainbow bridge and out of pain now.  My thoughts are ever with you.  No words can comfort but we are here for you where you need. 

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9 years ago

Thank you so much, Gina. Words do give comfort and it is so relieving to share your pain & grief with same minded people... ( and I can tell you: it has the horror for him & for the family and me)

Where I live it is custom that most of the vets make house visits. I have decided to move away from the vet we had ( and was not available on working hours!). Thank God the one that came has his praxis 5 min. away. So I probably use this one from now on. I still have 2 cats to take care of.

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8 years ago

My little angel Peanut is a real angel now
Peanut at dog beach
Peanut 1994 - Sept 21, 2010

Thank you my little one, for 16 years of unconditional love, kisses and the ever happy wagging tail. Your bright spirit will always shine. I miss you.

8 years ago

Oh, Vic, How sad for you!  I really really feel for you and your others.  What a cutie.  Maybe she can look up all  our other friends and say "hey" for us.   I cry with you and will remember Peanut when I light my weekly memorial candle for the rainbow bridge memorial for Miss Pink.Smiley from

8 years ago

Thank you, Mary

8 years ago

Vic, I'm so, so sorry for your loss.    It's obvious that Peanut was one of the special ones.  She's in good company over the rainbow bridge.  Very good company.  We're here if there's anything we can do.


Sending you hugs


For Peanut

Remembrance Anniversary
8 years ago

Today is Oct 15, 2010. It has been a whole year since Miss Pink passed a way.  I have had a year of firsts since that day.--the first halloween without her, the first Christmas, the first new year day, the first February, the first spring, the first summer--for all the days of the year they were the first time without Miss pink.  I still cry when I think of her.  Still light a candle every Monday as a memorial.  Still look out at the little grave site in the back yard and say goodnight.  Mr Atticus still worries when I get sad about it and tries to help.  My days of firsts have ended and now it will be years of seconds, then thirds.  I really don't think I will ever quite get over this girl.   She was very special in our lives and always will be.  Pink__039_s formal pose.jpg

???-October 15, 2009

8 years ago

Aww, Mary   I saw your post and just had to respond. She was beautiful. Is beautiful. They never leave us, do they? I am on my year of "thirds" without my little girl, Hummer. It is a bit easier ... but I miss her still. I have many other furry family members in my life, but they can't take her place. Just wanted to let you know, you're not alone. 

8 years ago

Mary, there a very special ones that touch us deeply. Miss Pink was one of those. She will always be close to you.


Miss Pink

8 years ago

Mary   I know how you felt about Miss Pink.  It was special bond.  The years will get easier but the memories will always remain.  It's been 5 years since I lost Dutchess and I still tear thinking of her but I smile at the wonderful memories she left me.  Thinking of you always, my friend. 

Rex July 1993 - Dec 27, 2010
8 years ago


The big dog has gone to the bridge to be with Peanut. 


Rex was put to sleep Monday, after a seizure. He was 17 1/2 and lived a good, long life - the best I could give him. It's taken me a couple of days to even post and it's still hard to type through the tears.  He was a very special boy, smart, loving, loyal. There is a huge hole in my heart.  I still have my Ink and new boy Hank and love them dearly, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Rex.


action Rex.jpg


Rex at dog beach, he loved it there


  RIP Big Dog

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8 years ago

Aw Vic I'm so sorry!



RIP Big Dog and may there be beaches to run free where you are.........

8 years ago

I'm so sorry Vic.  RIP Rex. 

8 years ago

Oh Vic, I'm so so sorry to hear about Rex.  It's obvious how special he was and what a great bond you had with him.  Every so often an animal walks into our life that touches us just a little more than the others.  He will be remembered fondly.  Sending you love and hugs


As Erin used to say...


Rex, may your spirit soar and your soul be free

6 years ago

Good Lord, Vic, it has already been a year and a half since Rex left!  Can that be possible?  Where in heaven's name are the days disappearing to.  I was just rereading this thread and realized, I never ever told you how sad I was to see your big dog leave, but wow, 17 1/2 years is pretty good.


The following is one of my all time favorite oral essays by Baxter Black (who I absolutley love) and let's dedicate it to Rex and Peanut and and Tommy, and all the dogs in our lives who left indelible marks on our souls and hearts.


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Piccolo 5/11/2011--9/22/2012
6 years ago

After a really very short and unexpected illness, little Piccolo died this evening.  Leopold never left his side not even to eat, sticking close as friends do for one another.  Leopold looks somehow diminished in size this evening.  He looks to where not so long ago, his best friend was sitting, and he is not there.  They really were best friends and I am not sure, but I would be willing to bet that even little birds grieve for their companions.

6 years ago

So sorry, Mary. I'm sure they were best friends. Animals know how to give and receive love. Are you gonna get another friend for Leopold?


6 years ago

I am sure that Leopold is grieving for little Piccolo. 

6 years ago

Maybe in due time, Kate, but I would not want Leopold to be rushed into another companion while is just recovering from this loss.  As I did with Mr Atticus after Miss Pink died, I mistakenly went and brought home a younger cat, Mr Smoogers and in hindsight, I should have let Mr Atticus his time to grieve and to be allowed to be with me and to get through it together.  As it was I didn't and I think Mr A was cheated out of some valuable grieving time. So I have let Mr S have his own time to become his own fella.  Then maybe another cat down the line.  When Leopold lost Kate, I immediately got a new little companion for him, and in that case it worked out well.  However, I think I need to let him adjust.  I need to refurbish the cage.  Out with the old and in with some new stuff, unused by either Kate or Piccolo.  Give Leopold his day in the sun with a whole new set of "furniture" so to speak.  I'll play it by ear and do what I think is appropriate for the future with Leo.

6 years ago

Aw that is just so sad.  I'm sorry for you and Leo both. 

6 years ago

Oh Mary, I'm sorry to hear about little Piccolo. He was so young. I hope Leo doesn't grieve too long and he will have a new friend soon.


PS I just saw your post from a month ago, I don't know how I missed it the first time. Thank you



I've been gone from this group....
6 years ago

for a good long while.

Last spring my rescued was diagnosed with cancer and had to be PTS.

Many of you know how Oreo came to live with me, but for those who don't.... We had 6 cats and 2 dogs. Plenty of fur kidz. My son and his friend Steven called me begging me to take in Oreo. I really didn't need any more mouths to feed, but the story was a heart breaker. Steven's family had lost their home. Someone had stepped right up and adopted their dog, but no one wanted a special needs, elderly meezer cat. So I said I'd foster her. Oreo never left my side until the day I had to take her on that final ride.

I know I kept her longer than I should have, but she was patient. When I observed her shaking her head I knew her pain levels were too high and I made the appointment.

I know she is in a special place now and probably with Angel and Samantha who were pets of mine that passed before her.

I miss my little mezzer-brat, as I affectionately called her. She rests in a sunflower urn next to Samantha and Angel's urns.

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6 years ago

Spooky, first of all - WELCOME BACK!    It's good to see you back.  I remember when you were a member a while back.  


I thought I answered this last night but... guess not.  Sorry!


Thank you for the wonderful story about you and Oreo.  She sounded like special cat.  I love the nickname - the elderly meezer.  I know exactly what you mean by that.  It's so sweet.  It sounds like your time with her was short but meaningful - for both you and her.  


Sometimes animals and humans walk into our lives unexpected and leave an impression on us forever.  Fate stepped in and brought Oreo into your lives.  


Thank you again for the beautiful story and I'm so sorry for your loss.  


She's in very good company over that rainbow bridge.  

6 years ago

Mary so sorry to hear about Piccolo. I read this a few days ago and wanted to post.  How is Leo doing?

6 years ago

Leo is pretty okay, but without Piccolo to interact with he is pretty sedate and doesn't have much to do but sleep with his head tucked under his wing and his one foot in his pocket.  He perks up some when I turn on the TV.  They have always assumed the voices in the TV were talking to them and they would get a little louder as the evening sore on.  Now he just garbles a bit but not nearly as animated as before.


I am meeting someone from craigslist who lives somewhere here in the area.  We are meeting in front of the Payless shoe store (very public place although I do not think this is an ax murderer) and she has 4 birdcages to sell for 15 dollars a piece.  I told her I was interested in a small one.  I am planning on putting Leo in it then scrub up the big cage and bring in the new furniture.  Then let him back in.  Then I will scrub up the new cage again and bring a new bird home.  He will stay in the little cage until I am certain he is healthy, then introduce him to Leo.  I hope with all my heart that we can find someone he attaches to like he did with Piccolo.  They were pretty close.  Much more so than ever Leo was with Kate, although he and Kate were good buddies and when Kate got sick, Leo sat close to her, too.  He seems to be a pretty kind little bird.


Thanks for asking, Rachel. I shall tell Leo you asked after him.  Who knows? He may just understand it in some way.

6 years ago

I"m sorry I haven't been around Mary.  Been really busy but wanted to weigh in that I think it's a good idea to get a friend for Leo.  He seems like a really social bird so I think a friend will help perk him up more than anything else.  Poor little guy.  Fingers crossed for you all.  


6 years ago


I got a new used cage from a pre-garage sale.  It's a small one I cleaned up really well to place a new little bird in for a week or so to make certain he/she doesn't have any health issues before I place him/her in with Mr. Leopold. I have also cleaned up Mr. Leopold's cage also getting rid of an old hanging toy that was pretty used up, a new cuttle bone, and some new kind of liner that is supposeed to be more absorbant and odor reducer.  I probably check out the new birds tomorrow.  Will keep you all up to date on what comes about.  I will also most likely will continue this saga in the thread I started titled All My Children Have Four Feet or Feathers as this thread is for remembering our little ones whose spirits have entered a new stage.




Lost Anakin to a Major stroke 6:10pm July 24th 2014 :(
4 years ago

4 years ago

so sorry- helooks like a real cutie.  RIP Anakin.

4 years ago

I'm sorry Michele




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