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Hey, Little F. Thanks for joining. May 30, 2012 5:22 AM

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halloo? any one home? May 21, 2012 1:59 PM

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 October 17, 2007 9:52 AM

Hi Louise and thanx for joining our group! 

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anonymous Thank you for the kind welcome ! October 16, 2007 10:53 AM

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welcome October 14, 2007 9:16 PM

Louise F. and Beverly welcome to the group.. Peace and light  [ send green star]
anonymous Hi Everyone I am new here October 03, 2007 2:16 PM

Hi all, I am new here and hope to learn and contribute. Louise  [report anonymous abuse]
Hi Beverly August 27, 2007 9:41 AM

Welcome and thank you for joining us!

Please feel free to browse the threads, archives & teachings. I try to update the teachings as often as possible, not as often as I'd like. This is a pretty free flowing group. We come here often as possible to update but not daily.
Please feel free to comment on threads or start a new topic/thread.
If you'd like to learn more about the book "A Flower Does Not Talk" please read the 10 Oxherding Pictures here

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 August 26, 2007 9:13 PM

Hello everyone, I'm Beverly. Looking through Care2 hoping to find a free-thinking spiritual group and make  a few like-minded friends.  [ send green star]
Minerna! August 25, 2007 6:40 AM

Hi T!  It's so nice to see you and filled with that big beautiful heart and spirit! 

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 August 24, 2007 8:18 PM

Carol P, you little dickens...THANKS for the invitation.

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 November 11, 2006 8:53 PM

Welcome Austin

peace and light
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anonymous Hi everyone November 11, 2006 7:55 PM


I'm 18 yrs old. Currently doing a BA of Arts/Health Sciences and futilely trying to find a paid job to cover my living expenses. When I graduate I hope to work in maybe community health or an aid organization (perhaps World Food Programme?)

In my spare time I practice (translation: painfully try to drag my ass off the couch to do) Chinese martial arts. My background is in Wing Chun but I like to pick up bits and pieces of other things on the way. I guess that's kinda how I got into Zen.


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 November 03, 2006 2:30 PM

Wish you the best! Missed you! Peace and light be with you!  [ send green star]
anonymous  November 03, 2006 6:51 AM

Just wanted to let u know I have to scale down and leave most of my groups due to health considerations. Thank you for having me. The group is great!

L&Hugs, Sue Ann

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 August 21, 2006 7:03 PM

Essie and Rafael! i miss u!!!!!!  [ send green star]
 August 21, 2006 5:56 PM

Essie  [ send green star]
Melissa... August 07, 2006 10:10 PM

sure this place can be of healing, and whatever else you find proper for keep in mind zen is not religious, but universal, and personal on growth and understanding and pace

so feel free to ask when you need to. we will reply and answer.

Rafael Ernesto
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Thankyou for the warmth of your welcome.. August 07, 2006 7:33 PM

Your kindness is healing... I stand in awe of your radiant soulfulness and profound sincerity.
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 August 07, 2006 9:19 AM

Welcome Melissa ! .  [ send green star]
 August 06, 2006 12:25 AM



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Hello? I'm new... August 05, 2006 12:21 AM

I join this group wounded and slightly bent of frame. I believe, with absolution, that nothing is without purpose. I believe, with absolution, that if we follow our hearts, we cannot go astray. I believe, with absolution, that in wisdom and compassion and understanding, pain gives way to suffering and that suffering serves the deepening of the spirit.

In consequence of an action (in which I did truly have no other recourse) that absolute faith has been shaken. In the struggle to hold on to everything that I believe, I failed to realize how angry I had become with myself. Disciplined in the practice of compassion and non-judgement, I am frightfully aware of how detrimental anger can be; even if (and perhaps especially if) its directed towards one's self.

I'd like to pour my heart out if I'm welcomed to do so..


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 August 04, 2006 10:29 PM

Nice to have you Roxann! Peace and light ! Patrick  [ send green star]
new member.... August 04, 2006 9:30 AM

Hi group, I'm happy to be here and to make new friends......peace, love and happiness....Roxann  [ send green star]
 June 10, 2006 7:03 AM

         Sue ! ! !


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anonymous Hello June 10, 2006 6:12 AM

Hi. I'm Sue, and I'm new. I know very little here, so please bear with me. I'm here to learn, to improve myself and the world in any way I can.

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anonymous Rafael~ March 30, 2006 11:47 PM

Nice to meet you!
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hello^2 ;) March 28, 2006 10:36 PM

It seems I should introduce myself again I am Rafael Ernesto. right now I just have a vague idea of what I said first time, but right now, I just feel the same Well, I got to learn that I may be of good there, so, I thought about me being catholic, and I remember  the other cohosts very diverse we are.

Right now it is 2:30am in PR, so I will leave to sleep soon, and get a good rest so I can be available here

Good day and blessings and light,

Rafael Ernesto
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Goodmorning!Essie March 28, 2006 9:36 AM

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 March 22, 2006 9:54 AM

      Welcome all new members! Thanks Amin, Eric, Sarvo and Karla for doing such wonderful jobs as hosts! I will be absent even more... We are currently working on promotion in Japan and many other campaigns (artist promotion) and I am so grateful to all the hosts and all the members for your contribution to the group! you are amazing!
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anonymous Hi all! March 14, 2006 5:09 AM

Carol, Amin; thank you! Carol was kind enough to ask me to co-host this group and I feel honored.  [report anonymous abuse]
 March 13, 2006 6:49 AM

Linda and Karimah

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 March 12, 2006 5:03 PM

Blessings to you as well ---- welcome!  [ send green star]
 March 12, 2006 4:20 PM

I was invited by Linda T. and am pleased to be here.

Peace and blessings,


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Linda... March 11, 2006 11:40 PM

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 March 11, 2006 11:52 AM

Linda, Konichua ~ Nee How Ma and Kamsahamneedha.  [ send green star]
Linda! March 11, 2006 11:43 AM

Yes! Please join us!!!  [ send green star]
anonymous  March 11, 2006 10:34 AM

HI,!! THIS is an interesting group! can I join?  [report anonymous abuse]
 March 11, 2006 9:12 AM

Janey and Karla! so glad u've joined us here!

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 March 08, 2006 10:59 PM

Peace and blessing to all the beautiful people here, I'm Janey and am grateful to have found this group (through my new awesome friend Amin!)

I am very grounded in my religion yet/and am open to sharing spirituality and transcending borders with others!  This seems to be the right medium to explore and share that for now. 

Love and light and joy and all the endless other positive blessings and commandments~  Janey

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anonymous Hi I'm Karla March 08, 2006 10:14 PM

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anonymous  March 07, 2006 5:18 PM

Hi,can I join too?I've had the influences since I was a child,but started reading the Buddhist books and practicing more seriously 5 years ago. It feels good to be part of a group with common interest and goals.Enlightment.  [report anonymous abuse]
 February 24, 2006 12:48 AM

Ma!  [ send green star]
 February 24, 2006 12:29 AM

Hello and thank for all the cordial and warm welcomes...

From Oregon, USA


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Welcome February 22, 2006 1:17 PM

Welcome all new members!  Thank you so much for joining us here at FDNT.  I apologize for being scarce of late.  I have so much going on with my company but I can tell you that I read your posts and I get such a lift & feeling of family/community that this keeps me balanced & grounded.  Thank you all sooooooooooo much!  Much love to all!  Such a wonderful group of people, I am so honored to know you!  [ send green star]
Welcome Estelle February 16, 2006 9:57 AM

Thank you for joining us Estelle  

Most of us cannot post everyday...weekly if we are lucky!  It's more the quality of the teachings than the quantity of posting   Feel free to post whenever you feel you have the time!
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anonymous  February 16, 2006 5:46 AM

hello you all.. this is a virtual garden of peace. i have not posted yet, as i am still enjoying just reading the threads and all the wisdoms and views within all the beautiful topics. thankyou.  [report anonymous abuse]
 January 31, 2006 6:27 PM


nice ta meetcha.

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 January 21, 2006 3:04 AM

Carol  it has been a bit hectic here as well I hope every thing is going well for everyone peace and hugs --- will try to get here more often --  [ send green star]
 January 16, 2006 10:01 AM

Keep it festive Amin! I'll be out of the studio soon!!!  [ send green star]
 January 16, 2006 9:02 AM

thx Carol! good to be back! missed u too sis! so why is it so quite in here? come on lets make some noise!  [ send green star]
 January 16, 2006 7:53 AM

Welcome home Amin-a-poo! Wow, I've really missed you! LOL
Thank you Essie! I love your "three words" thread! That is such a fun idea!

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 January 15, 2006 5:42 PM

hey everyone! Essie, Sarvo, Eric, Carol, everyone.. been away but now i'm back!  [ send green star]
Hello sweet Carol! January 15, 2006 2:03 PM

Beautiful club here! see a lot of beautiful sisters and brothers here! Happy New Year!  Love your threads! sending many hugs and Blessings! Love ya Essie  [ send green star]
Lost in translation! January 11, 2006 12:55 PM

So sorry Savro & group! I'm sooooooo stuck in the studio right now...
I could use this group & some Zen right now to keep me from pulling out my hair! LOL

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 January 07, 2006 11:18 PM

Yikes! I just now discovered this group. Wow! 83 members already. Alright. This is going to be interesting. Thanks for the invitation Carol.

      sarvo2f.gif sarvo3f.gif sarvo1f.gif

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anonymous ello! & welcome to all Darlins... November 25, 2005 10:16 AM

Image hosted by  [report anonymous abuse]
 November 15, 2005 8:25 AM

Hi and welcome  to all new members! I'm sorry I have been scarce of late, but I am working hard on some final editing for my CD.  I don't dare  break this creative flow right now! LOL  Getting sidetracked is wayyyyyyy too easy for me!  As most of you know, I haven't had much creative inspiration lately!  No muses I guess! Ha! But seems things are once again flowing and I know myself well enough to not get sidetracked and disturb this flow!  LOL My bad!  I'll see all of you soon and to those of you who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting & welcoming to the group, I look forward to getting to know all of you in the near future!  Peace, Love, Light & Music 2 all!!   Sending  much love 2 u...and koo koo kee choo!

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 October 15, 2005 9:37 PM

Hello and Blessings to all - cant get here very often but will do what I can to contribute- peace and health ----- Eric A  [ send green star]
Welcome Frank, Christopher & Kimberly!!! October 10, 2005 8:20 PM

j zenWelcome Kimberly, Christopher and Frank!!! So glad u joined us!

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Welcome Simon! October 10, 2005 9:49 AM

Welcome & thanks for joining us Simon!

j gardern

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anonymous Tina I saw your posts here before mine October 06, 2005 10:31 AM

unless it was Deja Vu???

i am a

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Nikki Jo! October 06, 2005 10:07 AM

Did you just join?! 

Were you here before me?! 

I'm confused...but VERY happy!!! 

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anonymous  October 06, 2005 6:31 AM

(Amin)"A flower does not talk"


(I am Nikki Jo)

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Welcome New Members! October 05, 2005 10:33 AM

Welcome to this wonderful group of friends and thank YOU for joining us Cristina, Lorna, Barry, MelissaAnnie, Derek, DeejoyzAlex & Dawn !!!!!

               Zen Gate

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Amin October 02, 2005 1:36 PM

We miss you because we LOVE you!     Hurry back!!!  [ send green star]
hey everyone! October 02, 2005 9:51 AM

just a quick hallo. still really busy but can c the end of the tunnel now! hopefully will b with u all soon! co-hosts, sorry 4 not being around lately  [ send green star]
Welcome Je C! September 25, 2005 8:25 PM


Welcome Je C !!!!


LOL I don't know if this picture is showing up either!  

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Many Kudos September 25, 2005 6:03 AM

~Thank You Ken & Carol~

I so appreciate your thoughts, this feels like a warm, peaceful group....I felt this when I was posting my hello...

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone....I hope you enjoy.


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Jainice! September 25, 2005 5:52 AM

Wow!! That is such great news about your book!!!  I can't wait to read it!!!  [ send green star]
 September 24, 2005 9:45 PM

Welcome to the group and congradulations on having your book published. That's quite an honor. I'll bet a lot of your poems would fit in here.


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Hi there..... September 24, 2005 7:57 PM

I have been a member for a little while....I am not sure how I missed saying "Hello"

So, here I am   saying "Hello" to everyone and hoping to hang out for a while to get to know everyone.

I am a mother/wife/grandmother.....I married my HS sweetie and we are still best friends.  I am also an author/poet, and an ordained minister of positive thought & inspiration.  My book of poetry  "Heart Of Joy" will be released in 2-4wks.....shew....getting nervous again....

I'll catch everyone later....

Have a good one!!

~Peace & Light~Mz.Janice~

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Richard September 24, 2005 8:31 AM

Awesome art! I'll certainly use some pictures from your site! The art reminds me so much of thse playing cards my mom used.  The cards were small like little cardboards of art. Very soothing!  [ send green star]
 September 24, 2005 7:44 AM

Enjoyed your cherry blossoms.

If you liked the Tokaido Road from the relaxation table

try the Kisokaido Road as well

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Welcome Richard! September 23, 2005 7:23 PM

Welcome Richard!!! I'll have to check out your Zen Garden! Thanks! 


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 September 23, 2005 6:25 PM

Thank you Amin;  happy and sucessful travels for you.

I'm Richard, i've been around for many years, zen is my favorite flavour.

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Carol September 23, 2005 5:01 PM

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Amin Can Can September 23, 2005 4:48 PM

      LOL Amin!!!       


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Welcome Tina September 23, 2005 4:44 PM

U entered the group perfectly! From where you are!


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Thank You Amin... September 23, 2005 4:42 PM

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 September 23, 2005 4:05 PM

Tina!!!!!!!!!!!! definitely deserves one of my cancan dances  [ send green star]
New Here September 23, 2005 3:59 PM

I wasn't invited, I just kind of "followed" a friend here (I won't mention any names).  As I started reading many of the various post's, I felt overcome with an openess, and a desire to become member #70. 

There is so much depth here...I have as much depth, as I do humor (and those who know me are aware of how humorous I can be)!  But I seriously yearn for a place of peace, comfort, spirituality, and connectedness. 

Light & Love,

Tina B.

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Alicia,Cat,Jennifer,Dianna,Ann,Eyekim,Tammy,Elizabeth,Walaa,Marti,Tania,Youngmother,Jessie September 21, 2005 8:19 AM


Warm Welcomes to

Alicia, Cat, Jennifer, Dianna, Ann, Eyekim, Tammy, Elizabeth, Walaa, Marti, Tania, Youngmother, Jessie




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 September 20, 2005 3:24 PM

 sooo glad u could all join! its always GREAT to have all ur friends around u!!!  [ send green star]
Welcome!!!!! Marisa, Mercado, Chassidy, Ann, Dawud, Sarah September 20, 2005 2:09 PM

Welcome new members & friends of our sweet Amin! 

Welcome!!!!! Marisa, Mercado, Chassidy, Ann, Dawud, Sarah



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 September 20, 2005 12:22 PM


u always have so many interesting and wise things to share! Sooo glad u joined us!

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 September 20, 2005 12:12 PM

thank you Amin for the invite it looks like a great group..i'm Ann from Georgia..and enjoy nature and love to travel to..hope u have a great and easy Amin u are a great person...  [ send green star]
Welcome Maggie, Paola, Lisa & Hathalia !!! =D September 18, 2005 6:38 AM

to Maggie, Paola, Lisa and Hathalia!!!

 Please pull up your chairs and make yourselves at home!  


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 September 17, 2005 6:21 PM

hello..from peru  [ send green star]
Welcome September 11, 2005 10:59 PM

Pamela, David, Frank, JD, Montse, Gem, Ursula, Slim, Bongani, Lisa & Jon!




So GLAD you have joined us!

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Welcome Sharleeen!!!! September 07, 2005 8:01 AM


Welcome Sharleen!!!  So glad you joined us! You and I gave something in common!!!  MUSIC!

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 September 07, 2005 7:27 AM

Hello!  Sharleen here 51 years old. Retired and semi-sane.  Grandmother and very proud of granchildren, they are a lot more fun than my boys!  

I do a lot of crafting and reading and spend too much time on the computer!

I love the peace and quiet of the outdoors and am currrently trying to teach myself to drum and play the guitar.  Thank heavens I live in the country and only my dogs  hear me!!

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 September 05, 2005 4:30 PM


break ups can b quite painful.. hope u find the positive energy needed for healing among us.. breakups often provide us with the opportunity to work on ourselves.. Zen stories and teachings hold infinte wisdom

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 September 05, 2005 4:00 PM

hi tammy here, single mom, full time factory work. ewwww.......dealing with a recent break up w my boyfriend. um not good at intro's~~~~~!!!!! but i am here and will contribute as best i can. i also host PANDASforLIFE, and FALLEN ECHOS   [ send green star]
AMIN! September 05, 2005 12:11 PM

That is so kind of you to share with us!!!  I will follow your lead and I will leave a brief introduction, but later when after I finish up working for the day!!!   Shhhh....

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 September 05, 2005 11:45 AM

i dont usually introduce myself in groups, we get to kno each other thro our communications and interacting with each other but it feels different here..

Amin, 32yrs old, egyptian, medical doctor. have been living in cairo for a number of yrs now but moving to beirut, Lebanon in 10 days to start on a journey i'm hoping would lead me to my lifelong dream of work in international large-scale aid projects in developing countries. yes, i dream of someday doing my part in helping in famine stricken areas, disaster relief, war torn areas.. u get the picture

my interest in spirituality started very early. my life revolved around animals and nature ever since i was a baby. any where my parents took me, a baby in his cot, i'd b swamped by cats and dogs. animals' interest in me grow with my interest in them and they taught me a lot on how to live at one with nature and the world.

traveled and more importantly, observed the world extensively ever since i was 5. with a lot of reading, observing, interacting, experimenting, and a lot of work from the inside..  that's me today..

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Introductions and Welcome!!! September 04, 2005 9:29 AM

Welcome all new members!!!  So very glad you are here with us! Please feel free to introduce yourselves!  


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