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The Krystal Planet Advantage: September 14, 2005 9:27 AM

Why is the Krystal Planet (KP) business opportunity so exciting? Because we are the FIRST. KP is the 1st company to enter the energy industry using Referral Based Marketing (RBM). Never before has an individual, anywhere in the world, had the opportunity to start their own worldwide energy business. The 1st company to enter any new industry using RBM usually becomes one of the largest companies in that industry in short order. Examples: Primerica division of Citibank, Prepaid Legal, Excel, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef (bought by Warren Buffet). Krystal Planet is the 1st in the energy industry – we will quickly become a multi-billion-dollar company. YOU can become wealthy helping us get there and saving the planet at the same time. Because we are the ONLY. As of January 2005, there is not a single RBM company in the clean energy industry. That won’t last forever as others begin to copy Krystal Planet, so get started today while we are still the only game in town! Because it’s GROUND FLOOR. The energy industry is 10 times bigger than telecommunications & computers combined ($10 Trillion worldwide). Shell Oil company states that by 2050 (45 years from now), 50% of all energy will come from renewable sources. A growing industry that is already the largest in the world by far – and being forced to switch to cleaner sources of power. Welcome to the beginnings of the largest shift of wealth the world has ever seen. Because of the RESIDUAL INCOME potential. Our Hybrid Bi-Matrix compensation plan contains the most secure and lucrative ‘back-end’ residual component we could create, based on the ongoing use of energy. With 1,000 Ecos on your team, you could earn $6,000 to $10,000 per month. Because of the LOW START-UP COST. Join for less than the cost of a good pair of shoes. Or, buy everything in our top GOLD enrollment package for less than $1,200 – still far less than tuition for one semester at a public university. Because of the LONG-TERM STABILITY. Our wind projects produce power for 30-50 years and get paid by stable electric utilities. Demand for electricity should be around for a while. Because it FEELS GOOD. You are now in the planet-saving business. How does it feel reducing dependence on fossil fuels & foreign oil? Because we have the BEST PRODUCTS in our industry: FutureWind is the ONLY green tag product on the planet that is: tax deductible, monthly gift, referral program, 100% wind, directly contributes to building NEW wind turbines. Green Machine is the ONLY Fuel Catalyst on the planet that is: certified by the EPA, tested by over 20 independent labs, endorsed by dozens of independent magazines and trade publications, includes a 10% written guarantee on fuel savings, has a 5-year warranty, is a one-time installed treatment (not an additive), and works on any engine ever built. Because IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.  [ send green star]
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