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Compensation January 02, 2006 2:13 PM

Give Mother Earth CPR! Join the C.lean P.ower R.evolution!!! Krystal Planet pays Energy Consultants (ECos) in several ways, including those shown below. * Sell energy efficiency products: buy wholesale, sell at retail (inventory is not required – KP takes care of the product fulfillment). New ECos can earn a check their 1st week! * Sell FutureWind: every 3 customers = $30 per month. Refer 3, yours is free! Immediate income: paid weekly to qualified ECos. * Car Allowance: qualify for $400, $800, or $1200 per month for a hybrid or other eco-friendly car. * Wealth-building income: Participate in bonus pools (override Krystal Planet’s entire worldwide sales, including revenues from wind generated electricity earned from 20-year contracts with utilities). * Build a team of dealers in your area (or worldwide; this is optional): you can earn overrides on the sales made by dealers you are working with on your team. The better job you do of training & supporting your team and the more sales they make, the more money you make. The bigger your team, the more money you can make since products & services accumulate Eco Points (EP). Once qualified, you’re paid based on EP in a Hybrid Bi-Matrix compensation plan (EP accrue monthly on FutureWind & ongoing services, paid to infinite depth, EP do not ‘flush’). This is called Referral Based Marketing (RBM) since your team works together to maximize referrals from satisfied customers and can create a secure, residual income stream for your business that can be passed onto future generations. * Example: if you enroll one (1) new FutureWind retail customer, Preferred Customer, or another dealer on FutureWind each month, and 75% of your these FutureWind customers refer just one (1) new FutureWind customer per month (the other 25% do nothing; remember customers can receive a $30 Refer 3 check each month for every 3 other FW customers they refer), the chart on the right shows your monthly income during year one. Note: assumes no product purchases from the KP catalog from any customers, which is unlikely and will increase total Eco Points and your income. To calculate your own example, click on the button to the right. * There is no corporate profit-hoarding. Every time FutureWind is sold, $5-10 goes into the escrow account to build wind turbines and $15-20 goes to commissions for ECos, with no exceptions. In fact, Krystal Planet pays out ~50% of gross revenues as sales commissions every week. * Lots of perks for our ECos, including trips to a sustainable island, awards of wind, solar, and hydrogen systems, and more.. Our distributors love our hybrid bi-matrix compensation plan because it’s simple, lucrative, and exciting. You don’t need an accounting degree to figure it out! * The bottom line: the world is switching to clean power so there is a lot of money to be made in the clean power revolution -- and we’ll teach you how! Krystal Planet’s success is wholly dependent on the success of people like you. Give Mother Earth CPR! Join the C.lean P.ower R.evolution!!!  [ send green star]
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