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Do NOT Paste Children's Stories Into Emails! September 04, 2005 8:04 AM

Why Not Just Copy Stories

to paste into emails to friends? 

Send some joy to a sick child!

I've personally spoken with families of children who were sick years ago and still have emails circulating about them, even though they have passed away or are grown up and healthy now. Cards are still being received by the thousands for some of these kids, and their families are begging people to STOP sending mail!   

So tell your friends about our kids, but please refer them to our web pages where they can get up-to-date, complete, information firsthand.  On this site, you will find out if a child is still alive, in remission, hospitalized, or battling a relapse, etc.  I periodically post updates on kids here, so you can find out whether they still need or want mail.  I also send out email updates on our "club kids" in the form of a weekly newsletter.  If you'd like to receive that, email me and request to be added to my mailing list. 

Back in 1989, Craig Shergold, a child with cancer, began receiving cards from all over the world because a chain-letter was going around asking people to send him cards. He was very satisfied after receiving 16 million cards in just one year! Currently, 13 years later and a total of 350 million cards, he is still receiving 36 mailbags full of cards every week because the chain letter is still going around. The Shergold family is begging for people to stop sending cards. In Craig's case, people with good intentions are forwarding the request  about sending cards to the boy, and people who receive the email have no way of knowing how many years ago the email originated or if it still applies, or even if such a child really exists. 

In our case, we want people to forward this site's link only. This way, when people come to our site, they can discover whether the child they want to write to is still in need of mail, or if the family does not wish to receive any more cards.  When a child has passed away, it's heartbreaking for the parents to continue receiving get well cards in the mail.

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