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The Crime: The Savage Capture of 30 Calves! September 21, 2005 12:47 PM

A brief overview on the Tuli Elephant Scandal! Named the "Tuli" elephants for the region they were violently stolen from the wild..The Tuli Block.  Thirty elephant calves viciously snatched away from their mothers & their family herds!

What has been called "The Cruellest Of Culls" a testament to cruelty & greed in the lucrative wildlife trade!!

The details will leave you shocked & outraged as they did first a nation , South AFrica & then the world.

Video footage of savage beatings based on 14th century Mahout techniques made the news & the people were HORRIFIED!!

Learn here, What was done to them, how they were captured, then tortured! Read the articles from major newspapers worldover..There was public outrage like never before! The opinion voiced over & over was the same...People were HORRIFIED & CRIED "SET THE CALVES FREE"!!

Sadly..The world is forgetting The Tuli Elephants. Why this group? To REMIND the people or educate those who have never heard of them. Why is it important?

Because there is ALWAYS a clear & PRESENT DANGER of this HAPPENING AGAIN!!

The most powerful weapon we have is our VOICE, our knowledge, our ability to teach, inform & educate..

The Tuli Elephants..spread the word.

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 September 25, 2005 9:40 PM

The helicopters came without warning, flying low over the elephant herds on the Botswana reserve. The great gray animals began to scatter, running to escape the roar of the machines above them, but the helicopters swooped low enough to shoot darts into 30 of the babies. As the infants fell, the ’copters drove away their trumpeting mothers. One frantic mother refused to leave despite the terrifying, swirling propeller, so the men darted her, too, and she crashed to the ground, unable to save her calf.

When she woke up, and the mothers, sisters and aunts of the herd returned, all the babies were gone. They were just 2 to 6 years old; most of them were still nursing. These mother elephants, who treasure and protect their young throughout a long childhood and adolescence, would never know what happened to their babies. In fact, their infants were on their way to South Africa to be “broken” and sold to zoos, circuses and safari parks around the world.

The elephant slave trader who bought them, with the approval of Botswanan and South African officials, is Riccardo Ghiazza. He and his supporters claimed that the reserve was overpopulated, that the elephants would have starved if the herds had not been “thinned.” But a wildlife photographer who happened to be filming the elephants just the day before documented the plump, healthy condition of the animals.

More on website above.

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 February 13, 2006 8:35 AM

omg thats so horrible.....

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