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5 years ago

Americans Are Flushing Old Growth Forests Down The Toilet

Remember when Sheryl Crow wanted everyone to use only one sheet of toilet paper at a time? Maybe she had a point. Toilet paper has recently become a hot topic for environmentalists who claim that the manufacturing of "TP" creates more damage than gas-guzz
5 years ago

The World's 5 Most Eco-Friendly Corporations

One may question the motives, but the spreading popularity of eco-conscious living really seems to have made an impact on the ever present power battle between consumers and suppliers, with both sides now being happy enough to walk that extra mile to
5 years ago

Small Actions By Billions of People Will Help to Solve Our Climate Crisis.

Global warming knows no boundaries and affects all of us. We have the tools for each of us to make a difference. Small actions by billions of people will help to solve our climate crisis. Download our 12 tips that you can follow to make an impact, or che
5 years ago

Reducing Waste at Home

Households in Minnesota are creating and throwing away more waste than ever. From junk mail to excess paint to food scraps, this garbage takes time and money to deal with. Fortunately, there's a lot you can do to reduce your waste at home. Besides
5 years ago

Householders Forced to Recycle More Because Councils Abandon Weekly Collections

Householders are being forced to recycle more of their waste because councils are only collecting their rubbish every fortnight, new figures suggest.
5 years ago

How to Recycle Unwanted Christmas Presents

Purse Strings: If you've been underwhelmed by Father Christmas, there are ways to offload your unwanted gifts without ruffling relatives' feathers, says Kara Gammell in Telegraph Wonder Women's weekly money advice column.
5 years ago

Gift Wrapping Creates Sorting Headache for Waste Plants

In the mad rush to pile that present mountain under the tree in shiniest bows and ribbons, how many of us think about the waste we're generating in the process?
5 years ago

8 Scary Things Lurking in Our Food Supply

The bright yellow pineapple and the red cherries found in the canned fruit you eat might appear to be natural, but those vivid colors are actually the
5 years ago

Single Men Found to Be Rubbish at Putting Out the Recycling

Women are doing more than their fair share of recycling, while single people living alone are less likely to recycle
6 years ago

15 Earth Day Tips That Really Make a Difference

For every trash can of waste you put outside for the trash collector, about 70 trash cans of waste are used in order to create that trash. To reduce the amount of waste you produce, buy products in returnable and recyclable containers and
6 years ago

Dark Chocolate Reduces Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes, Says Study

Researchers in Australia have found that eating 100 grams of dark chocolate everyday would help those who are at risk for heart attacks and strokes.
6 years ago

2 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Homes' Energy Use

As the cost of energy goes up, more people are trying to find ways to lower their energy bills. Most people take the logical approach of replacing their old windows and doors and getting more energy efficient units installed. Other people take the time
6 years ago

How to Recycle Rainwater for Use At Home

Rainwater is often wasted, and can represent a valuable way to recycle natural resources within the home. Given current problems like the UK hose pipe ban, it is important to think about alternative sources of water, and how correct storage, cleaning and
6 years ago

How Many Types Of Recyclable Plastic Are There?

Unfortunately for us all there isn't one type of plastic which we can use for everything and can be completely recycled. This is because in different applications (industrial, commercial and domestic), we need plastics to have variation to suit
6 years ago

Fossil Fuel Subsidies to Cost US 113,000,000,000 in Next 10 Years (Not Including Climate & Health Damage) Without Change has launched a big campaign against fossil fuel subsidies. As part of that, it is presenting some pretty startling and inconvenient facts about the cost of these subsidies to the US public. This subsidy counter is especially awesome, yet scary:
6 years ago

Trapped Like a Fly In The World Wide Web of Green Living

The thing about being a LOHAS consumer is that once you're turned on to greener options, you can't turn back. Plastic packaging starts to glare like sharp glass on supermarket shelves, your stockpile of reused jars and bags outgrows you
6 years ago

London Mayor Election: Who Is the Greenest Choice?

With Londoners due to go to the polls to elect a mayor for the next four years, the Ecologist analyses the policies and asks, who is the greenest choice?
6 years ago

Recycled Cardboard Into Life-Size Sculptures of Dentist Chairs and Pianos

Instead of sending flat, leftover cardboard boxes to the recycling center, artist Chris Gilmour transforms them into life-sized sculptures. Creating using nothing but cardboard and glue, the artist's sculptures are detailed and refined, as if made from
6 years ago

Condo Owners Fight Homeowner Associations For Their Right to Install Solar Power Read More: Condo Owners Fight Homeowner Associ

Do you think homeowners should have the right to install solar panels on their own condos? Many homeowner associations (HOAs) in the United States don't think so. Even as solar energy becomes increasingly cheaper with tax incentives bringing the costs do
6 years ago

California Leads the Nation in Solar and Clean Tech

A new report confirms what most felt in their guts - that California is a leader in the solar industry. Nonprofit group Next 10 released the fourth annual report on clean energy technology compiled Collaborative Economics. "We've been trying to ask the
6 years ago

China's Small Electric Vehicles Are Gaining Ground

Small electric vehicles are gaining popularity in China, despite their top speeds of only 30 km/h. Thousands of the three wheelers are being sold at between $600 and $1500.
6 years ago


Creating An Eco-Friendly Kids Room

Every caring parent understands that safety of the kid's room is the first and most important factor of home design. Unprotected child's body is exposed to the harmful effects of various toxins, radiation and bacteria.
6 years ago

How Organic Farming Is Better For The Earth

Conventional farms grow whatever crop is profitable, wherever that crop may be, and rely heavily on chemical-based pesticides to keep pests away.


6 years ago

Pineapple With Basil Lime Sugar

There are a few interesting dishes that people will never forget. This is one of them - the combination of pineapple and basil may sound unusual, but boy does it work! Caramelising the pineapple brings out its juices and natural
6 years ago

Chickens Fed Caffeine, Banned Antibiotics, and Prozac Often Without The Farmer's Knowledge

It's no surprise that conventionally factory farmed chickens aren't fed the best diet. We already knew that they were routinely fed arsenic. In fact, a 2004 study from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy showed that more
6 years ago

Booming Bamboo: The Next Super-Material?

Bamboo is being hailed as a new super material, with uses ranging from textiles to construction. It also has the potential to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, the biggest greenhouse gas, and provide some of the world's poorest people with cash.
6 years ago
Bottled Water Industry Wages Multi-Million Pound PR Battle Against Tap Water

Worried by a dip in sales, Nestlé is among the companies waging a million-pound public relations war to turn the public off tap water and back onto plastic bottled water
6 years ago

Food Waste: An Unpalatable Problem

Throughout the food supply chain, around 1.3 billion tonnes is wasted annually - enough to feed 3 billion people. While Italy isn't the worst when it comes to food wastage, it still throws away more than 30% of its edible food, amounting to over $50 M
6 years ago

How to Know Which Products Are Environmentally Friendly

Spring is often considered a time for renewal and change. When planning your home spring cleaning and design changes, consider which products and furniture you own that are sustainable. This is an opportunity to make modifications that will not only brin
6 years ago

Happy Smiling Seven-Year-Olds: The Twin Sisters Who Can Now Live Separate Lives Despite Being Born Conjoined at the Spine

They play side by side, walk hand in hand to school and love dressing-up games - the picture of happiness at seven years old. Yet these twin girls were born conjoined - bonded at the spine with a question-mark over whether they could survive.


6 years ago

Whole Milk Is Healthier Than Skimmed and Baked Potatoes Make You Fat... Why What You Thought You Knew About Healthy Food Is Wron

Who would have thought shopping for food could be so hard? Wander around any supermarket and you'll be bombarded with packaging plastered with nutrition labels and 'helpful' logos to help you assess the healthiness, or otherwise, of their contents.
6 years ago

Pink Slime Found In 70% Of Supermarket Ground Beef In ABC Investigation

The price of beef has risen dramatically in recent months and years. That's led many consumers to shift away from steaks and towards cheaper hamburgers and meatloaves when they've had a hankering for cow. But record highs mean that even ground beef is
6 years ago

Make Your Own Colorful Living Walls With These Recycled Wall Planters

Sometimes a simple clay pot will not do, especially if you're trying to create a living garden wall. When that happens, these colorful, recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) modular planters from KuL Designs will not only do the trick of letting your
6 years ago

Hospitals on Alert for Tainted Blood

A CONTAMINATION of human blood supplies has prompted the nationwide recall of a blood product routinely used in the treatment of patients in intensive care.
6 years ago

Canberra Killers Out in Force

The deluge of rain in southeastern Australia in the past week has brought out an added danger - rising crops of death cap mushroom in the nation's capital.
6 years ago

How Hearing Dogs Help Change Deaf Children's Lives

Dogs are commonly known as man's best friend, but it turns out they may also be a child's, particularly if those children are one of the 45,000 deaf children in the UK. Hearing dogs, as they are known, could transform many young lives by offering compan
6 years ago

What Do You Enjoy Doing?

Often, I hear people repeat the phrase, "Life is a journey, you have to enjoy the ride." I completely agree that it is important to enjoy the things you do each day. If you want to set up your life so that you can enjoy as many of the moments as possib
6 years ago

Eating Your Way Through Menopause

With the increasing numbers of women entering the baby boomer generation, and the average age of menopause in the United States hovering around 51, now more than ever is an opportunity for health care providers to instruct female patients how to eat
6 years ago

New 'Cocaine-Like' Drug Worries Ottawa Police

A new street drug has Ottawa police on alert and working hard to learn more. Police say an illegal powder known as bath salts, is a new drug trend that could soon be seen in Ottawa, even though no seizures have been made in the capital.
6 years ago

Antibiotics in Meat Give Humans Drug-Resistant Skin Infections, New Study Says

Using antibiotics in meat causes farmers to develop drug-resistant infections known as superbugs, a new study says. The study, published in the journal mBio, looks at a strain of MRSA that causes skin infections and
6 years ago

The Angry Generation: Lack of Parental Discipline Is Blamed for Aggressive and Anti-Social Children

Parents who fail to discipline their offspring properly are creating a generation of angry children who lash out in the classroom, a study has found. Pupils were twice as likely to be aggressive and disruptive if they had parents who were violent,
6 years ago

AFRICA@home is a website for volunteer computing projects which allow your computer to contribute to African humanitarian causes.

There is a huge potential for volunteer computing to help solve pressing health and environmental problems facing the developing world.

AFRICA@home addresses these problems by providing a common framework for volunteer computing projects that focus on African needs.

An important goal of AFRICA@home is to involve African students and African universities in the development and running of these volunteer computing projects.

The first application being developed for AFRICA@home is called This application models the way malaria spreads in Africa and the potential impact that new anti-malarial drugs may have on the region.

Also see


Thanks so much for letting me share

6 years ago

US Health Experts Give Nod to New Obesity Drug

An advisory panel to the US Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday urged approval of a new obesity drug, Qnexa, after warning against its approval in 2010 due to safety concerns.
6 years ago
Tap Water Vs Bottled Water: Which Is Healthier?

What is the difference between tap water vs bottled water from a health perspective? Both tap water and bottled water are considered "safe" in the United States. However, safe doesn't necessarily mean healthy.
6 years ago

Battling The Bottle: Students And Industry Face Off Over Water

Bottled water is trickling away from college campuses nationwide, thanks to the efforts of student activists and the non-profit groups that support them with campaigns like Ban the Bottle.
6 years ago


Green Jobs Program Faces Further Investigation

House Republicans are expanding their probe into the Obama administration's energy programs, investigating $500 million in green job training grants that placed just 10% of trainees in jobs, according to a government report.
6 years ago


Columnist Offers Inconvenient Truths to Go Green

Environmentalism can often be polarizing. While I think it's important to be loud sometimes, some people will always be annoyed by ridiculous antics. I know I'm personally appalled every time I see an absurd People for the


6 years ago
Scrapping of EcoEnergy Home Energy Audits Program Shocks

The federal government's decision to pull the plug on a popular energy efficiency program for homeowners came as a shock to Peterborough Green-Up.
6 years ago

Why Does Garlic Turn Blue and Is Blue Garlic Safe To Eat?

The Blue Garlic Surprise Perhaps you, as I, have been cooking with garlic for years, expecting garlic to remain a kind of off-white, uninteresting color throughout the cooking process. 

6 years ago


The 10 Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Help

In When Your Parent Becomes Your Child I discussed the issue of aging parents that concerns all of us sooner or later. But how do you know that your parent is in need of intervention?
6 years ago

Can Too Much Information Harm Patients? [Excerpt]

When a 58 year old, active, lean, intelligent financier from Florida came to see me for a second opinion, I should not have been surprised. For Valentine's Day the prior year, his wife's present was a computed tomography
6 years ago

How the Mind Creates Ideas

More and more quantum physicists are speculating about a correlation between how our creative minds process thoughts and the way the universe works. University of Oxford's mathematician
6 years ago

Grape Seed Extract Kills Head and Neck Cancer Cells, Leaves Healthy Cells Unharmed

Nearly 12,000 people will die of head and neck cancer in the United States this year and worldwide cases will exceed half a million. A study published this week in the journal Carcinogenesis shows that in both cell lines and mouse models,
6 years ago

10 Tips for Living Drug, Alcohol, Smoke Free 100

You Don't Have to be a Slave to Your Addictions Are drugs, alcohol or cigarettes ruling your life? Have you tried quitting only to pick back up again -- even though you really, really want to stop? A healthier life awaits you. You can do
6 years ago

What Are Friends for? Negating Negativity

"Stand by me" is a common refrain when it comes to friendship but new research from Concordia University proves that the concept goes beyond pop music: keeping friends close has real physiological and psychological benefits.
6 years ago

Do Expiration Dates Matter?

Teenage boys seem to eat non-stop. My grandson was visiting for the weekend and brought a friend. It was all that I could do to keep up with their insatiable appetite. Eventually, they took on the task of rooting around for food.
6 years ago

Food Fried in Olive or Sunflower Oil Is Not Linked to Heart Disease

Eating food fried in olive or sunflower oil is not linked to heart disease or premature death, finds a paper published in the British Medical Journal online ( The authors stress, however, that their study took place in Spain, a Mediterranean
6 years ago

Top 5 Foods to Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the nastiest habits, which, unfortunately, is very common nowadays. It is really hard to give up this habit, and thousands of people, who wanted to quit smoking,
6 years ago

Vitamin C Deficiency Is Linked To Increased Heart Failure Risk

A lot is said about the importance of vitamin C for our health and well being. Fortunately, this vitamin can be found in a great deal of natural sources like foods and herbal remedies. Still, we should control our vitamin C consumption and be sure that
6 years ago

Magic Mushrooms Trip Up Brain Activity

The active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms decreases brain activity, possibly explaining the vivid, mind-bending effects of the drug, a new study finds.
6 years ago


Expensive Egos: Narcissism Has a Higher Health Cost for Men

"Narcissistic men may be paying a high price in terms of their physical health, in addition to the psychological cost to their relationships," says Sara Konrath, a University of Michigan psychologist who co-authored the study
Telling Teenagers the Truth about Smoking Pot
6 years ago

Marijuana; Telling Teenagers the Truth

about Smoking Pot


Personally, I do not go for the 'scaremongering' stories about drugs... The history of the anti drug movement is motivated by many factors such as; 


Big Pharma eliminating all competition


Greed; a monopoly wants all of the money


Big banks laundering money for drug cartels 

"Who knows if the titans of big finance are strong-arming politicians to maintain marijuana prohibition?  With so many other issues important to their industry, from regulation to bail outs, why would they care if the herb is verboten?  When you read The Guardian’s piece on $378 billion money-laundered by Wachovia for Mexican drug traffickers or Bloomberg’s report on Bank of America’s financing of three planes for traffickers to transport 10 tons of cocaine into America, you begin to see the motivation to keep that steady flow of illicit cash into the world finance system"



History of 'antidrug' laws, as part of political device to get elected,8599,1888864,00.html


Legalizing drugs; is it the answer? 

OLITICS" rel="nofollow" >

6 years ago

Teens on Marijuana Prone to Schizophrenia and Psychosis

Teenagers should be aware of the possible psychological effects of using marijuana. Recent studies have shown that marijuana users, especially teens, could develop schizophrenia or psychosis with continued use of the drug.
6 years ago

Parents Warned on Rise of Teen Heroin Use

School authorities from the Carl Sandburg High School know how important the role of parents is in the fight against teen drug abuse. This is why, in the midst of recent reports that heroin use is up among teens, district administrators sent letters to
6 years ago

How Marijuana Can Be Detected in the Body

While the effects of marijuana can be short-lived in one's system, it can still be detected even after days or weeks. It all depends on how often one uses it and how much of it is used each time a person smokes it.
6 years ago

What It Looks Like When Food Grows Everywhere

From rooftop farms to utility easements doubling as community gardens, growing more food in more places is a common theme here on TreeHugger. But it's not like we need to reinvent the wheel. Rob Hopkins over at Transition Culture uses an old map to muse
6 years ago

Research Helping Combat Drug Addiction

Dr Bronwyn Kivell, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences, is screening a number of anti-addiction compounds that may ultimately form the basis of medications that help reduce cravings and prevent relapses for
6 years ago

Disgraced Doctor Banned in UK Practising in South Africa

A disgraced South African doctor who was banned from practising in the UK after a string of medical misconduct, fraud and sexual harassment complaints against him has resurfaced again working in his native country.
7 years ago

Slimmers of the Year: Before and After Pictures of the Winners

Eight slimmers who lost a total of 67 stone between them were revealed as winners of the Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Magazine slimmers of the year. Marc Littlejohn, 30, from Halstead, Essex, used to weigh 26st 2lb, but shed a staggering 10st 2lb to

7 years ago
Taking "Green" to the Extreme

"When we tell people that we drink rain water, they look at us like, 'you mean you can drink rain water?', and they're drinking a Mountain Dew or something," said Jay Warmke.

Jay and Annie Warmke left the corporate world for what they call a more honest life at Blue Rock Station in Philo, living in a home made out of garbage that uses passive solar energy, collects its own rain water and composts its own waste, but now they're taking their passion for sustainable living to the next level.


video Taking "Green" to the Extreme FULL STORY

7 years ago

Electricity Bills to Rocket By 25% Because of 'Green' Targets, Says Government

Electricity bills will rocket by almost a quarter as a direct result of ‘green’ targets, the Government’s own advisers warned last night.

A study by the Committee on Climate Change set out to debunk ‘myths’ about the impact of controversial EU climate change targets.

But its experts found that switching to wind farms and other ‘green’ sources of energy will lead to a significant hike in electricity prices.

Costly technology: Experts found that switching to more environmentally friendly sources such as wind farms will cause a hike in households' electricity prices

Costly technology: Experts found that switching to more environmentally friendly sources such as wind farms will cause a hike in households' electricity prices

7 years ago

A Glass of Water Has DNA Traces of EVERY Living Thing in a Whole Lake

Up until now, 'monitoring' animals has relied on fairly low-tech methods - finding the creatures and counting them. It's a method that's changed little in the last hundred years, even if biologists have added GPS tagging and computer monitoring once they
A glass of water has DNA traces of EVERY living thing in a whole lake - and it could change the way we monitor animals forever
  • Lets biologists 'count' animals - not just number of species
  • Works on anything from an otter to a dragonfly
  • Biologists still currently use 'manual' head counts
  • DNA method is as reliable as manual
  • In future, could even be used for fish quotas
7 years ago

Study Finds Something Fishy About Eco-Labels on Seafood

With so-called healthy options at fast-food joints and cleaning products that are supposedly good for the environment, it's no secret that advertisers tweak the truth.

The seafood industry is no different, according to a new study out of the University of Victoria that looks at eco-labels on seafood product and finds the so-called "organic" options aren't much better than your average fish stick.
7 years ago
Oxytocin Helps People Feel More Extroverted: Study Finds People More Sociable, Open, Trusting After Taking Oxytocin

ScienceDaily (Dec. 9, 2011) — First dates, job interviews or Christmas cocktail parties can be stressors for some people. Such social rites of passage have no doubt made shy or introverted individuals wish for a magic potion that could make them feel like socialites, yet the answer might actually come from a nasal spray.

7 years ago


How Do I Use Solar Power to Purify Water?

Even when it looks clear, water can carry hordes of microscopic germs -- bacteria and viruses that can wreak havoc on your body. Drinking water is normally sanitized at treatment plants before it enters the home, but if you're
7 years ago

How To Make Your Own Green Terrarium To Keep or Give Away for the Holidays!

Winter is almost here and the cold and lack of sun are enough to push some of us (including me!) over the edge. This year, rather than letting the gloomy weather get you down, why not create your own mini-world full of lush and beautiful plants to brighte
7 years ago
Preserving the harvest

read more




Eat local through the winter by preserving fall’s bounty now.

Canning is making a comeback as more take the time to preserve local food and enjoy the bounty all year long.

The dish on canning

When Elena Embrioni was growing up on a farm in Argentina, each week of the summer was devoted to preserving a different fruit or vegetable. "We'd start with tomatoes. Cases and cases, bushels of fresh, plump tomatoes," recalls the Toronto-based chef. "The whole family got involved. Neighbours, too. It would be a big party."

Green living, news..etc
7 years ago
| Hot!

Eating Well on a Budget


You can get the same healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats for less money.

"The strategy is to buy inexpensive foods that still provide the nutrients that support good health," says Dr Mickey Harpaz, a nutritionist and exercise physiologist with offices in New York and Connecticut.

Here are some tips:

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