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5 years ago

Self-love is something we often overlook. In theory we know that people should love themselves, yet we do not know of anyone who really does. The answer might lie in the fact that we were never really taught self-love. Instead, we were taught that loving ourselves meant that we were selfish, conceited, self-absorbed, narcissistic and so on and so forth. When in truth, the exact opposite is true. If we do not love ourselves then we do not have a chance to love anyone else. There is so much money to be made in feeding on people’s insecurities that we aren’t given a chance to see that the answer we’re all looking for lies in self-love. So how does having self-love affect your life? It takes your life from good to awesome. It changes your life without you having to do anything drastic to change it. Self-love changes every part of your life as it joins together who you are in your own heart and in the life that you lead and the people you will share your life with. Self-love gives you the space to be who you are in the fullness of who you have always wanted to be. You won’t have to keep waiting for a “next” time to do right by yourself because “now” will be the “right time”. If you want to start on the path to self-love, you have to start by knowing that we can only love others to the degree that we love ourselves. By the same token, we can only allow others to love us as much as we love ourselves. Once someone loves us more, conflict begins and we will fight them. Why? Because deep down inside we know it is our job to love us. When another person loves us more than we love ourselves, we lose respect for them because deep inside we feel they don’t really know us or can’t see the real us and this is the stem of the conflict that follows. So we look for ways to push others’ love away because in the end we feel we don’t deserve it. If you were to live a life where you truly loved yourself, you would be “living in love”. When you live a life of self- love, if someone does something and it makes no sense to you, instead of losing it and responding in kind, you will know enough about yourself to know that no one wants to be approached that way and you will be able to say, ” I know you didn’t mean that, you must be hurt about something and it isn’t necessarily me. What was your intention when you said that?” That is something the other person can answer. This works much better for both people than saying something like “What were you thinking?” which will only make them more defensive. And that will turn things around instantly. It will disarm the argument and encourage a dialogue. This change happens because going back to the fork in the road and repaving it with love, learning to have compassion for your soul, and speaking to yourself with respect will allow you to interact with others in the same way. Self-love raises the bar and grows us to the levels we thought would only come all at once after great effort and achievement. In truth every change is a million baby steps and we have to take the first one in order to start anything we want to do. We can live the life we’ve always hoped and believed we could. And we can do it right now, today! We seem to wait for a good day when everything will be perfect; however, when a good day arrives we always find ourselves doing other things. Now is the time to grow and to take ourselves to the person we know we can be. We need to know how to take our lives and build consistency and contentment within us anywhere we are and no matter what we feel, not just when we are feeling happy.. Self- love works and it bridges your soul right back to you! And the cool thing is – you get to know the real you and have yourself forever! It is a gift and it turns your life around all at once and lets you know who you are everywhere you go! Living in love gives you a contentment that only arrives when you really trust yourself, when you can trust life again.

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