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~Magickal Mari~ New Age Poetry & Lyrics January 09, 2006 9:47 AM

Enter The Dream...

~ Dream ~

The Pagan Gods

Dream By Magickal Mari

Genre: Poetry
ESBN: 80339-041117-113213-03

Epstein Publishing

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~Dream~ January 09, 2006 9:49 AM

There's a Spell on me,
you could take away.
Full of Hurt & tears,
full of endless pain.
I am begging you,
I am on my knees.
Don't Slide away,
Slide to me once more!
The ways you torture me,
with your sinful mind.
All the ways you tease,
the ways you blast my mind!
Your my disease.
There's a Curse on me
and I need the cure!
Can't help loving you,
want you so much more.
I will fill you up,
with memories!
Till your brain just bursts!
God you taste so sweet!
I can't help wanting you,
all inside of me!
You are in my Soul.
In my every Dream!

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~Heaven~ January 09, 2006 9:50 AM


I can wait forever,
I can wish on any star.
Or I can face reality and see just where we are.

I can feel the raindrops but you don't see what I see.
I can watch the sunset but you don't feel his Dreams.

Heaven's with me,
it's with you,
in everything!
Heaven's with me,
it's with you,
where will be.

I can search forever,
I can wish on every star.
Or I can face reality and feel just where we are.

I will live forever,
I will face my fear.
I can't help but realize,
it's always been here...

Heaven's with me,
it's with you,
where will be!
Heaven's with me,
it's with you,
in all we see...

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~The Magick~ January 09, 2006 9:57 AM

~The Magick~


Does anybody care!?

Are you listening, are you there?

Tell me does anybody care?


These people are dying now, cure them.

These people are hungry now, feed them.

These people don't have their rights, Free them.


Use your Magic Touch, put it in this Spell.

Do what The Governments will not do.

Heal Our World, heal it now.


These people are abused, help stop it.

These people face discrimination, end it.


Our loved ones are addicted and dying from drugs, help stop it.


Who will save us, if we won't even save ourselves!?

A Deity in the Sky!? Or The People, you and I?


What God wants to Save Our Souls,

when we won't even save our Own?


Stop Discrimination!

Stop The Hate!

Stop it now before it's too late!

Stop the wars and stop the fighting!

Can't you see that Gaia is dying?


Children Missing.

People Killed.

All this Hell, where are the Cures?


Come together, spread the Word!

Stand together and Save Our World!

If we all come together, we The People can make it better.

Use your Magic touch when The Governments we can't trust.

Make Your God So Proud!

Save The Children! Save them Now!


You can save the World for free.

All it takes is you and me.

Log on to any cause.


Free The People once and for all!


If we do not even try.

What's the fate for you and I?

We all have The Magick

Use it Wise and use it now.

Take care of the Elderly.

This is in my Spell.

~Help Me Save Our World~


~Pagans Save The World~

Poetry & Lyrics By

Magickal Mari

© October 31st 2004

If you are reading this Poem/Song you might have just finished reading my Book Dream & have come to the URL requested. Thankyou for hearing me.

NOTE: This is were the book Dream ends at this URL. To get the full effect of this Song you need to visit the URL & click onto the words that come to life!

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~Illusions~ January 09, 2006 10:06 AM

I see her under the sand
the greatest Sphinx of this Land
I see her when will she rise
above the Sands for your eyes.
You want to know if this is a Dream
You want so many things
You wanna know if this is a Dream
Is it what you think?
Am I a Talent or a Reason
I the  tortured Soul
Who am I to know this
But all you want is more
When Egypt was a Jungle
When we use to Live on Mars
You turned History into Legends
You left this perfect scar
I just keep on falling
Unleash me from your Spell
I'm drowing into nothing
The room of Secrets tell
From me you won't find answers
Just a riddle here & there
You took away the Magic
You Cast the perfect Spell
Mythology is History
The Ark & truth you changed
Adam & Eve the Legends
The Oceans sit & wait...
The truth it sits & waits..
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~Rain~ January 09, 2006 10:11 AM


I feel her, she's falling!
Gods loves falling down with Rain!
I hear her, love's falling...
falling down with rain...

I feel her on my fingertips,
feel her inside my veins,
her loves falling down with rain...

When she whispers in my ear & she tells me all the things, I yearn to hear...

When she hears all of my words & I know she's heard,
Goddess you are real!

Rain is what our mother brings.
For the first time,
I can hear her voice sing!

Call her a fool but I know she's not,
I'm going to stand right here where the pain is not!
I feel her Rain...

Laugh away my sorrows,
wash away the pain!
Gods loves coming down with,

When she looked into my eyes and kissed away my tears.

When she held me through the night & away from fright, Goddess you are real!

Rain is what our mother brings
See the Angels
They dance & they sing!

Call me a foul but I know I'm not

I feel her Rain...


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~Wise~ January 09, 2006 10:20 AM

~ Wise ~
Their own children
Slaughtered & Murdered
Captured in the Pain
Mari, The Goddess
She will come back again
Bite into the Magick fruit
What do we have to lose

God is a Witch & The World is a Spell
God is a Witch & The World is a Spell
There all around you
They're always here
Forbidden but taken
Adam & Eve
Bite into the Forbidden fruit
What do they have to lose

God is a Witch & The World is a Spell
God is a Witch & The World is a Spell
Tasting the Magic
Just To Understand
Fallen & Can't get back again
Slaughtered on Command
Bite into the Magick fruit
What will they have to lose

God is a Witch & The World is a Spell
God is a Witch & The World is their Spell
God is a Witch & The World is a Spell
God is a Witch & The World is their Game
This is a Game
This is Their Game
Wake up from this Dream
The Games you play
God is a Witch & The World is their Spell...

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~Waiting In Time~ January 09, 2006 10:24 AM

~Waiting In Time~

I'd wait a thousand years.

I'd travel all through time.

I'd wait a million lifetimes,
just to make you mine.

I'll wait for you forever,
I will not rest my soul.

I've loved you once before dear,
I'll love you many more.

I'll wait for you,
till the end of time,
as my spirit roams and flies.

My dreams I see a vision,
through magic,
love and time.

I'd go through any heartaches,
just to make you mine.

I'd die to save the love we share.

I'll wait,
till thee end of time.

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~Evil~ January 09, 2006 10:28 AM

As the skies turn black and the rivers turn to blood.
As the spiders spin their webs and crawl to suck your blood.
As the corpses rise from the gateway to Hell.
This is where Heroin fell.
A trip to terror blinded with pain.
A ride through Hell where bodies are in pain.
A Black Magick Spell for Demons who want to play.
You are their puppet and you'll die to play this game.
Shadows hide in darkness and you are on thee edge.
When you reach the turning point, this drug has got your head.
Hell is where Heroin fell.
Evil slithers to you and this evil's in your head.
You are in the darkness and your Soul is dead.
Your mind is not your own,
your weakness is it's gain.
Read between the lines before the needles in your Vein!
It will Haunt you it's own way.
It's mischievous and wants to play.
It's deceitful and your blinded to it's form.
It will push you until the Game is won.
As you reach the turning point you tell this Evil no!
We are it's prey and it's killing many Souls.

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 January 09, 2006 10:37 AM


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~Cherish The Children~ January 09, 2006 10:41 AM

~Cherish The Children~

Walk through the door,
the cocaine is cooking.

The children are near,
but no one is looking.

Sitting around passing the bowl,
a childs eyes can't take no! more!

How can they do it?
How can't they care?

Drugs & our children,
life isn't fair!

I am crying;
want to slap them hard!!

A childs eyes wonders what they are?

Love & protect them,
but what do you do!!?

They learn what we teach them,
but that means nothing 2 you!!

Cherish the children!
Love & protect!
Don't give them to this Evil,
he has the best of you yet!!!


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~Gang Bang~ January 09, 2006 10:46 AM

~Gang Bang~

Out on the street walking slow,
hide the crack, hide the blow.

Guns are out there on the street!
Killing babies like their meat!

You will never have a life,
you rape & kill for thrills tonight.

On the street running fast,
bullets flying, hide the crack!!

Bloods all over,
you are dead,
all your friends are running scared.

Drugs is life,
it's all you know.
Hide the crack!
Kill for blow!

A war for our children that is not ending.
Guns for our babies the ones you are selling!!

Fast cash with no career,
an easy way out with a lot of fear.

Out on the street,
five at a time,
stealing cars,
doing time.

Will the wars ever end!!?
Blood & bullets,
running scared


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~The Spell~ January 09, 2006 11:00 AM

~The Spell~

I begged you for a miracle,
then the angel came.

For you I named her Angel,
she healed so much pain.

I begged you to help save me,
fighting for my soul.

Angels heal everything.
This Miracle I know.

I asked you for a Miracle,
then the Angel came.

Thankyou for all you've given me.
I cherish her each day.

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~Full Moon~ January 09, 2006 11:13 AM

~Full Moon~

When you see the full moon,
see me,
I'll be drawing her down.

When you miss me,
when you want me,
the moon is always found.

When you see her,
see me,
I'll be with her soul.

You can always find me,
I'll be drawing her down.

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~Death~ January 09, 2006 11:15 AM

When I die I'm going to Egypt.
I'm going to sleep on a Pharaoh's paw.
I'm going to dive into the ocean,
to swim through Titanic's halls.
When I die I'm going to saturn, jupiter & mars.
Fly around the moon & sit on every star.
I'm going to be an Angel;
I'm going to help save the World.
Love, Mari
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~Stop The Hate~ January 09, 2006 11:27 AM

~Stop The Hate~

Joan Of Ark.
Romeo and Juliet are shocked!

the birth of slaves.
All the Hells and Victims we create.

All the jews that cry from the pain.
Indians raped from all they claimed.

Witch Hunting was a real crime.
Don't turn you're back on your own kind.

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~Falling Sun~ January 09, 2006 11:30 AM

~Falling Sun~

Angels of the falling Sun.

Dance in the Heavens,
dance and run!

Angels' in forever light.

I can see you dance with might!

Angels bless me,
dance on clouds,
wth the winds you sing so loud.

Spread your wings and fly so far,
raise you to a shooting star.

Angels of the falling sun,
dance in the Heavens,
dance and run.

Sing a love song,
loud and free.

Dance in the Heavens,
wait for me.

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~The People~ January 09, 2006 11:32 AM

~The People~

we are the people,
until a UFO goes by.

we are the people,
as long as we are your kind.

we are the people,
until the Aliens arrive.

we are the people,
until were women who want to try.

we are the people,
we have our rights until we're gay.

will be the people,
will fight until that day.

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~Universal~ January 09, 2006 11:35 AM


No faith owns it's powers.
No one owns it's rights.

Everyone has the power.
The Power of Prayer's Alive.

It doesn't matter what Religion you are.
There's no wrong way to pray.

Everyone has the power and the right to pray their way.

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~Earth~ January 09, 2006 11:38 AM


Just because she's not alive like you.

Doesn't mean she's not alive!

You pollute;
you owe it to her,
clean up your own mess!

If you want,
you always give the action of respect.

You neglect her,
feel her wrath!

Do not think she won't attack.

You are the reason that she is sick!

Why don't you clean up your own mess?

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

What we all have done.

Mother Earth will defend herself.

she's already won.
Please Care2

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~Through The Shadows~ January 09, 2006 11:42 AM

~Through The Shadows~

Listed into all directions.
Run into the walls.

Climbing my way up the ladder.
Run until I fall.

Listed all the strength & honor,
only to be found.

Underneith my wishing pillow.
All the skies & clouds.

Listed in the prayers we know them.
Seeing all my Dreams.

Knowing that I am challenged.
Feeling what I need.

Listed into all directions,
colors in The Star.

All you need is faith & freedome.
I am so encaged.

Running into walls of nowhere,
seeing my Soul change. 

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~Malleus Maleficarum~ January 09, 2006 11:45 AM

~Malleus Maleficarum~
When a woman thinks alone, She thinks of evil thoughts. He Whispered in my ear.
She is a liar by nature! She has no right to her own thoughts! She is feared!
He slammed the gavel down, and condemed us all to death.
He said women were heresy. How many millions dead?

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~My Indian~ January 09, 2006 11:56 AM

~My Indian~
my little Indian,
I love your soul still.
You and all your Magick,
the love that you gave to my world.
my sacred Indian,
rest your little Soul.
Mother Earth will comfort you,
I see you in her Soul.
My little Indian,
I love your Soul still.
I can feel the Magick,
I can touch it still.
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~The Curse~ January 09, 2006 12:01 PM

~The Curse~

Dare any man who hits my children;
I'll be back for you!

Dare any man who hears this spirit;
my daughters will be safe, understood.

I may be a spirit,
but I'll be back for you.

Dare any man who hits my daughters,
that pain will come back to you.

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~Cocaine~ January 09, 2006 12:09 PM


This is the killer,
the poison from Hell.

It's name is Cocaine,
you all know it well!

It will temp you,
never reject you.

So say your prayers as you feel his heat,
and don't forget you may not sleep.

This will find you!
Kick you down and blind you!

Sell your soul for just one taste,
your pride is gone,
Gods can not take.

Don't get up!
You won't close that door!
He's coming back & you know he'll have more!

The first names cocaine,
The last name is Lie!

No matter what you do,
It'll play games with your mind.

It calls your name while you sleep,
and will follow you wherever you may creep.

No matter what you do or where you hide,
This is a  killer,
it will find!

Go ahead and let the good times roll!
This evil has won,
it owns your soul!

That sweet looking sugar you thought would never lie?

It's to bad you didn't read between the lines.

Cocaine the killer,
the poison from hell.

This is Evil,
should know it well!

You can't get enough,
you're in too deep;
It's won your soul,
it's his for keeps!

Wrap you up in this Evil sin,
you can't get out and the lines are thin.

The drug of Hell is falling;
it's calling out your name!

He may wait,
but he will find;
DO NOT play his game,
it will kill you blind!

Should have known better than to stand on a razor's edge.

Bet you didn't think it can kill you Dead!

It's name is cocaine,
the killer from Hell!

Should know this Evil,
should know it well!


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~The Witch~ January 09, 2006 12:17 PM

~The Witch~
Beautiful & Sacred,
there's no pointed hat.
Just an Earth Religion,
take a look at that.
Witches don't worship the Devil,
they do exorcisms.
Beautiful & Ancient,
no fear just another Religion.
There are no warts,
no green faces,
no eating human flesh.
Just a Sacred Priest or Priestess.
With Special Knowledge to Pray.

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~EQUAL~ January 09, 2006 12:28 PM

I will not honor you,
I am not your pet!
If that's what you wanted,
you should have romanced that.
I will not honor you,
you won't honor me.
Equal Souls together.
That's all that we can be.
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