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new member [crashed her car]
14 years ago
two months ago i was driving home to ohio from southwestern colorado where i had been working at a buddhist dharma center and living in a tent. i got into an accident in kansas city, missouri and totaled my car, along with breaking my wrist. i'm a college student and now couldn't possibly afford another automobile, nontheless insurance. i've been pretty down about this, thinking i really messed up. but the whole ordeal seems like a blessing in disguise. discovering this group hit me like a ton of bricks and made me realize instantly that now i am forced to live without a car because that is how i should be living. this is not to say that i truly miss the luxury of being mobile and i used my car to travel from coast to coast this summer, but i'm planning on moving to new york city as soon as i get the chance and wouldn't mind never being in a car again. thanks, carrie
14 years ago
Yeah...I've been carless in a somewhat similar way for about two years now. It makes some things tough, especially if you live in a suburb and public transportation and your location are less than ideal. And winter makes things a bit of a bear as well. But it does save a lot of money. In any case, good luck with the venture into being one of those weirdos who travels on foot :) And hope that wrist heals up.
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