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Oil disaster in Gulf of Mexico
8 years ago
For the past few weeks, oil has been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico from the area of the damaged BP Deepwater Horizon rig. Every day we see images of wildlife and waves covered by oil. These are dreadful sights. We must do everything we can to promote alternative transportation and reduce the use of oil!
nothing changes
8 years ago
The oil disaster in de gulf of Mexico wasn't the first one (remember Alaska) and won't be the last one. Those who are in power and do can make the difference fail. Sometimes by choce and sometimes due to lack of support. Due to this kind of things all remains the same. Nothing changes and though there are changes. Look to the climate to start with. Lets bike.
We must push for change!
8 years ago
Hi Tony, it's good to hear from you! I agree with you in some ways, eg I have not seen much change in the past 30 years - the ads on TV for fast cars and overseas travel seem very much the same. But I am hopeful that we westerners can get off oil without waiting for enormous misery. We must push for change!
BYD Auto
8 years ago
Build Your Dreams China Car Co. already has in China the E6 all-EV and is bringing it to U.S. market later this year. This one gets around 200 miles per charge. Check out their website, see what they got. Price is gonna be too high for me for a car. The Nissan Leaf all EV is on sale now. Perhaps they can put Leaf technology in the Versa car and have a relatively inexpensive EV as compared with the Tesla Lotus model. Until then it remains for us to pull out our engines and put in an electric motor with Bob Brandt's book on converting old Miatas to EVs. The Chevy Volt comes out later this year, which runs on electric motor recharged by another engine, but it doesn't have to be recharged by gasoline on the drawing board, any recharging fuel will work such as CNG, hydrogen, or even biodiesel, ethanol-100, etc. Clean electric mass-transportation remains the best choice, such as Mumbai's All-Electric train system. One all inclusive fee to travel on the train anywhere, paid by the state on behalf of all workers in the socialist republic who merely need to show their workers card to board the train.
8 years ago
It's always great to read an optimistic post. Though, when I look around me (and all positive changes do start in Holland first) I only see much more of the same.
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