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One more strike against motorists
13 years ago
A horrible thing happened today. My husband was hit by a truck. The guy just turned right into him. My guy is ok physically, but he's still really in shock. And to make matters worse, the driver was turning into a KFC Restaurant! Argh! Anyway, it may be a while before my man gets back on his bike, but I don't mind walking with him everywhere!
13 years ago
| Sorry to hear that Brook! Maybe we should pretend we're invisible and expect the worst... Lars .
13 years ago
Sorry to hear about your guy, Brook. Is that a sari you are wearing in your pic? That is SO COOL! thanks for having this group Lars. We moved from Fort Worth to rural Kentucky about 3 months ago, and what with Hurricane katrina and all, we heard we may be looking at having to drive a LONG way just to GET gas, because they probably won't deliver to the few piddly little stations that we have around here if/once the supply dries up. Actually, we're in a pretty good set up here in terms of food. Harvesting is really over for the year and with the in-laws all being advanced in years, they didn't do a whole lot this year. But I have great plans for the garden next year. *LOL* And Mamaw has enough canned stuff in her "root cellar" and enough frozen stuff in her freeze to support all the nearby relatives...about 15 of us. I'd love to explore alternate methods of transporation for getting around here. Unfortunately I don't see bikes as an option. Because the distances are far, people drive faster around's just not safe, at least until we get to a town. I mean, I'd be scared out on these roads myself and there is just NO WAY I would let the kids on them. Maybe we can use a dogsled during winter...a couple of winters from now. Thanks to the dog we got a short time ago, who just had TEN puppies (OY!) we practially have our own team. anyway, I've blathered on enough. :) -LuAnn
Thank you
13 years ago
Thanks to you both for the kind words. He's doing well now. Luann, yes, I'm wearing a sari in that picture, authentic from India. I love to wear them.......still haven't figured out how to put them on myself properly(lol)usually need help from some kind older Indian women! :) Brook
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