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Cars & Trucks use more Fuel than you know
13 years ago
Cars and trucks use a lot more fuel than what is put in our gas tanks. Road building and maintenance. Steel is an incredibly energy intensive industry. Steel is used not only in the manufacture of cars and trucks, but also in bridges, roads, and barriers. Some would argue that these same principles apply to rail, and that's true. But it's a matter of degrees. For the most part, once the rail tracks are laid, that's it. The longevity of rail cars is at least 4x that of cars. And the entire concept of rail is minimization. In countries with a lot of rail, they don't extend tracks into every little subdivision. 42% of our record Trade Deficit comes from imported oil. It's time the US take notice, and start using more freight and passenger rail transit.
13 years ago
| Right, there's fuel used during all phases of the product lifecycle including not just use, but use, manufacturing, repair, supply, and disposal. -Lars .
13 years ago
I have been a long-haul driver and I have learned that big diesels are not as in-efficient as they seem. They haul a LOT, usually 40,000 lbs. They get the mileage of two SUVs. Trains are useful only for bulk transport, such as coal or grain. They are unable to service smaller factories, which are the most important part of the middle class economy. Hygrogen added to the combustion process of a diesel engine makes a world of difference for the mileage and pollutants. H2 systems are law in Canada now for trucks. The 5 cylinder diesel available in the frieghtliner/dodge sprinter trucks is very good. Biodiesel is a cool product, but manufaturing the fuel has caused a lot of forest destruction, especially in south america.
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