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National Traffic Poll Results
15 years ago
Associated Press just released results of a poll on road traffic it commissioned: Some of the results are interesting: * 55% said traffic has gotten worse in the last five years, * 67% of drivers need more time to get to work because of traffic, * drivers in the West are most likely to say traffic is getting worse, * 90% of respondents drive themselves to work, and * only 1 in 20 commuters uses mass transit, except in the Northeast where 1 in 8 does. Unfortunately, many of the governmental plans being pursued prefer more roadway and will not only not solve the problem, but will make other problems, particularly global warming, worse. Lars
Alaming poll results
15 years ago
Hi Lars, Thanks for the poll results. Very alarming to me. Here in Denver people are just now starting to use and demand more Light Rail. The traffic is gawd-awfful since everyone moved here during the boom several years ago. The roads are just jammed-packed, yet the Light Rail has almost had to be rammed down people's throats. They would rather sit in hour long lines to get through the construction zones on the free-ways. Supposedly our Regional Transportation District is #1 in the United States. I think it was a political move. The buses are older and slower and still only come every thrity minutes even on busy routes. I have been saying for years that we need smaller busses more often: easier on commuters, easier on the road surfaces, easier on pollution because they could use LP instead of diesel. As long as Federal Funds are more heavily apportioned for roads than for Light Rail and busses we will have the traffic congestion.
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