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Hackable Hybrids
9 years ago
Dear Alt-trans Fans, Check out the first reverse-engineered all electric Toyota Prius featured recently at the Maker Faire: The Toyota Prius is the first gas-electric hybrid to have been reverse engineered for exclusive electric use. And the investment is only about $2500 dollars. The problem is Toyota isn't providing the electric kits itself. Geez. Will you ever be able to go farther on a tank of gas than a VW Rabbit got back in 1980?
8 years ago
My bicycle beats a VW Rabbit for gas mileage. I also think that the Smart Car can outdo the Rabbit. --- Jim Gagnepain
8 years ago
I agree that the "smart car" rules for the time being. At any rate they are becoming very popular in this small town. Personally, I sold my truck, moved into town and now walk everywhere I need to go. Vehicles for personal may one day become a luxury our world enivronment just cannot afford.
8 years ago
Some subcompacts in the early 1980s were getting over 50 mpg hwy. I guess that went out with the onboard computer OBD1 fault code system.
8 years ago Check out this company. Eligible cars converted to run on ethanol can run on E100 (100% alcohol), and for less than $1,000 U.S.
8 years ago
I am a former trucker, and the hardest part of trucking was seeing dead motorists on the side of the raod. It happened frequently. All I can say is that there is no place for cars in the hands of the average person. Cars are bad on so many levels, their only use is to look pretty in front of your house, like a nice small engine english car. Small trucks are necessary for rural familiiels, but the vast majority of miles need to travel in well subsidized and comfortable coaches, or trains. Or, (my idea) large horizontal roller coasters.
8 years ago
One needs then with this Flextek device, some ethanol. For that an alcohol distilling machine is required(commonly referred to as a still). Home stills are in the $1,000-$3,000 range. Plus one needs a permit from the federal government to operate it. Then one merely ferments lawn clippings, redistills until desired proof is obtained to get grass gas.
8 years ago
By the way, virtually all cars are eligible to be equipped with the Flextek FFV(flexible fuel vehicle) device.
8 years ago
Douglas K. said: Some subcompacts in the early 1980s were getting over 50 mpg hwy. I guess that went out with the onboard computer OBD1 fault code system. [ send green star] [ accepted] That is such crap. Only one car got that mileage and that was a honda about the size of a shoe box. I am guessing you are one of those people who confuse independance with a disregard for the rest of the world. Firstly: the food that goes into the still can be used for feeding starving people, or supporting wildlife. The land that the food is grown on is either wasted, or taken from the forests. Second: why would you want to waste good alchohol, when you can age it and sell it. Thrid: I am guessing you are a hunter, is that true ??
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