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15 years ago
I recently read an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding a car-sharing program in Philadelphia. It really peaked my interest, but I haven't found time to research it further. Does anyone have any experience with car-sharing? Please share your experience, pros and cons! Is it only happening in the "big cities"?
14 years ago
. Here in San Francisco we have While I don't use it myself, people have told me it's very well priced. The down side is that you have to plan your trips well enough in advance to reserve an auto, especially for weekend travel. A few years ago I offered to do simple car sharing amongst a group involved in Y2K preparations but didn't get any takers. Even so, I see it as a great opportunity for friends and neighbors, particularly in less urban areas where you won't find commercial car sharing. Lars
14 years ago
I finally looked into the car-sharing place in Philadelphia, and was pleased to see that the cars they use are mostly Prius'. However, we're too far out of the city for it to be a viable alternative for us. Here's the link for anyone who lives or works IN Philadelphia, though -
13 years ago
I saw one of Philly Car Shares cars on the road yesterday (on Route 476, for anyone from the area)
a friend
13 years ago
I have a friend from Germany who says they do it over there and it works out really well. I have never heard of it before. The town I live in here tried doing a bicycle sharing program, but unfortuately , all the bikes were stolen :(.
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