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3 months ago
Campaign Pages: JR Powers - National Foundation for Transplants

Health & Wellness  (tags: treatmenthealthcareMulti-organ Transplant neededdiseasehealthfamilymedicineillness ) 
 Barbara - 1 minute ago - 

This is a great friend who always helps others. Please read his story. You can help by making a tax-deductible donation to NFT in honor of Harvey. If you'd prefer to send your gift by mail, please send it to the NFT Virginia Transplant Fund, 5350 cont...
Campaign Page: Harvey Powers- National Foundation for Transplants Teamraiser Event
1 year ago

Campaign Page: Harvey Powers- National Foundation for Transplants Teamraiser Event

Health & Wellness (tags: disease, family, health, healthcare, humans, illness, medicine, treatment ) 
Barbara - 36 seconds ago - 
Transplant Type: Intestine, Liver, Pancreas Harvey is a good man and great friend. Harvey has a heart of gold, always there to help others, but he is is need of transplants of other vital organs. If you could please help, we would be very grateful.

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2 years ago

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Pennsylvania Fracking Water Contamination Much Higher Than Reported 
Environment  (tags: americanschildrencrimeethicsfrackingenvironmentconservation,destructionecosystemsendangeredhabitathabitatdestructionhealthconditions,humansnaturepoliticspollutionresearchstae-ownedwater ) 
 Barbara - 16 seconds ago - 

The headline flew around the globe like wild fire. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published their long-awaited draft fracking drinking water study and concluded: fracking has had no widespread impact on drinking water. But if ...
2 years ago

Please click this link:

Native Americans Now Have Full Legalization of Marijuana On Reservation Lands 

Native Americans Now Have Full Legalization of Marijuana On Reservation Lands 
Society & Culture  (tags: governmentGoodNewsmarijuanaJustice Department,economyamericansfreedomsgreenhumansnatureprotectionSustainabililtyculture,activistshumansinterestinglawnewspolicerightssociety ) 
 Barbara - 19 minutes ago - 

The United States Justice Department just announced that it will instruct all U.S. attorneys to no longer prevent any Native American tribes from growing, or selling marijuana on reservation land.
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3 years ago
Drugmaker and University Ally to Seek Cure for AIDS

Health & Wellness  (tags: AIDScureUniversity of NCdrugmaker,researchdrugshealthhumansinterestingmedicinenewsscience,studytreatment ) 
 Barb - 1 minute ago - 

Years ago, curing AIDS was considered so out of the question that some scientists dared not even mention the possibility. But in the latest sign that attitudes are changing, the British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline is teaming up with the...
R.I.P. My sistah!
11 years ago
Missoulian: Medical Marijuana Advocate Kills Herself US Politics & Gov't  (tags: medical marijuana )

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- 1 hour ago -
Robin Prosser, a Missoula woman who struggled for a quarter century to live with the pain of an immunosuppressive disorder, tried years ago to kill herself. Last week, she tried again. This time, she succeeded.
11 years ago
County Shuts School System Over ‘Superbug’ Health & Wellness  (tags: disease, illness, risk, health, children, superbug )

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- 58 minutes ago -
PIKEVILLE, Ky. - An eastern Kentucky school district with one confirmed case of antibiotic-resistant staph infection plans to shut down all 23 of its schools Monday, affecting about 10,300 students, to disinfect the facilities
11 years ago
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Caused By Genetic Mutations in the Brain Health & Wellness  (tags: cfs, cfids, me, maybe fm, brain, genetic mutations, central nevervous system, not the whole storyillness, disease )

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- 31 minutes ago -
They are as impaired as people with multiple sclerosis or AIDS or who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer," Reeves said. "They don't die, but they are severely debilitated
12 years ago
Massage: It's Real Medicine Health & Wellness  (tags: AlternativeMed, Body-Mind-Spirit, doctors, health, healthcare, treatment )

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- 7 hours ago -
The medical world is recognizing the benifits of massage for everything from insomnia to fibromyalgia. Studies show that massage may decrease stress hormone cortisol while raising serotonin and dopamine as well as increasing delta waves during sleep.
12 years ago
Plenty of Sleep Reduces Chance of Heart Attacks Health & Wellness  (tags: heart attack, sleep, nap )

Mike has 3 Golden Notes.
- 1 hour ago -
A new Harvard School of Public Health study indicates that there’s more than just olive oil and red wine keeping heart disease rates down in Mediterranean countries. There’s the naps, too.
12 years ago
Study Closes In On Genes That May Predispose Some People To Severe Depression Health & Wellness  (tags: health, Depression, Genes )

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- 4 hours ago -
Some people appear to be genetically predisposed to developing severe depression, but researchers have yet to pin down the genes responsible. Now, a specific region rife with promise has been located on one chromosome by a consortium
12 years ago
Find Yields Further Insight Into Causes Of Parkinson's Disease Health & Wellness  (tags: )

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- 15 hours ago -
In humans, a dearth of the neurotransmitter dopamine has long been known to play a role in Parkinson's disease. It is also known that mutations in a protein called parkin cause a form of Parkinson's that is inherited.
12 years ago
Who Is Right: Medical Doctors Or Natural Health Promoters? Health & Wellness  (tags: Health, natural, medical, doctors, allopathic, natural, plants )

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- 16 hours ago -
There is often a sharp divide in between the allopathic health community and the naturopathic health community? In other words, the Medical Doctors and the Natural Health Professionals often seem to disagree fundamentally. Which is right?
12 years ago
Acute Exercise Helps Prevent Diabetes Health & Wellness  (tags: health )

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- 18 hours ago -
A University of Missouri-Columbia study says as little as 15 minutes a day of acute exercise can help prevent and fight diabetes.
12 years ago
Campaign Will Seek To Limit Physicians' Contact With Pharmaceutical Companies Business  (tags: PrescriptionDrugs, PharmaceuticalCompanies, ethics )

Moondancer has received 136 new, 143 total stars from Care2 membersMoondancer has been awarded 16 butterflies for taking action at Care2Moondancer has 53 Golden Notes.
- 20 hours ago -
The consumer advocacy group Community Catalyst and the Institute on Medicine as a Profession, a research group at Columbia University, plan to launch a campaign that will seek to limit the number of meals and other gifts that physicians accept
12 years ago
No Sleep Means No New Brain Cells Science & Tech  (tags: sleep, brain )

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- 1 day ago -
Missing out on sleep may cause the brain to stop producing new cells.
12 years ago
500 Cosmetics Firms Agree to Remove Harmful Ingredients Society & Values  - 2 days ago -
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More than 500 companies have signed agreements to eliminate potentially unsafe ingredients in their cosmetic and body care products, a national health and environmental coalition said Thursday.
12 years ago
Video: Vaccination - the Hidden Truth   video Healthy Living  - 3 minutes ago -
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Five medical doctors and other researchers, reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines.With so much government and medical promotion of vaccination for prevention of disease, the video is devoted to presenting the other side.
12 years ago
South Dakota Nurse Midwife Lobbies To Change Law Healthy Living  - 53 minutes ago -
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Certified Nurse Midwives bring midwifery care in South Dakota into the 21st Century with House Bill 1267.
C2 News Network News to Note
12 years ago
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Aachen Scientists Develop a "Smart Wheelchair" Science & Tech  - 19 minutes ago -
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Scientists at Aachen's Technical University have developed a high-tech wheelchair to provide added independence to severely handicapped people both inside and outside of home. Joystick-controlled wheelchairs have been

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