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Message to all February 10, 2008 9:37 AM

This isn't fancy, no graphics, no petitions, no actions need other than to read, and to take into your heart... In the past few weeks I have been dealing with quite a bit emotionally. My husband, who is in the Navy is on his first big deployment. Prior to this command, he had basically been on a ship that went nowhere because it was old (The JFK) and being decommissioned (retired). This has not been easy on me. I have handled the sadness and fears of it all much worse than I thought. When he was preparing to leave, my plan was to give much more time and energy to the causes bringing my activity level up to rabid. Well, instead what happend was, I couldn't handle it. I couldn't handle all the sadness and fear about him, and then handle all the sadness, frustration and atrocities of the causes here and elsewhere I work for rights. So this made me even more depressed. Every time I opened an e-mail, read a petition, saw photo's of vivisection, abuse etc I became hysterical. I kept trying to do it, but needed a small break to get myself together. I am better now, much better. I am back to fight the fight. But in coming back, catching up on things, I see that precious people are leaving. Daphne & now I hear that Ben O. is leaving. This saddens me so much. They are both some of the best of Care2. I understand their frustrations though, but need to make a comment about myself that may give them and anyone else who is leaving some insight to people in groups, at least in some cases. I am not much of a participant even though I belong to a slew of worthy and just groups, who I am sooooo proud to be a part of. But you want to know why I don't comment??? Why I don't chit chat and post??? Here is why... First, I read EVERY single Daily Digest that I get in my mailbox. From there I take every nearly every single petition and sign it, every single letter and write it, and share it in many different places beyond Care2. I re-post them here, I add them to my petition post that is linked from my Care2 page, I re-post them on my myspace blog and in myspace groups, I re-post them to yahoo groups, I re-post them on Navy forums, I re-post them to friends and family, but no matter what I SIGN them, I wite the letters. All this re-posting and spreading the word takes alot of time. I would rather get your petitions and causes out and not tell you I did, then take those moments away that I could be getting the word out. I love Care2, I am becoming rabid about it all, I have the luxury of alot of time on my hands now. And I respect and love every single member of this community, wether they sign a zillion petitions or just one every once in a while. I am a voice for the voiceless, but I am not flawless, I need sleep, time to heal, time to cry, and so do others. Some need time to learn, time to understand the seriousness of these issues. Heck my own husband has a long way to go. We are mere humans, and yes the human spirit can be broken, but like the phoenix it can rise again from the ashes stronger than ever. I want Daphne back, I want Ben O. to stay. I want you all to stay. Yes the fight is hard, frustrating, sad, it brings out rage, and anger, but the fight and all the tears, sweat, and frustration is worth it, if even to save one animal. If even to get one law changed that affects the enviroment, if even to call attention to one persons freedoms being compromised. I love you all. I wish you could all come to my house and have a cup of coffee with me. I wish I knew each of you individually. I wish there were enough time in a day to have a one on one talk with you. And as a late new years resolotion I am going to, one at a time take that extra moment to get to know you better, get to know what your passions are about your cause, and just to say hello. But if you don't hear from me in a group, it isn't because I don't care, it is just the opposite, I care so much that I am fighting for what we all believe in harder because of that group, because of one by one, each persons passionate plee for help in spreading the word and getting their petition signed!!! I love you all - We are the voice of the voiceless - the protectors of the defenseless Please forward this around if you feel it would do someone, anyone some good. Angel  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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