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2 years ago

I hope this bastard who abused poor Herbie will be punished hard way !!! I wish he will be treated same way !!!!!

2 years ago

Omg poor Herbie i am very sorry he died poor baby , i was just reading article from march 1 st and my eyes are loaded with tears i can hardly see what i am writing . Sleep well beautiful Herbie and say hi to my beautiful boy Rocky and tell him i miss him so much and i love him . Thanks Leslie

2 years ago

omg how heart wrenching is this. whoever did this needs to suffer with evil and torture the rest of his/her worthless life. so many innocent animals suffering needlessly.

For Herbie!! You fought hard little one... RIP
2 years ago

Herbie Update 3.1.13 :'(
2 years ago

From Facebook:

Via Doc Rick Broz:
"This is the hardest message I have ever had to post. Herbie has gone to the bridge. He fought hard to recover from his abuse, but the cancer was too much for him to bear. He had stopped eating and was losing weight and muscle. These last two weeks with him were very hard on me, watching this magnificent animal begin to waste away from the dog he had become under Dr. Woods care and my love. I did not wish to see him start to suffer. In his way, he told me yesterday that he was ready to leave us. I told Dr. Woods of my wishes and he agreed that it was time. Herbie died in my arms at approximately 2:00 P.M. Ohio time. I know that if he could talk, he would tell all of you how much he loved each and everyone of you and you were the reason he was able to fight for so long. I will be signing off of Facebook now and going somewhere for a few days to mourn in my own way. Please say a prayer for our Herbie as he begins the next part of his journey, to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge until I can join him there for an eternity of happiness. -Doc"

RIP Baby Boy, you were so loved and will be forever missed!! ♥ ♥

2 years ago

Take Action:

Demand Justice for Herbie the abused Lorain, Ohio dog

2 years ago

Update on "Herbie" :
February 04, 2013

"Caring Patrolman rescues and provides loving home to severely abused dog"

Just after Christmas, the staff learned that Herbie has adenocarcinoma, a non-operable and non-responsive cancer. It was sad news given the progress he had made battling his weight loss and injuries. Dr. Woods and the staff at the clinic have said that his cancer has not progressed enough to interfere with his quality of life.

"He looks forward to his walks outside. At this point in time Herbie is happy, eating well, and most importantly pain free,” the clinic posted on its website. But, because of his cancer, Herbie will not be adopted.

"We don’t know how long he will live. Days to months? As long as he is happy, pain-free, eating and not dropping weight, and shows no signs of the cancer affecting his mind, we will keep him going."

Read more:

There is an $11,000 reward for information leading to the person(s) responsible for Herbie's abuse and neglect. Herbie was found in front of an abandoned home on the 800 block of West 11th street in Lorain, Ohio on December 1, 2012. Anyone with information should call the Lorain Police Department at 440-204-2555.

2 years ago

Omg this is horrible !!! . Poor Herbie . I hope she will recover ASAP . Bastards !!!! Good luck beautiful Herbie !! Thanks

2 years ago

amen and amen

2 years ago
The emaciated pit bull now named Herbie that found in Lorain has an untreatable form of cancer, a Lorain County Dog Kennel volunteer said.

2 years ago

Recovering Herbie Faces Biggest Battle Yet
LORAIN, Ohio — An abused and neglected dog has been making strides in his recovery, but recent tests show he’s...

2 years ago

This picture and information came from a Facebook page:

Doc Rick Broz page who was the police officer first on the scene when someone called in about a possible animal abuse case. And ever since that first day Doc Rick Broz has been with Herbie everyday.

This is a picture of Herbie on 12/20/12 and the post reads:

"His head was shaved for a biopsy he had yesterday"..He may have some type of cancer, possibly bone cancer. As of today they have not gotten the results back yet, but everyone is praying that Herbie's Christmas gift is NO cancer and lots of LOVE..

2 years ago

UPDATE on Reward:  Justice for Herbie, the Abused Lorain, Ohio Dog  This is on Facebook:

At a time when this country is grieving over the loss of so many innocent lives its often difficult to see the good around us. The Marsh family contribution for the reward toward the arrest and conviction of Herbie's abuser has helped re-energize my faith in Humanity. This contribution as well as the $5000 from the kind people at the Humane Society, AND YOUR assistance brings our total officially to More than $11,000! Our efforts, I pray, will pay off soon!
Pat Fogo Kathy Kangas and her husband donated a additional $2500 for a total of $5000 from HSUS, plus the Marsh family's match of another $5000 for the arrest and conviction... also a pledge of $500 and all of your donations mean this Christmas I am hopeful that this abuser will BE IN JAIL.

2 years ago

12-15-2012: Herbie's update. Though he was tired from his morning routine, he "grumbled" while I pet him and if I stopped, he would stretch his head towards me as if to say "Excuse me, two hands and neither one is petting me !!" He also gnawed on my fingers and it actually hurt so his chewing muscles are quiet strong. I spoke with Dr. Woods who said the fluid under his scalp and face is from a
ruptured salivary gland which should be an easy fix. Also, he is to be seen by a specialist to see about removing his cataract which should return his vision. And with some more weight put on his bones, he should be "a normal dog" again......Now since voluteering at the FAPL, I'm really not sure what "a normal dog" is, but that was the best news I've recieved since the first day he got up and walked to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Humane Society ups Reward to $5,000
2 years ago

If you have any information on the person or persons responsible for neglecting, injuring, and/or abandoning Herbie, please contact the Lorain Police Department at (440) 204-2555.

2 years ago

Neglected Dog ‘Herbie’ Inspires Awareness Walk

December 9, 2012

Lets Hope someone saw the person(s) responsible for this!
2 years ago
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