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5 years ago

Glad there has been justice and Phoenix pulled through!

5 years ago

thanks everyone,this poor pup has gone through the unconscionable reality and come out alive!


So happy someone is paying the price, but will it keep others from doing it?

that is the outcome ,I'd like to see

this should never happpen, AGAIN!!!

5 years ago

So happy he's in jail. I just got here, having trouble. I only wish every state had felony laws to make these criminals pay. Thanks Leslie.

5 years ago

Mariann...The defendant I just posted "Adell Zeigler" is sentenced to 2 years in PRISON..

and a fine of $5,000.00 plus restitution for the Vet bills for "Phoenix". At least he is in prison!!!

5 years ago

Trying to catch up. Signed and read this. I only hope Felony charges will be stronger. No Bond!!

5 years ago

UPDATE: Man accused of Burning "Phoenix" has pled GUILTY
April 30, 2013


The man accused of burning Phoenix, a Jack Russell terrier puppy, by dousing him with lighter fluid and setting him on fire last October pleaded guilty to felony aggravated cruelty to animals on Monday.

Ziegler will face a maximum two-year prison sentence and $5,000 fine. His sentencing will occur on June 14th. He may also receive restitution for the care and treatment of Phoenix.  Ziegler’s defense lawyer told his client to expect the maximum sentence. Brown also entered a guilty plea back in December and has yet to be sentenced. He is likely to get less jail time because he has agreed to testify against Ziegler.


5 years ago

Offender Name: ADELL  ZEIGLER
Offender ID:
Date of Birth:
African American
Custody Status:
In Custody
Location of Offender:
Erie County Jail
Scheduled Release Date:

Alternate ID's
Arrest Number#:
Other Jail Number 1#:
Statewide Id#:

Defendant: Brown, Diondre L.~~Next Court Appearance: 05/17/2013~~Sentencing
5 years ago

Case Number: SCI-02284-2012
The following case which you have subscribed to in eTrack has been updated. Changes from the last update are shown in red and are annotated.

Court: Erie County Court
Case Number: SCI-02284-2012
Summons/Ticket Number:
Defendant: Brown, Diondre L
Defendant Status:
Arrest Date: November 13, 2012 16:00
Incident Date: October 29, 2012 16:48
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 65764449J
NYSID Number: 2840598J
Arrest Number: 0419498
Issuing Officer Agency: BP
Issuing Officer Command: C

Defense Attorney: Lotempio, Andrew
Attorney Type: 18B (Assigned)
Assignment Date: November 26, 2012

Assistant District Attorney: St.mary, Kristen
Assignment Date: November 26, 2012

Last Appearance: 04/22/2013
Part: EC10
Judge: Case, K
Calendar Section: SENTENCES
Arraignment / Hearing Type: Sentencing
Court Reporter: Cancilla, L
Outcome / Release Status: Adjourned / Bond $20,000 (Not Posted) --- Information updated

Next Appearance: 05/17/2013 --- Information updated
Part: EC10
Judge: Case, K
Calendar Section: SENTENCES
Arraignment / Hearing Type: No Type --- Information updated

Older appearances may exist but are not shown.

AM 0353A 00 Agravated Cruelty To Animals ** TOP CHARGE**
E Felony, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Disposition/Sentence: Pled Guilty

Docket Sentence:

5 years ago

Thanks Leslie , i hope those stupid punks will be charged for animal cruelty !! Poor dog

5 years ago

all signed and shared. these cowardly punks need heavy fines and should be made an example of.

Sentencing of One Teen Involved in Burning Phoenix Adjourned
5 years ago

April 16, 2013

A Buffalo teen who plead guilty in the burning of "Phoenix," was supposed to be sentenced today, but it has been adjourned.

17-year-old Diondre Brown admitted in court to acting as the "look out" for 19-year-old Adell Ziegler while he doused Phoenix in lighter fluid and set him on fire last fall.

Read more and watch video of "Phoenix" :

5 years ago

April 16, 2013

Today Diondre L. Brown was scheduled to appear in court for Sentencing.  So far nothing has been recorded online in his Court Case Summary.  I called the Assistant D.A. Kristen St. Mary
at the Erie County D.A.'s Office (716-858-2424) to find out if she had any information, however, she did not pick up my call so I left a message. I'm sure she will return my call tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

5 years ago

Thanks Leslie

5 years ago

Signed !! Poor Phoenix he must be in horrible pain . So sad . Stupid guys !!!!

5 years ago

Sadly signed petition for this poor dog.  Thnks Leslie

5 years ago


12:42 PM, Jan 12, 2013

Burned Puppy to Keep Injured Leg

BUFFALO, NY - It was touch and go for a while but, following a series of surgeries, officials at the Buffalo Small Animal Hospital say it looks like a puppy set on fire will not lose his badly injured leg.

Read more:

5 years ago

Diondre L. Brown next Court Appearance: April 16, 2013 at Erie County Court Part EC10. Judge: K. Case

5 years ago

Assemblyman Sean Ryan

New York State Assembly

Petition To Pass Phoenix’s Law
January 8, 2113

I have introduced legislation known as Phoenix’s Law. If enacted, the law will double penalties for felony aggravated animal cruelty from two years in prison to four, and fines from $5,000 to $10,000. This legislation will help to bring New York State penalties in line with the nationwide average, and help act as a deterrent for future offenses. In addition, because animal cruelty is considered by many experts to indicate the predisposition for future acts of violence, the legislation will also require any person convicted of or adjudicated a youthful offender for the crime of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals to undergo psychiatric evaluation or treatment at his or her own expense. The legislation is named after a Jack Russell Terrier puppy named Phoenix who was tragically set on fire in November of last year in Buffalo, in an act of animal cruelty that shocked Western New York. Fortunately, Phoenix’s condition is improving each and every day and he is currently recovering under the care of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. I hope you will sign-on to this petition and lend your support to strengthening animal cruelty laws in New York.

5 years ago

Signed already !! Thanks Mark

Phoenix Law Petition
5 years ago
5 years ago

Here are both of their MUGSHOTS:


                                                                              Diondre Brown

Adell Zeigler

5 years ago

New York State Unified Court System

Defendant: Brown, Diondre L

Case # SCI-02284-2012

Charge:AM 0353A 00

            **TOP CHARGE**E Felony, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge

Description:Agravated Cruelty To Animals

Indictment: Count 1

Pled Guilty

Custody Status:  In Custody,+Diondre+L&county=ERIE&court=Erie+County+Court&recordType=C&recordNum=5Xw1carsaztYJhGvG6lKag==

Offender Name: ADELL  ZEIGLER

Offender ID: 135617

Date of Birth: 10/03/1993

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender: Erie County Jail
Arrest Number#  : 2012018095
Other Jail Number 1#  : 0000135617
Statewide Id#  : 2822839R

Phoenix Law would double penalties for animal cruelty
5 years ago

In regards to the dog Phoenix who was set on fire, Assemblyman Sean M. Ryan of Buffalo, NY wants to introduce legislation that would double the jail time and fines for people who are convicted of aggravated cruelty to companion animals, a felony.


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