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An Alternative to Best Friends
2 years ago
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I have received an alternative offer to Best Friends, and I need to know what Legion's Legion thinks of it. The Montana State Women's Prison, has a Prison PAWS for Humanity. They are willing to accept Legion, long term. They have behavior training, regular yard, play groups, socialization, lots of love, and a placement program. Turns out I have a good connection with the warden, but i didn't know they were doing this program. They have been successful with it, and have only ever put down one dog that repeatedly bit handlers there. They will keep Legion long term, and if they could not place him they would return him to me. They do admit to having trouble placing pits, but they wouldn't put him down because they were having difficulty placing him. I would have to drive to Longmont and get him, and bring him here to Montana, in Billings, which is on the way home from Colorado. It is a 14 hour drive for me to get there. I need to hear from all of you if you want me to pursue this. I don't suppose the option is open forever, so that would need to be part of your consideration.

2 years ago

This kind of threw me for a loop when I first read it, because I have been so geared toward funding for BF that I really didn't expect it. However, I went to the Montana State Women's Prison website to see it first hand, then googled the Prison PAWS for Humanity program and found this link...

And read all 16 pages! (Including all the nice testimonials given by the women who work with the dogs there.)

All in all I was very favorably impressed by the program. I think it is good for the women -- who really seem to come alive working with and caring for the dogs; and of course, good for the dogs as well. These dogs might never have lived without this program, and now they are not only alive, but happy, well and useful -- many serving as therapy and service dogs. It sounds like a great place for Legion!

Provided he really can be returned to you (or to all of us in a way -- since I am sure we all feel very attached to him already through our united efforts to save him -- even without seeing him personally), I vote for letting him go to Prison Paws. What does everyone else think about it?


2 years ago

Oops! I forgot to ask. Will we still need to raise additional funds for him -- for expenses for his care at Longmont, etc. and of course to help you pay for the trip to and from the facility there? I have someone this morning asking if she can contribute, but she says the Pitbulls4peace website shows an "under construction" notice and doesn't know where to send the money. What should I tell her about that?

Legion & PAWS
2 years ago

I love the idea.Sounds like it would be good for Legion and the prisoners.Go for it.

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