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Whig Party? What is that?
10 years ago
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Whig Party

The Whig Party was a political party of the United States from 1834 to 1860, formed to oppose the policies of President Andrew Jackson, a Democrat, and in particular supporting the supremacy of Congress over the Executive Branch and favoring a program of modernization and economic development. Their name was chosen to echo the British Whig Party, opponents of Tories who favored a strong Monarch, and implied that supporters of Jackson's strong executive branch were effectively royalists.

In its 26-year existence, the Whig Party saw two of its candidates elected President of the United States, William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor — and both of them die in office. Four months after succeeding Harrison, Whig President John Tyler was expelled from the Party, and Millard Fillmore, Taylor's Vice President, would prove to be the last Whig to hold the nation's highest office.

In Chicago we had a total of 3 Whig Mayors:

Buckner Stith Morris, Term of office: 1838-1839 ; 2nd Mayor of Chicago.  Served 1 Year

Benjamin Wright Raymond, Terms of office: 1st term: 1839-1840; Served 1 year 2nd term: 1842-1843; 3rd Mayor of Chicago. Served 1 year

John Putnam Chapin, Term of office: 1846-1847; 8th Mayor of Chicago. Served 1 year

Five Whig Party Members ran but were defeated throughout the Chicago Mayoral History.

John H. Kinzie-May 2, 1837 by Mayor Ogdan

Benjamin Wright-March 3, 1840 Raymond by Alexabder Lloyd

Isaac R. Gavin-March 5, 1841 by Francis Sherman

Thomas Church-March 7, 1843 by Augustus Garrett

George Dole by-March 7, 1844 Invalid election Augustus Garrett

John Kinzie (again)-March 5, 1845 by Augustus Garrett

John Kinzie was the last to run under the Whig Party.