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Democratic Party
10 years ago
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The Democratic Party's origins lie in the original Republican Party founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1792. Today, that party is usually referred to as the "Democratic-Republican Party" to avoid confusion. After the disintegration of the Federalist Party, the Democratic-Republicans were the only major party in American politics. For 20 years, different factions of the party contended for the presidency, whose candidates were nominated by congressional caucuses. In 1824, a particularly bitter election was thrown to the House of Representatives, and John Quincy Adams. Andrew Jackson, recovering from his defeat, gathered together prominent leaders, including Martin Van Buren of New York and even Vice President John C. Calhoun to support his next bid for the presidency.

By the election of 1828, the unified party broke into two. One became the National Republican Party, and backed the incumbent President, and the other, which became known as the Democratic Party, after their insistence that the President hold a national mandate from the people, backed Andrew Jackson. The National Republican faction became the Whig Party (after their opposition to "King Andrew"), which would disintegrate in the 1850s when dissident Whigs and Northern Democrats formed the Republican Party.

10 years ago

Chicago seems to be some sort of haven for Democrates. To date, there have been a total of 24 Democrates that held the Mayoral office since the beginning of Chicago, including William Butler Ogden, Chicago's first Mayor in 1837 where he defeated Whig Party Canidate John H. Kinzie.

William Butler Ogden May 2, 1837 Term of office: 1837-1838

Alexander Lloyd March 3, 1840 Term of office: 1840-1841

Francis Cornwall Sherman 1st term: March 5, 1841; 2nd term: April 15, 1862; 3rd term: April 21, 1863-1st term: 1841-1842; 2nd term: 1862-1863; 3rd term: 1863-1865

Augustus Garrett 1st term: March 7, 1843; March 7, 1844; 2nd term: March 5, 1845-1st term: 1843-1844; 2nd term: 1845-1846

James Curtiss March 2, 1847; Term of office: 1847-1848

Walter S. Gurnee 1st term: March 4, 1851; 2nd term: March 2, 1852; 1st term: 1851-1852; 2nd term: 1852-1853

Charles McNeill Gray March 14, 1853;  Term of office: 1853-1854

Isaac Lawrence Milliken  March 13, 1854; Term of office: 1837-1838

Carter Henry Harrison, Sr. 1st term: April 1, 1879; 2nd term: April 5, 1881; 3rd term: April 3,1883; 4th term: April 7, 1885; 5th term: April 7, 1885-1st term: 1879-1881; 2nd term: 1881-1883; 3rd term: 1883-1885; 4th term: 1885-1887; 5th term: 1893

Dewitt Clinton Cregier April 2, 1889; Term of office: 1889-1891

John Patrick Hopkins December 19, 1893; Term of office: 1893-1895

Carter Henry Harrison, Jr. 1st term: April 6, 1897; 2nd term: April 4, 1899; 3rd term: April 6, 1901; 4th term: April 7, 1903; 5th term: February 28, 1911-1st term: 1897-1899; 2nd term: 1899-1901; 3rd term: 1901-1903; 4th term: 1903-1905; 5th term: 1911-1915

William Emmett Dever February 27, 1923; Term of office: 1923-1927

Anton Joseph Cermak February 24, 1931; Term of office: 1931-1933

Frank J. Corr March 14, 1933; Term of office: 1933

Edward Joseph Kelly 1st term: April 13, 1933; 2nd term: February 26, 1935; 3rd term: February 28, 1939; 4th term: February 23, 1943-1st term: 1933-1935; 2nd term: 1935-1939; 3rd term: 1939-1943; 4th term: 1943-1947

Martin H. Kennelly 1st term: February 25, 1947; 2nd term: April 3, 1951-1st term: 1947-1951; 2nd term: 1951-1955

Richard Joseph Daley 1st term: February 22, 1955; 2nd term: February 24, 1959; 3rd term: February 26, 1963; 4th term: February 28, 1967; 5th term: February 23, 1971; 6th term: February 25, 1975-1st term: 1955-1959; 2nd term: 1959-1963; 3rd term: 1963-1967; 4th term:1967-1971; 5th term: 1971-1975; 6th term: 1975-1976 (died in office)

Michael Anthony Bilandic 1st term: December 1976; 2nd term:
April 19, 1977-1st term: 1976-1977; 2nd term: 1977-1979

Jane Margaret Byrne February 27, 1979; Term of office: 1979-1983

Harold Washington 1st term: February 22, 1983; 2nd term: February 24, 1987-1st term: 1983-1987; 2nd term: 1987 (died in office)

David Duvall Orr (following the death of Harold Washington) from November 25 to December 2, 1987

Eugene Sawyer Term of office: 1987-1989

Richard Michael Daley 1st term: February 28, 1989; 2nd term: February 26, 1991; 3rd term: February 28, 1995-1st term: 1989-1991; 2nd term: 1991-1995; 3rd term: 1995-presant