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Help!!!! Please stop this sick petition by writing e-mails to Care2 responsibles!!!!!
6 years ago

As if it wasn´t enough to discover two weeks ago that nobody in Care2 for 11 months read the Neo-Nazi petitions in our community (besides the 650 undersigners , I discovered tonight a petition in which the author explains that to view child-pornography is a victimless crime!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that : "Downloading and viewing child porn does not promote child abuse anymore then viewing a murder or a car accident promotes. " (quotation of the author of the petition) " ....these people ( the viewers of child porn) have shown no threat to anyone, never participated in any harmful action against children ....." (quotation of the author of the petition) but read the petition that has been overseen of the Care2 community for 10 months yourself : and please send e-mails to Care2 to get rid of this dirt. And please write your opinion on the petition to the auhtor of it. Please, please, please support me on that, I find it very very difficult to say what I feel about that in a foreign language. If i could do it in Germn, I would castrate the author of that petition with my words. It makes me so sick, that people signed this criminal stuff. Some undersigners I know from other petitions, I can´t believe thta they signed that!!!!! Don´t they realize that the starter of the petition tries to tell us, to view child porns doesn´t harm chidlren???? What does he think is it doing to children that are use to produce this films. And why agsin nobody of the community stopped a petition like that? I´m so disappointed of myself that I didn´t keep word and left Care2 after realizing that for eleven months nobody cared about a Neo-Nazi petition. But this is child- porn petition is going to far now. If Care2 doesn´t controll what is going on here public has to do that. In no other petition-community things like that are accepted. Not on and not on So why here. I´ll try to find newspapers to write about that case. Enough is enough. What is next here??????? I don´t know how to find sleep that night, after reading that petition...... I´m so upset, sad and disappointed .....

6 years ago

Thank you Evelyn for finding these inappropiate petitions. I don't go looking for petitions. I only sign petitions I agree with that are brought to my attention through my network. So that would be why I have not noticed these offensive petitions before.. care2 is a huge community 20million people and would be very hard to police as such. Thank you thank you for your care and love in this situation. I join you in standing up against these petitions.

Thank you Evelyn
6 years ago

Thank you for bringing this up and not letting it drop. To say that viewing child pornography is a victimless crime is insane. It's revolting that this kind of bile ends up on Care2 from at times.

6 years ago

Hi Iona,

please write your opinion about that petition to the Care2 team. That´s the only way to get it stopped. They ignore me, because they think I´m a stupid weirdo from Germany .


Thank you for your support.

6 years ago

Hi Spirit,


I try to write a message to you since two days, but it´s impossible to send it. I don´t know what´s wrong

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6 years ago

Things go wrong here all the time, don't worry about it.
I sent you a msg, I hope you get it.
Talk soon
Much love

6 years ago

The child porn petition is still there. And this is the ( to me shocking) answer of the monitoring team, in which they explain why the petition is accepted:


"Looking at the petition, it does indeed classify it as a crime, it does not support Child Pornography and it does condemn the act.  It appears that this person is questioning the sentencing guidelines of this crime VS. that of physical assault."
Obviously the Care2 team just reads what it wants to read, and that´s the beginning of the petition, in which the author is questioning the sentencing guidlines (which is everybodies right, of course).
But Care2 ignores the second part of the petition in which the petitioner calls viewing child pornography a victimless crime and other unbelieveable statements:
(quotation of the petiton)
"Downloading and viewing child porn does not promote child abuse anymore then viewing a murder or a car accident promotes.  I don't condone it and it should be illegal but let's give reasonable sentences for this victimless crime."
I can´t believe it, that something like this is accepted by Care2 !!!!
But it is, I have it now black on white, and other members, that have written to Care2 to stop this petition, received the e-mail too. 
By the way, here is a short extract I found on the Internet of the case which the petitioner is talking about in the petition:
"On Thursday, detectives executed a search warrant at Guevara Vilca's residence. An initial forensic analysis of the computer turned up hundreds of images of child pornography that detectives said were obtained from an online file-sharing network.
Some of the videos and pictures showed boys ages 6 to 12 engaged in sexual activity with adults and each other, according to arrest reports."
Oh yes for sure, this sounds like a victimless crime to me!!!! 
Would the Care2 team still accept this expression "victimless crime" if their own children would have been in a video like that????
I really can´t understand a policy which allows to publish statements trivializing consuming child porns on a website of a social network.
6 years ago

I think there has been a misunderstanding. I don't believe care2 would allow pedophile advocacy here.

6 years ago

Evelyn...please let us know when this sick petition is removed or at least edited. I can't go check myself coz I will vomit.

6 years ago

If nobody helps to fight against the petition, how can it be edited or removed????

There are so many people that don´t like the petition, which they tell me in messages to me. But nobody is willing to invest the 5 minutes to write to the Care2 team.

No wonder that they think it´s alright to allow a sick petition like that.

And no Spirit Spider it isn´t a misundertsanding that Care2 didn´t remove the petition. What is there to misunderstand?  And I can´t eat as much as I would like to vomit Spirit. It makes me sick, that the mentality here seems to be to just look away.

Imagine a petition like that, in which viewing child porns is called a vicitimless crime, on Avaaz or The memebers would freak out. The petition wouldn´t survive there for 24 hours. But here you have to beg this one person from the Care2 team like a school kid to please remove or edit this sick petition. And there´s not even a public realtions or press representative, which members can contact about that case. Maybe they would be shocked too about a petition like that on Care2.

I think it´s about time now to publish that case in the Internet. Also the fact, that my petition against the homophobic hate petition has been deleted in less than 48 hours!

If a sick member calls child porns a victimless crime here, Care2 calls that freedom of speech and they accept that scrap!. But if I start a petition against a homophobic hate petition they remove my petition. Without any explaination.

Where is my freedom of speech????? Do I need an American passport to have the right to speak free here????


6 years ago

I still think there has been a misunderstanding because anyone who reads 'viewing child porn is a victimless crime' and thinks it is ok to have that in a petition on care2 obviously does not understand what is being said.
I imagine your petition against the homophobic haters was taken down because the issue was dealt with. However, there could have been transparancy on care2 part and I think they should have contacted you, and also thanked you for bringing the homophobic hate crime sympathetic petition to their attention.
I have been a member of care2, on and off, since 2001, under various screen names. I love this community and promote it far and wide. The problems we are having now is affecting me deeply. I am finding it difficult to interact within the community as I would usually. But I truly believe this will be sorted out.
Hang in there Evelyn and keep going please. Continue to stand up for the children, the VICTIMS of child pornography.
I will continue to do my part in the effort to change the status of this petition and will post updates here.
Much love to you
Spider Spiritus

6 years ago I received the standard response that you did, which is stated above. I have responded by pointing out the 'victimless crime' part and ask if care2 supports this stance. So that's the current communication from care2 support.
I have yet to hear back from the petitions team.
I hope this is cleared up soon.

6 years ago

I have not received a response from care2 regarding their support on the viewig of child pornography as being a victimless crime.

6 years ago

I have just received a response from care2 stating that they have asked the petition author to change the petition.

6 years ago

Hi Spirit,


two days ago, I tried to reach some NGO´s that fight for the rights of children.

And I discovered this great NGO called Voices for Amercia´s Children. And there I was talking to a really great person, which was totally shocked that a disgusting petition which trivializes viewing of child porns is accepted and even defended by the support team of a petitionsite.

And he promised to help. Some hours later he informed me that I could contact one of the advocates for children´s right, which I did.


The cenors here thought they can take my voice away. Do you know that my petition against the homophobic hate petition has been reported to the support and feedback group ( I found a discussion there called "questionable petition") by a woman ( I guess from one of our LGBT groups), and therefore it has been deleted and didn´t survive more than 24 hours. They report an anti homophobic petition in less than one day, but the homophobic hate petition nobody reported, it was there already 5 months, when I discovered it. That´s so paradox.

Well I guess that´s American style democray. But it doesn´t surprise me in a country

where more than 40% of the people voted for a man that the rest of the world calls

an idiot.

Anyhow, they can´t take my voice away. If they censor me, I´m only getting louder.

And if they kick me out, I will oppose from outside.

6 years ago

It's quite unbelievable to me that the community here is apathetic about a petition which states ''downloading and viewing child porn does not promote child abuse''
It is still here and has not been amended in any way.
Have I slipped into a twilight zone care2?

6 years ago

Hi Spirit,


I found an Emoticon which describes this community very well:


6 years ago

Oh well evelyn
I don't even know what to say anymore

this petition breaks my heart and i think it's disgusting that care2 allows it.

the petition team said they had contacted the author and asked them to edit it....however the petition is still here, unedited.


6 years ago


I started today a petition on against that sick child porn petition on Care2:


Please read and sign it. And it would be great if some of you could share it, because I´m not on Facebook and Twitter, and don´t how to spread the petition.


Thank you very much

6 years ago

the c2 petition has been closed to signing but not removed.

thank you Evelyn for your determination on this issue.

i don't feel satisfied but at least it's closed.

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