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Article 3,5,7,8,10,12,18,19,20 & 30 VIOLATED HEAR!

On Jan. 9th 2013 My child was repeatedly endangered neglectfully At C.H.P. by negligent bathing actions taken by the RN charged with my child's care that resulted in 2 lethal blood infections from knowingly spilling bath water onto a open smart port seal. This incident was reported in full without lasting resolution to C.H.P. administration at the Children's Hospital of U.P.M.C. of Pittsburgh PA. wear it is currently being covered up. 1-12-2013 A nurse intentionally misrepresented medical record facts, gave her a trach infection, negligently administered suctioning catheter agents orders, refused to relocate from too many issues having happened out of reasonable fear, nurse insisted on highly unsanitary conditions for hours, refused necessary oxygen supply and required/Dr. Ordered monitoring and refused to address this issue, neglected proper smart port access procedure and care knowingly/willingly, Prolonged hospital stay and further caused illness that lead to my child "Coding" two times so far that was avoidable, the Administrator proved as inconsiderate and careless. We live about 108 miles away from C.H.P.. Jan. 17th 2013 C.H.P. refused to properly forward medical record info to another facility over 6 weeks after proper request sent via certified mail, U.P.M.C. insurance company made personal attack on me and violated numerous rights including H.I.P.P.A.. Jan 19th 2013 was told planned P.I.C. line placement for administering necessary treatment set for Monday, my child suffered with two blood infections during this wait, (Presently it is 1-22 and no proper treatment provided yet. They never did.) Jan. 21st 2013 i explained my concerns to a trusted Dr who forwarded them to the Patient rep., Explained very logically why/how i see no other explanation than hospital staff retaliation, provided same Dr with requested updates, incident with nurse refusal to help change heavily soiled bed space - put needlessly at further risk for further infections. In the same evening: An administrator had called to help address some of the issues who i was requested to call by patient rep if occurred as instructed, gave notice i was recording the call in an official/law abiding manor and she proceeds to personal attack me out completely prohibit my right's to my own child's status for information regarding my child without proper right or reason to do so illegally violating my rights willfully, attempted to address the issue was futile and infuriating. I do not feel safe being present at C.H.P. of Pitt. due to there threats, disregard, retaliation, targeted discrimination, attempts at humiliation and intimidation over the past 3 years and have thus been mentally attacked into being unable to be by my child's bedside and affected her dramatically and my relationship with her. Presently in addition to this, i now do not believe reasonably i will be able to allow myself to speak with them as this has been a very traumatic situation yet again in so many ways and fail to see any good in doing so, in fact its doing far more harm presently agents my will respectfully. There is a long and atrocious history between myself and them for properly standing up for my child's right to live as any parent would do the same and because of that i have been targeted by the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for any reason they can find to start and pursue any problem in any way they can and now am terrified for my child's safety in that environment with strong probable cause supporting this. There are witnesses, documentation, video, photo, notes, names, dates, audio and much more supporting evidence i can provide upon request. We desperately need legal help as soon as possible and the media to hear this story to put public pressure on the situation for all of us. The overall experience has personally left me extremely traumatized needlessly and has done its damage to me now also. They know all of this already as it was given my very best and most sincere effort to do everything i humanly can to properly address these issues, in the most law abiding ways i know how to the best of my knowledge and ability as in the past however they are likely trying to cover up any wrong doing again currently. Please be advised! Jan. 26th 2013 After numerous attempts at resolving the issue they created in retaliation for standing up for my child's rights and interests having this far failed, i received a UPS envelope at my door today that was left there and contained a set of "Patient/Parent Bill of Right's and Responsibility for visitors conduct" and a letter with yet more threat's. I have not broke a single rule that was printed and made available to my knowledge after again carefully reviewing the material sent to me however noticed a major document wide difference in what is posted on there web sight and past supplied leaving me more sure than ever of there actions as stated. 3:24 PM 2/5/2013 Got word i have been banned from all UPMC from an attempt to address the issues recently entirely law abidingly. I have been barred from all UPMC communications, Called "Insane" presently and not allowed to go to any of my child's Dr appointments. Flat out nothing at all to do with my child's care without notice or any consideration whatsoever, and was just told this by my child s mother Shelly on the phone. 2/8/2013 I got word my child is having heart issues only to find out several hours later that she has become dehydrated while in the hospital the entire time. I am also hearing her heart is becoming weaker, i think its a combination of whats expectable and repetitive negligent care. I have done all i can do to work with these people and address the issue but at the moment i refuse all communications with them, any and all consent and do not want my child in that facility ever again. This failure came from there actions and my having exhausted every effort to work with them. Continued ...

2/9/2013 "You have every right to pursue legal recourse but there is no right to have representation provided to you in this matter." -Pennsylvania Bar Association.

I am low income, i have no leagal background experience and need help am i not American or what?!?! I love my child so much i had offered my own heart to transplant to her if at all possible to help her live. ANYTHING it takes!


Dear Michael, I have no way to offer you any legal or monetary assistance, but I offer you my heartfelt sympathy, love, and prayers. May the Good Lord bless and keep you and yours as you face these trials and tribulations. I don't know why He allows His children to suffer, my family has faced many heartaches [and loss] recently too. I do know that He loves us dearly and will never forsake us. You and your child are now in my heart along with my own children. I do not know if the Pennsylvania Bar Association is the same as the ACLU...if not, please try them.

Philadelphia Office
PO Box 40008
Philadelphia, PA 19106



Adams, Bucks, Berks, Bradford, Carbon, Chester, Clinton, Columbia, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Franklin, Juniata, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Lycoming, Mifflin, Monroe, Montgomery, Montour, Northampton, Northumberland, Perry, Philadelphia, Pike, Schuylkill, Snyder, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Union, Wayne, Wyoming

Out of state complaints

Pittsburgh Office
313 Atwood St.
Pittsburgh, PA 152131-877-PGH-ACLU


Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Bedford, Blair, Butler, Cambria, Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Clarion, Crawford, Fayette, Forest, Fulton, Elk, Erie, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Jefferson, Lawrence, McKean, Mercer, Potter, Somerset, Warren, Washington, Westmoreland, Venango

Eastern Office

PO Box 40008
Philadelphia, PA 19106
T: 215-592-1513 or toll-free at 877-PHL-ACLU
F: 215-592-1343

Western Office

313 Atwood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
T: 412-681-7736 or toll-free at 877-PGH-ACLU

Much love, dear.


... I have been awaiting a response from the A.C.L.U. and the legal services do not do these kind of cases i am told. I am outraged and horrified at the idea that the head of the pro bono PA Bar association tells me some how "You have every right to pursue legal recourse but there is no right to have representation provided to you in this matter." So i am not allowed a lawyer even? I hate to say this but truth be told, our founding fathers warned agents the perils of Democracy because they knew how money influenced it and what would happen because of these kind of matters. Neither they or i was agents it just informed. This is what happens when we are distracted by news and voting and don't realize when you go to (for example, not literally,) Wall-Mart you give them money that in turn elects officials that in turn makes laws that covers them not you. I don't like this truth but from it i contribute to the solution and know better how not to contribute to the problems. I put all this hear because i think its a good thing to share ideas and experiences clearly due to our situations. I thank you for sharing the info you did and will certainly look deeper into it and follow up on it, for now i sent a letter with full details to the Governor of this state hopefully he can help. I am not counting on it though. I hope this experience helps others but one thing i certainly take from all of this is NEVER trust the Patient representative, they represent the hospital only and never report anything to the hospital thinking that things will be ok - they will be anything but from my experience. Whatever it takes, i am gonna do for my kid you can count on that.

Almost forgot...

I put some pictures of my daughter in a publicly visible album on hear, i am not sure how to refer to it or if i should but they can be easily found if you like. There some interesting ones for sure.

Dear Michael, I have been searching for a lawyer for you but don't know exactly what kind. Please tell me. I chatted online with an agent at Kline & Specter, P.C.. They work on a contingency fee basis but they are medical malpractice. 1-800-597-9585  They have a form there. Are you looking for a civil rights lawyer? Please forgive my ignorance.


... I am speechless! There is nothing ignorant about it, in fact just the opposite. I always encourage people to ask questions, seek the truth and at least try to do the right thing but common sense seems so uncommon now days when people attempt it its all to easy to fail. NEVER apologize for speaking the truth or being human, learn from it and appreciate it. I can not say i have tried that particular attorney but i can say i have called so many malpractice i lost count and track of the list. from what i gather, its a very extensive situation to present to a court. It could take a minimum of 2 years and up to ten. I have until she is 21 but she will not make it that long if i don't make a stand undoubtedly. I also get a sense of the usual "Unless she dies or is disfigured we can't help. response well she lost 2/3rds of her sternum from infections they caused/clearly lied about. But that's not enough to them. I am a low income person, but if i have to pay out everything to do this so be it. I have tried to send the full story, (all documented issues since day one 10+ pages long in 3 years,) to the media via email in the hopes to make it known and put the necessary public pressure on them but i never heard back. I think the situation is difficult to understand and even more difficult to believe to most that some one who just simply did as they were told, with all the good intent had a situation snowball to this.. I respect and completely understand that but it dose not make it less horrific for all of us because i know they are learning from this and likely going to use what they learn again on some one else. This must stop. When i put what i put hear, i condensed it to what it is and got strait to the point, but as they say, the devil is in the details and by my accounts it certainly is. To a large degree this IS a malpractice issue, but on UPMC's end everything is messed up intentionally so investigation after investigation results in confusion, coverup's and worse. It makes me literally physically ill that it all comes down to money. I am not interested in money, all i seriously want is justice and equality fair and simple but i suppose lawyers need paid too, just not millions of dollars. The other aspect of this situation is also certainly a civil rights one. There is no easy answer, but i will continue to put the story out there far and wide. Maybe something good will come of it yet. I swore to the statements made to the Dept. of State under penalty of perjury so that you know the gravity of the comments i made and how serious i have been about this. As a man, i have cried many nights away in regards to this mess, don't sleep much or much else. The only way i am ever going to have any peace with this is if i keep working on it and eventually something happens to help solve the issue. I left for this, i may start a petition on this when i can and a few others since there is no easy way to approach this. My child has been in Pitt for over a month and a half now strait, she has not seen me the whole time but i have friends go and get me video and photo of her and bring it back. Her mother is there with her now thankfully and has my full support from hear. I was just on the phone with her and read her all this, she almost cried and said thank you.


I am working on many more pictures and the full story and all the details on my own page hear, i figured out this is a lot like my space only its not so i can use that understanding to best utilize the resources available hear and make the best of this. YES.. i still use my space. I got rid of Facebook because i just did not like it one bit. Everyone says the same thing about my child, thanks... she is a real stinker! There are literally thousands of pictures of her, all with her very happy and content, (with that said i have no question i am doing something right at least.) It will be at best a few more days before i can have a full picture painted hear for the world to see and it will be entirely public. As always, i encourage questions and will be doing my best to directly answer them. Thanks.

Michael, I'm in the middle of composing an email to the governor. Send me a private message [introduce yourself] to my page and give me your contact information.

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