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Greetings everyone,

Michael White is a friend of mine who has been experiencing sorrow over the severe medical issues of his daughter and medical malpractice by the hospital where she is a patient.

He has been denied access to her in an attempt to cover their medical mistakes. He is in need of legal and moral support.

Please show support for this man and his family by signing his petition.

Bless you,


I strongly suggest you think about the word slander when you use information that is emotional and clearly not backed up.  I read the other post and as a medical professional who is retired; some of the claims made are impossible medically which is why the Penn Bar informed the parent he can sue but they will not support it with a pro bono attorney.  Anyone can sue any other if they feel it is justified but to get pro bono the lawyers have to see the case a valid.


Childrens Hospital in Penn is one of the top child medical treatment facilities in the world and I agree all humans make mistakes.  I also know a parent will do anything to attempt to help and displace the pains that come with an ill child.


I hurt for the child and the parents and get their distress


I do not believe the child was abused nor were any laws violated


Please consider any petition (I did not read) that involves accusations you have absolutely no way to confim or deny as they are now in your name


I hope the child becomes well

Dear Bill, Please go to Michael's page and read his SHARE about his daughter. It is full of information and very sad. Thank you.

It is one sided and I have, 


I worked in medicine for 33 yrs, I do not discount the parents pain or distress not do I the child and yes it is very sad


Does not mean abuse or violation of rights and your sponsering a petition against a hospiatal when you have never even met the family, you assume what is on a site written by the individual is fact under law


Everything on the internet is not fact


I will not nor do I need to post again on the issue as I do understand medical crisis


Be well Lydia and remember to assume is making an ass-u-me issue it is not both sides of the issues and no matter how flat a pancake is it has 2 sides

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