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Hi, Helen and Veronica.

Sorry I was absent for a long time. My school year ended several days after my summer classes at college started (I am a teacher working on my master's degree). I have been so exhausted and just needed time off.

Thank you for keeping this group alive - I really love the Melting Pot.

Helen, I hope care2 political orientation doesn't keep you away from this group that much. I was going to suggest that you "enlighten" people about politics more, but I see you've already done that in the Habanero Heat.

Mei Lin's father is in the hospital
for Mei Lin, her father, and rest of the family
please read

Code of Conduct.

Hosts can also close a discussion topic. If you close a thread, no further posts will be allowed on that topic, but the topic will still be available for viewing.

I feel the same way as Eric's thread in his group.


Co-Host Positions Open In This Group

I feel the same way as Eric's thread in his group.

I want to be substitute co-host.
I started this thread almost 2 weeks ago

Please, we need to communicate.

To co-hosts - If you are not getting my messages, please let me know.

To co-hosts - If you are getting my messages, please reply.

Group hosts

Here is the care2 definition of a group host:

Group Hosts

Group hosts have the ability to change the description and photo for the group. They can also post announcements to the group in the announcement box for the group.

Beyond these abilities, the hosts are expected to help facilitate healthy dialog and discussions on the boards by posting topics for discussion and monitoring for inappropriate posts on the board. If you come across behavior that violates our
Terms of Service in any group, please notify the group host.

Each group on Care2 Connect is a unique combination of hosts, members, goals, and expectations. Thus, interpretation of, and adherence to, the guidelines outlined in the Care2
Code of Conduct varies across groups.

What to do when you believe someone has violated our
Terms of Service:

Within a Group:
If the problem occurs within a group, please report the problem to the Group Host (either via the
Community Watch system if in use, or directly to the Group Host). It is the Group Owner / Hosts responsibility to manage their group. Make sure to provide them with as much evidence (including links to posts) as possible, so they can investigate.

Outside of Groups:
Please use the "Flag as Inappropriate" link at the bottom of the individual's profile page. Please include as much detail as possible, including links to specific evidence. Note that we are neither arbitrators nor lawyers, and we have limited resources to be able to investigate, but we do our best to help.

If you believe an individual has broken the law (e.g. you believe they have committed libel) please report this to your local law enforcement.

Social Networking attracts a wide-range of individuals. Some with very strong beliefs and that's what makes social networking so interesting. If you encounter and individual or group that you believe is a troublemaker, we find that the best policy for members is privately report the troublemakers and to publicly ignore them.

Technical Difficulties

Are you having trouble with system recognizing you as a host of your group even though you're logged in?

I believe that this problem is due to cookie handling by our login system. While cookies were accepted by your computer from our cookie tester, your browser may not be taking cookies from our passport system.

Our system needs to be able to read the cookies on your system during your visit to Care2 in order to recognize that you are logged in as you. If the system doesn't see that it's you then you host controls will not show up.

Please make sure that your browser is set up to take cookies from as well as, and
let us know if you continue to experience these problems.

host/co-host communication and volunteer thread

This thread is for people who would like to be permanent or substitute co-hosts.

Please indicate whether you would prefer permanent or substitute.

If a co-host will be on extended leave, that co-host can look at this thread and find a substitute to cover for him/her while he/she is away...kind of like a substitute teacher or a temporary office worker.