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Recent animal petitions from a friend
5 years ago

1.Thank Judge for Protecting Critical Lymx Habitat

2. Asia- Stop "Bear Paw Soup" Cruelty

3. Outlaw Bear Baiting in South Carolina

4. Arizona- Protect Endangered Ocelot from Mining

5. Save the Endangered Black-Footed Ferret from Extinction

6. Prevent Tiger Deaths from Train Collisions

7. Costa Rica- Stop Harvesting Endangered Turtle Eggs

8. Thank New Jersey for Enacting "Patrick's Law"

9. Save the Margay from the Illegal Pet Trade

10. Save the Iberian Lynx

11.Ban Bear Baiting in Wisconson

12. Tell University of California to Stop Vivisection

13. Thank Sweden for Banning Bestiality

14. Protect Wildlife from Uranium Mining in New Mexico

15. Prevent Florida Panther Traffic Collision with Technology

16. Rescue Masha the Bear from "Dog Training Camp" in Russia

More petitions from a friend
5 years ago

Hi- a few more animal petitions if you care to...Regards, Nyack

Save the Orangutan from Cruelty and Extinction

Remove Poisons from Pet Food and Treats

Save the Sierra Red Fox from Extinction

Stop the Kangaroo Slaughter for Shoe Leather

Save the Siberian Tiger from Extinction

Tell Tanzania- Stop Using Dolphins as Shark Bait

Australia- Stop Permits for Live Exports

Keep Protections for Endangered Species at U.S. Border

India- Stop Exotic Tree Plantations on Tiger Reserves

Thailand- Don't Destroy the Tigers Last Intact Habitat

Save beluga Whales from Pebble Mine

Stop Logging in Malayan Tiger Rainforest

End Animal Experiments at Bristol Myers- Squibb

Australia- Stop Painful Surgical Mutilation of Lambs

Keep Coal Ash out of Our Water

Keep Ban on Rhino Horns

5 years ago

all donr already 01/09

5 years ago


Recently got
5 years ago

Stop Lion Farming in Yemen

Ban Foie Gras in New York

Ban Ivory Imports to the United States

Ban Glue Traps in NYC

Retire Harvard Research Primates to a Sanctuary

Missouri- Cats and Dogs are Not "Livestock"

Rhode Island- Support Better Protection to Elephants

Ban Drift Nets in California

Stop Imports of Endangered Rhino Trophies to U.S.

Keep Grizzy Bears Listed as Endangered Species

Stop Killing Leopards for Religious Ceremony Clothing

Remove Bird Netting from California Highway Bridges

Spain- Stop Fire Bull Fiesta

Ban the Cruel and Barbaric Practice of Bird DeBeaking

Protect Sea Horses from Extinction

No Permits for Florida Bull Run

Save Rare and Critically Endangered New Zealand Dolphin

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