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New game: pick one!
1 year ago

I saw this game on Cat lovers and I want us to play it too!

It's simple! What happens, I start the game with saying something like this:

Trees or bushes?

 then the next person has chose one of the above and give another two choices like:


Lunch or dinner?

Get it? You can play as much you like!

I'll start:

Milk or butter?

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answer + new question
1 year ago

answer: butter

question: cinema or book?


1 year ago


Coffee or tea?

1 year ago

(italian) coffee

summer or winter?

1 year ago

Ohh good answer.

Winter hands down.

Walk or swim?

1 year ago

swim (long time ago)

talk or answer?

1 year ago


cat or dog?

1 year ago


cook or eat?

1 year ago

Bad hair cut or big zit?

1 year ago

Bad hair cut cause I shave my head so no one would see it anyways lol.

Blue cheese or Fetta cheese?

1 year ago

blue cheese..don't recall fetta cheese.
Fly or mind reading?

1 year ago

wow that is a hard one.

Mind reading.

Batman or Underdog?

1 year ago

Underdog All the way!
Burp or fart? hahahaha! That was the first thing that hit my mind!

1 year ago

lol depends on which way it wants to come out. I have no control over that one lol. If you mean what one would I rather smell lol ummmm burp I think.

Coke or Pepsi?

1 year ago

texting or talking on phone

1 year ago

Good answer lol I like the taste of Pepsi better but I have been drinking coke when I get soda for the points on the bottle caps. I use them to donate to charity.

Phone for sure.

Walk in the forest or walk on the beach?

1 year ago

walk on the beach

"N.C.I. S." or "Friends"?

1 year ago

'Friends' I'd rather laugh!
Vampire or werewolf?

1 year ago

werewolf I do not want to live forever. Then agian let me change vampire cause then I can live forever and do so much good. Yet on teh same token with the good I can do I would have to see so much pain and wrong doing in this world. OMG you just made me open pandora's box!

Werewolf is my final answer.

For a pet Rocket frog or African Elephant?

Either one could kill you. One has more of a chance but the other eats a lot.

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1 year ago

Rocket frog because I don't have the room for an Elephant, lol

I hope I don't repeat ones choice...

be a tiger or a dolphin

1 year ago

Shocked you picked a frog that would kill you easier then the elephant hehe.

I would go with a Dolphin cause they are so social. I also love to swim.

Trip to Spain or Alaskan cruise?

1 year ago

Definitely trip to Spain
What is there really to enjoy on an Alaskan cruise?

Crackers or white bread?

1 year ago

I picked frog, I figured it was more dangerous, but I would rather die by an animal instead of another fate. I also do not fear death...only that I would be leaving some loved ones behind!

I am not much on cruises, but I think I would pick the Alaskan cruise over trip to Spain because of the country. Nothing against Spain though.

I would pick dolphin too, I love the water..

Ok, be blind or deaf

1 year ago

I mean state in regard to Alaska, I would love to see the sights and animals.

1 year ago

Deaf for sure. I could not be without seeing the stars or moon.

cake or pie?

1 year ago

Pie, of course it would depend on the kind, but yes, pie

wine or beer

1 year ago

pie, of course it would depend on the kind of pie or cake, but my final answer is pie

beeer or wine?

1 year ago

Wow, I mean BEER, with one "E", lol!

1 year ago

lol beeer with 1 E so ber? HEHE sorry I could not resist that joke

If I still drank it would be beer.

A dozen long stem roses or hand picked flowers from out in the wild?

1 year ago

Quite the jokester ehh?

Hand picked flowers out in the wild!

Own a horse if you had the land and the means or have the car or your dreams?

My daughter has a rescued thoroughbred named David!

1 year ago

Hey now, that kind of sounds like it belongs in a

I would rather have a horse if I had the land in my means
over having the car of my dreams.

Rather have a bunch of handpicked flowers from nature
Over a dozen long stemmed roses bought from a store....

store does not rhyme.. well, I will work on it!

1 year ago

Yes I joke all the time hehe.

Own a horse if I had the land and the means

pen or pencil?

Nice so does your daughter live at home? If so you kinda rescued the horse too lol.

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1 year ago

Sorry, I meant to say pencil so I can erase...

Scuba diving or sky diving?

1 year ago

lol you just need some erasable pens. I used to love them.

Scuba diving

Palm tree or Pine tree?

1 year ago

Pine tree, I absolutely love pines and evergreens...their scent,mmm!

Nevermind the pen comment smart***! LOL

swimming in a tropical ocean or in a state of the art salt water swimming pool?

1 year ago

that is not a contest at all. tropical ocean wins easy.

Watching the stars all night with someone (can be who ever) or Watching the sunset then sitting in front of the fire place with someone?

I just said about the pens cause I used to use them all the time. I loved them.

1 year ago

Watching the sunset then sitting in front of the fire place w/ someone

If you had to be either a cat or a dog, which one would you choose?

1 year ago

Hmm wow that is hard. I would have to go with a cat. They are more indipendant IMO.

Would you rather go whire water rafting or down hill skiing?

1 year ago

White water rafting. Water is always awesome and plus it has a dangerous side to it.

Winning the lotto...lump sum or annual?

1 year ago

lump sum for sure

would you rather smell a skunk for an hour or a garbage dump?

1 year ago

A skunk
White or regualr pizza?

1 year ago

regular for sure.

Watch Hogans Heros all weekend or watch Mattlock?

1 year ago


moonshine or sunshine?

1 year ago

Thats hard....sunshine

chocolate or coffee?

1 year ago


One long book or a bunch of skinny books?

1 year ago

a bunch if skinny books

train or car?

1 year ago


wall to wall carpet or hardwood floors?

1 year ago

Hardwood floors and man I miss being on trains all day long.

If you could only drink one ever again what you would you pick iced tea or hot tea?

1 year ago

hot tea

to sleep or to play?

1 year ago

To play definitely!

Best friend or boy/girl friend?

1 year ago

best friend (sometime a boyfriend could be the best friend)

tablet or smartphone?

1 year ago

smartphone, don't know too much about tablets,lol

As long as you were safe and no one gets watch a tornado or watch a volcano erupt?

1 year ago

Hard... I think a tornado...

Cookies or biscuits(there is a difference)

1 year ago

definitely cookies,(chocolate chip) haha

Plastic or glass bowl?

1 year ago

glass bowl, much cleaner.

to find true love or be a hero

1 year ago

Ugg so hard to pick. I would pick be a hero if I could be an unknown hero.

Silk sheets or cotton?

1 year ago


butterfly or bee?

1 year ago

Butterfly all the way, even if their life span is shorter, they are so much more beautiful.. On the other hand bees are hard workers, but the fact that they sting and bee stings are not fond of me, then I will go  for butterflies.

M&M's or Skittles?

1 year ago


stairs or lift/elevator?

1 year ago

if it is more than a couple flights elevator.

Swim naked or sleep naked?...

btw guys M&M's and Skittles are from MARS co. they do animal testing...please don't eat...or buy. They kill to make those....

1 year ago

swim naked

walk or ride a bicycle?

(I don't eat m&m's and skittles... I boycott mars, coca-cola, nestlè

1 year ago

Oh well, did not know  that Mars co. did animal testing. I take back my post. Really sorry if I have offended anyone....---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks for the heads up!!!!

1 year ago

I like to both walk and ride, but guess I will pick the bike 

Go to the library or go see a movie

1 year ago

movie(but at the drive -in)

pie or cookies?

1 year ago


folk music or classic music?

1 year ago

Classic music

Playing the guitar or playing the piano

1 year ago

playing the guitar

italia or mexico?

1 year ago

Italia(I lived for five years and I visited it every summer).

A.N.T Farm or JESSIE?(They are disney channel shows)?

1 year ago


Horror movie or drama?

1 year ago


poached egg or boiled egg?

1 year ago


middle aged or in middle school?

1 year ago

Middle aged 

Visit rainforest or visit Alaska

1 year ago

Rainforest all the way....

cherries or grapes?

1 year ago


ripening nicely here in Bulgaria, cherries finished long ago

Wine or Jam ?

1 year ago


notebook or smartphone?

1 year ago


dark or milk chocolate?

1 year ago

dark chocolate!

cash or credit card?

1 year ago


popcorn or crips?

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1 year ago

Mystery or comedy?

1 year ago


beach or mountains?

1 year ago

tough one, beach
Cactus or flower

1 year ago


sweets or chocolate?

1 year ago

Most definitely chocolate and lots of it!
rain drops or snow flakes?

1 year ago

snow flakes
morning or night person

BTW, really bummed to hear about MARS, love skittles...boohooooo

1 year ago

night person, really love the quiet of the night...

apples or pears?

1 year ago

Apples, especially in a pie.......
flying or driving across the country?

1 year ago

flying being among the clouds

autumn (fall) or spring?

1 year ago

Spring ...means the looong cold winter is over
Canada or The States (lol)

1 year ago

United states
Halloween or Christmas?

1 year ago


Book or Tablet?

1 year ago

Chinese Food or Mexican Food

1 year ago

Mexican all the way.... hott and spicy!!!

lemonade  or orange juice

1 year ago

Fresh squeezed orange juice
Candy apple or popcorn ball

1 year ago

candy apple

morning or afternoon?

1 year ago

oh definitely the morning, the best part of the day...

lemon balm tea or chammomile tea?

1 year ago

lemon balm tea

bath or shower?

1 year ago

Shower, nice hot one
Yule log or Mistletoe

1 year ago

mistletoe (and kisses, of course!)

"Friends" or "Law and order"?

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