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1 year ago
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Hi! I am Robbin, the owner of this group. I welcome anyone who wants to join. Please take time to introduce yourself. I am an experienced diver and have even gone on a 12 day and night dive trip to Belize, Central America. It was awesome! I have lots of cards under my belt such as night dives, boat dives, wreck dives, etc. A few years ago, I was on a medication that made me fall a lot. I got several bad concussions and it made it so I cannot dive anymore. I sold my equipment and moved on. HOWEVER, diving is still in my heart and mind. I hope I can dive again someday. I am here for discussions and to help anyone thinking about diving or new to it.

1 year ago

Hi Robbin, I only swim and that is only in indoor pools, but I do like to go under the surface and would love to be able to much lower in the sea.I know I will never as I would have no confidence in myself and am too old, but I can dream. Well done you for learning and unfortunate now that u can't.

Scuba diving is taught by instructor
1 year ago

There are many different classes to take to get certified in scuba diving. You start with learning the basics. Once you earn the basic certification, you can move on to other choices like boat diving, wreck diving, night diving, etc. There are lots of areas to get certified in. It is always with an instructor. I got my basic diving certification then when I went to Belieze, I got a lot more including all the ones I mentioned above. You never dive alone, NEVER. You ALWAYS have a buddy. That is the only safe way to dive.


I am happy to see you joined. You are always welcome here.



1 year ago

I do love to watch programs about the coral reef, under water ship wrecks etc.,and seeing all those strange fish and creatures , wow so strange and so colourful and of course, nature has designed them that way for a reason.So interesting.

Salt water fish w/ color
1 year ago

Hi Frances,

It is usually fish in salt water that are the most brilliant. Sometimes it is the male who has more color over the female.

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