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13 years ago
Great List and comparison of goals
13 years ago
An excellent if quite list for sure. But who will do it daily? Only the noble clickers can manage it all. But it is a list so long I suspect some links might no longer work (as I have found at other places). Truly a great resource though for ANY link no longer viable can be disregarded. The newer site will avoid arithmetic increases but must include a lengthy list for the record and for all to choose from. No final words will be said on which has to be done, but some on the better choices from the list for broader remedies. The newer site will dream of exponential increases (hardly likely for long, but if we reach 1,000 it will be event, 5,000 will mean work has been done and 10,000 a good start with still a long way to go). Many will learn that they have a duty a calling to pass along awareness to most they meet and greet in a useful way of course. Many will do what is done here, click in and tune out, sad.
13 years ago
Excellent idea but too much at one time. Sensory overload. Kin has a better idea. One site with one link. Click on it and see.
Networking to fight hunger
13 years ago
Networking to learn to fight hunger still could work or try this: A Good Novel Idea: A New Platform for Good Causes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Message: ----------------- See what I have done for mine: Try my videos, one or two or more if you want, I recommend video 12 myself, and it is anonymous not that you would or should care. They are at: If you care to care, spread them. Thanks for at least lookingr ITC
Click to Donate Links
12 years ago
Instead of having all the sites bookmarked - I put them on a website, which I use as my starting page - then I get my clicks done every day...
A bonus is the Google searchbox, so when I'm done clickin' I can continue surfin' ....

Feel free to use it

you might go there too
12 years ago and help us get a great list of supporters to submit this idea to all governments on earth... as humanitys wish.
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