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Vertical Gardening for Personal Green Production
4 years ago

By now you have probably heard about or seen pictures and videos of VERTICAL GARDENS. The big civic art projects of the French artist Patrick Blanc can be credited with increasing peoples awareness that plants can be grown on the sides of buildings or walls even though Ivy covered buildings are still quite comment ( its where the term Ivy League comes from). We all know that weeds and other flighty seeds can flourish in the cracks of a wall or on a rooftop. Many of the lettuces and greens we eat in salads these days-- arugula, dandelions, etc.-- used to be called weeds just a few years ago. Growing vertical is a capability of almost all plants however! The rules are that roots will grow down and shoots and leaves will grow towards the light-- voila.
I invented the Phytopod line of vertical gardening projects with the practical objective of giving city dwellers a chance to have a real garden even in the smallest spaces. The idea was simple-- design an upright cylinder on which plants could be grown all over the outside surface.  Make it large enough that the number of plants grown on it could reduce the users grocery bill for herbs, greens and lettuce giving them a return on their investment.

Phytopod-3 in Bloom

I planting into the side of a container definitely needs a little technique. Summarizing my experiences I would say "gentle but firm" with extra care not to damage stems. Sound familiar? Of course! this is the advice one would give for planting any seedling. Growing plants in a Phytopod really is like picking up a garden patch and rolling it into a cylinder-- almost all the rules apply for plant spacing, planting techniques and care.

Initially seedlings are going to be droopy for a few days until their roots settle in. It is a good practice to mist them generously with a spray bottle while they accommodate to their new digs.  Important thing to remember is that those cute little seedlings will grow into large plants so you need to space them accordingly and plan for shading effects due to the vertical orientation.

If you are interested in Phytopod Vetical Gardening, you can get an easy to assemble vertical garening kit from Vertical Home Gardens website.  They often have sales and discounts on Phytopod vertical gardening kits running.

Latest Hydroponic PHytopods
4 years ago

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