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Interracial Dating
13 years ago
What is southern whites society view on interracial dating and marriage?
13 years ago
It has been years since I have been in the South. I imagine it depends on which segment of white society you are speaking of. I think younger people may be more accepting, but in general, I think it may still be hard. If you are planning to do so, or someone you love is, my prayers are with you. Were it to come to having children together, I'd definitely relocate to a place more accepting.
interracial dating from
13 years ago
Hello how are you.where do you live and is interracial dating more acceptable there?Where im at which is Alabama,You don't see that many racially mixed couples walking around holding hands.It's more of whitegirl/blackguy than black girl whiteboy.I learned that no matter what color he is whether black,white,asian,or mexican,that person has to have a good heart on the inside,someone that God sees fit for me to be with.Hw also has to have a right relationship with God.
13 years ago
I'm from North Carolina and can say, even though interracial dating isn't too accepted here, there are very many interracial couples around. I'm not sure why so many people are against it. The people I have talked to, even some family members who are against it has said repeatedly it's simply because of how they were raised. Which I suppose I can somewhat understand, it's hard to break a pattern so to speak, but on the other hand, I just can't support their views. Why hate something that makes many happy? And personally, the way I see it, In God's eyes we are all equal. It doesn't matter what color skin you may have.
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