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Is anybody out there?
10 years ago
I just wondered: who is the host of this group? and why haven't anybody been here in nine days? Spooky!
I'm here!
10 years ago
Hi! I can't answer your questions, as I am fairly new here and this is my first post in this group. It has been quiet, so I'm glad to see you post! I'll be starting a new thread titled "World Water Day", so look for it... Blessings! Cynthia H.
Hello back ...
10 years ago
we're all busy, but we're here, too!
10 years ago
I'm here. Guess nobody has had anything to sau...
10 years ago
Hi, all..I just now joined tonight, since I got my order today I ordered from THE HUNGER SITE store...and remembered to click...and I saw Bengt!! Hi, Bengt! Well, maybe we can generate some more interest? Since I'm still learning all the ways Care does Connect..I am not ready to yet post much, I can't even figure out the "html"...but, it is good we are trying to see what we can do? In Solidarity Against World Hunger and FOR PEACE Penny Lynn
It's so quiet in here...
10 years ago
Well...I was thinking of leaving this group. It has nearly 10.000 members, but it seems to be dying. The other week no one had been here for nine days! Maybe it would be better with ONE powerful group? Instead of these different groups with the same purpose/mission? One with 300 members, another with 500, one with 1000...but who am I to tell...
This Group Is Not Dying, for it never lived.
10 years ago
This group was given the position at the time of sign-up for folks to show their interest in fighting hunger. There are no moderators and there are no leaders. It filled up with one X in the box. I am the founder of the 1,000 person group which needs people who want to grow a group for HUNGER fighting to XXXL size.
Well, now it's 9,000.
10 years ago
Kin, I don't know what you want. I recruit every week, and I click every day. What more can I do? As for posting more, what is there to say? We all agree hunger needs to be fought, and the nearest way to do that is click.
10 years ago
This is most confusing but evidently primarily on your part. You are not the host here and I am not the host here. What gives? What motivated this strange post above? This has no direction and yet it is gigantic. This motivated me to think that with a little effort one group, and I truly care not which one, could do something more than the nothingness of one daily click or maybe four. Others so many others need to be brought in and some day some one may lead that. BUT NOT HERE and I wish you would invite all you can to invite all they can to invite all they can to invite... all they can to the site that grows from hard work not Care2 placement.
10 years ago
I think we are all doing our best and will do even better in the future.... Perhaps we should invite people we know off of care2 boards to college buddies...I do.
Few get the point that CHANGE IS NECESSARY; not the old ways of doing little!
10 years ago
We have 100,000 more TIMES as many strangers as friends. Our friends know about clicking from us hopefully and most all strangers do not!!!! What more needs to be said so that it dawn on the resistant that it is the strangers who need to be talked to to help even if you care not to do it. If you care2 help those are the ones that help make a differences. You know maybe 50,000 people then 100,000 times as many out in the world are strangers; you know 5,000 people then 1,000,000 times and more as many out there ARE STRANGERS. Strangers must be involved or forget being other than a clicker, with no mind to do what it takes to truly change the status quo! This is not a deep philosphical concept but simple arithmetic!!!
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