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Stop the Hunger?
13 years ago Anybody know what happen? I was going thru my daily click sites and noticed this one comes up not found now... Is this a temp thing? Are they gone forever? Is it just me?
I don't get it, either.
13 years ago
What's interesting is that also seems to be gone. As far as I remember, they were both supposed to help America's Second Harvest, but A2H didn't mention them on their page.
13 years ago
I notced that today too. Whats going on? It seems weird that they just up and disapeared.
13 years ago
sorry, now hungerfighters seems to work again (though I still don't see it on A2H).
Stop the hunger can be yours for 3500 American (see other thread for prior post)
13 years ago
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Stop the hunger? Only if we care to work at it.
12 years ago
Try the methods reposted here. Pick one or try the new one: A Good Novel Idea: A New Platform for Good Causes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Message: ----------------- See what I have done for mine: Try my videos, one or two or more if you want, I recommend video 12 myself, and it is anonymous not that you would or should care. They are at: If you care to care, spread them. Thanks for at least lookingr ITC
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